Frontier Internet Review 2022

We like Frontier’s FiberOptic plans and unlimited data, but its customer service and random fees are hard pills to swallow

Recommended Plans
Download speed
Data cap
$49.99*500 MbpsUnlimited
$74.99940 MbpsUnlimited
Data effective 11/11/21. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* per month for 12 mos. One-time charges apply. Maximum speeds are wired speeds. Wi-Fi, actual and average speeds vary. Service performance details at
per month for 36 mos. Max wired speed 940/880 Mbps. One-time charges apply. Maximum speeds are wired speeds. Wi-Fi, actual and average speeds vary. Service performance details at
Catherine McNally
Editorial Lead, Internet & Gaming
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Published on December 07, 2021
8 min read

Frontier has some good things going for it—namely, no data caps, no contracts, and a fiber-optic network.

Between Frontier's FiberOptic internet service and its DSL service, we think FiberOptic is the better deal. But we know not everyone has access to fiber internet. That said, Frontier's DSL internet isn't a bad deal, though we wish it offered faster speeds than a max of up to 25 Mbps.

So should you get Frontier internet? Let's dig into the details and find out if Frontier's prices, internet speeds, and data caps make the cut.

  • Frontier has great prices for fiber internet plans
  • There are DSL internet options for rural areas
  • You get unlimited data for all internet plans
  • The DSL speeds max out at 25 Mbps
Find Frontier internet plans in your area.

Is Frontier Internet right for you?

Frontier internet is perfect for those who want fiber internet, a type of internet that is fast and reliable but not available everywhere. And if you live in a rural area, Frontier offers DSL internet for a low price.

Frontier’s FiberOptic internet plans gives you enough download speed for multiple people in the family to use at the same time without seeing a lag in your Netflix movie or your son’s Xbox game. Also, Frontier’s internet service won’t break the bank! 

Frontier internet is available across more than half of the US, but you'll mainly find it in West Virginia, Connecticut, and Illinois.

Frontier internet prices and plans

Prices for Frontier's FiberOptic plans are limbo low, but you may find better deals when it comes to its DSL plans

If you 're lucky enough to live where that Frontier's FiberOptic internet is available, then we recommend getting it.

Fiber internet like this is faster and most often more reliable than cable or DSL internet. And Frontier's fiber internet comes at some of the lowest prices for the speeds you get.

Frontier FiberOptic internet prices
Download speed
Data cap
$49.99*500 MbpsUnlimited
$74.99940 MbpsUnlimited
Data effective 11/11/21. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* per month for 12 mos. One-time charges apply. Maximum speeds are wired speeds. Wi-Fi, actual and average speeds vary. Service performance details at
per month for 36 mos. Max wired speed 940/880 Mbps. One-time charges apply. Maximum speeds are wired speeds. Wi-Fi, actual and average speeds vary. Service performance details at

The fastest Frontier fiber plan with 940 Mbps speeds rings in at about $75 a month. That's a pretty average price for gig internet when compared to other internet providers. And if you want the fastest internet possible, then those speeds will certainly do the trick.

Do you need gigabit speeds?
Info Box

Chances are you don't need gig download speeds—unless you've got a large family or a lot of roommates using your internet connection to stream, game, upload YouTube videos, and work from home.

We'll help you figure out which speed is right for you in our guide to download speeds.

That said, you may not need gigabit internet speeds if you're a smaller family who just streams an HD movie or two on the weekend. And the prices for Frontier's and 500 Mbps plans are even better than the price for its gigabit plan. So, we'd say you're looking at a win-win if you go for either of these plans.

But if you don't live in an area where Frontier FiberOptic is available, you're not out of luck. Frontier also has DSL options that come at fairly low prices—but its DSL speeds max out at up to 25 Mbps.

Frontier DSL internet prices
Download speed
Data cap
Frontier Basic Internet$32.99Up to 6 MbpsUnlimited
Frontier Internet$39.99^Up to 25 MbpsUnlimited
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
per month. One-time charges apply. Maximum speeds are wired speeds. Wi-Fi, actual and average speeds vary. Service performance details at
^ per month for 12 mos. Prices may vary. One-time charges apply. Maximum speeds are wired speeds. Wi-Fi, actual and average speeds vary. Service performance details at

Still, if Frontier DSL is all you've got, know that it's all right. For about $40 a month, you get up to 25 Mbps download speeds and unlimited data

But we wouldn't recommend download speeds a slow as Frontier's up to 6 and up to 25 Mbps plans for anyone doing some serious online activities. (Think working from home, gaming, or streaming a lot of YouTube videos.) And if you've got more than two people using the internet in your home, you'll likely need more speed.

That said, we know that Frontier DSL internet might be one of your only—if not the only—choice in your area. Still, we recommend checking out these other rural internet options to see if you have any alternatives.

Where can you get Frontier internet service?

Frontier internet is available across most of the US, but you'll mainly find it in West Virginia, Connecticut, and Illinois.

A map showing Frontier internet availability, mostly in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southwest

How does Frontier compare to Xfinity, CenturyLink, and others?

To be honest with you, Frontier doesn't have a place in our top 8 internet service providers

Compared to these providers, Frontier's availability is limited and the customer service rating is low. 

But we must warn you: Frontier has a bad reputation for not delivering on its advertised download and upload speeds and its DSL service is pretty bad, according to customer reviews.

Check out our top ISP's if you'd rather order from a reliable internet company (hard choice, we know). 

Frontier internet comparison
Monthly price
Download speeds
Data cap
Learn more
Frontier$49.99$74.99°500940 MbpsUnlimited
Xfinity$59.99$79.99**2501000 Mbps11.2 TB
Verizon Authorized Dealer$39.99$89.99††200940 MbpsNot Available
CenturyLink$50$65‡‡100940 MbpsUnlimited
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
° for 24 months with 2-year agreement. Actual speeds may vary. Installation, equipment fees, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, early term, taxes & other fees apply. Services subject to availability and all applicable terms and conditions.
** For the first 12 months. Some packages require a 1- or 2-year contract.
†† w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip. charges.
‡‡ New customers only. Rate requires paperless billing and excludes taxes. Additional fees apply.

And if you mostly use the internet for your home business, freelancing, or streaming on YouTube, you might want to consider the Gig Service plan. With 940 Mbps download speeds, you won't have to worry that your hour-long Zoom meeting will put a damper on your kiddos' Disney+ time.

Frontier internet speed

Frontier maintains fast internet speeds, earning 12th place out of 38 ISPs we analyzed

Frontier's FiberOptic internet service comes in 500 and 940 Mbps download speeds, which pretty much suits any need you could have.

The 500 Mbps plan offers great speeds for medium- to large-sized families—or homes full of roommates. These download speeds should support more than a few people streaming, gaming, and working from home all at the same time. (Especially since it's a fiber connection, which gives you reliably fast upload speeds too.)

Frontier FiberOptic internet download and upload speeds
Download speed
Upload speed
500 Mbps500 Mbps
940 Mbps880 Mbps

And if you mostly use the internet for your home business, freelancing, or streaming on YouTube, you might want to consider the Gig Service plan. With 940 Mbps download speeds, you won't have to worry that your hour-long Zoom meeting will put a damper on your kiddos' Disney+ time.

Do I need fast upload speeds?

You likely won't need to worry about upload speeds unless you upload a lot of large files to the internet. This includes attaching PDFs and giant spreadsheets to your email so you can get them to your boss for the deadline.

With 50 to 880 Mbps upload speeds, Frontier's FiberOptic internet plan upload speeds should keep things running smoothly no matter what you're uploading. That's the magic of fiber internet.

But its DSL internet plans may struggle to get your newest YouTube video or photo gallery uploaded in a timely manner. Frontier doesn't list upload speeds for these plans, but we'd imagine they're 10 Mbps or lower.

On the other end of the Frontier speed spectrum is its DSL plans. Its fastest plan can reach up to 25 Mbps speeds, but DSL tends to be less reliable in terms of speed performance. That's mainly because it's an older technology.

We wouldn't recommend grabbing anything slower than Frontier's up to 25 Mbps DSL plan if you can avoid it.

Even 25 Mbps is pretty slow—especially if you have more than one person or multiple devices using your internet at the same time. That's because the more people or devices that use your internet, the more speed you need to keep everyone's internet connection running smoothly.

Frontier DSL internet download speeds
Download speed
Up to 6 Mbps
Up to 25 Mbps

How fast is Frontier internet?

But how does Frontier's internet speed stack up? Not too bad, actually.

In our latest analysis of the fastest internet providers in the US, Frontier ranked 12th out of 38 ISPs. That puts it ahead of other well-known internet providers like Spectrum, AT&T, and Cox.

Frontier internet speed score1
Provider weighted score
Frontier Internet

36 out of 100

One thing to note is that this weighted score isn't representative of any download speeds you'll get from Frontier. Instead, it's a combination of the average download and upload speeds, plus latency, that Frontier internet users saw in more than 1 million speed tests taken between January and December 2019.

That said, Frontier's score is a lot lower than we expected. Other fiber internet providers scored much higher: Google Fiber topped our list with 75.6 out of 100, and Verizon Fios Home Internet was a close second with 65.1 out of 100.

Frontier's low score is likely due to its slow DSL internet service. So we can hazard a guess that Frontier FiberOptic internet speeds will be good, but its DSL speeds will be lackluster.

Frontier internet data caps

A big selling point for Frontier is that it doesn’t put any data caps on its plans. That’s right: zero caps—even on its DSL plans.

Frontier doesn’t even do that sneaky thing some internet providers do where their data is “technically” unlimited, but there are actually soft data caps—after which your speed slows down to a slow crawl. (We’re looking at you, satellite internet providers.)

Unlimited data is especially important in today's day and age as most of us continue to work, study, and play at home. If you're like us, you've found that your data usage spiked in 2020. So not paying for extra data is definitely a blessing.

Frontier contracts, equipment, and fees

Frontier recently did away with a handful of confusing fees, making it easier to get a handle on your monthly bill

We're pleased as punch to not see any mention of contracts on both Frontier FiberOptic and DSL plans. That doesn't mean your monthly bill won't go up after the 12-month promotional period, but it gives you the freedom to change things up without paying a penalty.

Frontier equipment

The Frontier FiberOptic Gateway Router is an Arris NVG468MQ wireless gateway. That means it can be used as a modem and a router, and comes with Wi-Fi already set up. And it comes included with any FiberOptic internet plan. *fist pump*

The gateway used to cost $10 a month to rent, and Frontier used to charge you the rental fee even if you brought your own modem and router. Thankfully, a new law that went into effect in late 2020 now bans ISPs like Frontier from charging you a rental fee for your own router.1

Frontier service fees

Just like any other internet provider, Frontier's service comes with a few fees. Though we're excited to say it recently trimmed these fees down. So, aside from taxes, which change based on your location, here's what you can expect to pay in terms of Frontier fees:

  • Activation fee: $85 one-time fee
  • Disconnect fee: $10 one-time fee when your service is disconnected
  • Installation fee: None
  • Equipment rental fee: None, equipment is included with your FiberOptic internet plan

Frontier customer service

According to the scores, Frontier has the worst customer service out of all internet providers

No ISP gets amazing marks for customer service, but even among the bad, Frontier is dead last. The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) gives Frontier’s customer service a low score of 57, which ranks it below 10 other ISPs—and an eleventh catch-all category of "All Others."

Frontier internet ACSI score 20202
ACSI 2020 score
Frontier Internet

57 out of 100

Like with most ISPs, we recommend using online chat instead of phone calls. But watch out—Frontier’s live chat feature can be a little unreliable. It’s not available 24/7 and it can have some long wait times that make you wish you’d just called.

So if you don't hear back on chat, schedule a call back or pick up the telephone and give Frontier a call.

Recap: Is Frontier internet good?

  • Pricing: We think Frontier's FiberOptic internet service is the better deal, but we like that it also offers DSL service to country-dwelling folks out there.
  • Data limits: Frontier also lets its customers live the unlimited data dream—even if they have its DSL internet.
  • Fees and contracts: We're thankful that Frontier recently trimmed down its fees and swapped to no contracts.
  • Equipment: Oh, and your equipment is now included with your internet plan.
  • Customer service: Still, it has some work to do in the customer service area.
Download speed
Data cap
500 MbpsUnlimited
940 MbpsUnlimited
Up to 6 MbpsUnlimited
25 MbpsUnlimited
Look for Frontier internet plans in your area.


We base our ratings and reviews off of these five criteria:

  • Prices
  • Availability
  • Speed scores
  • Customer service scores
  • Connection type

After comparing the criteria, we give you our honest recommendation and let you know if this internet service provider is worth your money compared to the others ISPs in the industry.


Why does Frontier have a bad reputation?

To put it simply, Frontier has a bad reputation for not delivering on its advertised download speeds and its DSL service is pretty bad, according to customer reviews.

Unfortunately, Frontier declared bankruptcy in 2020, but they're on a mission to gain consumers' trust back.

Is Frontier internet good for streaming?

For streaming your favorite movies and TV shows, we'd actually recommend Xfinity internet, CenturyLink internet, or Verizon internet. 

They're more reliable, speedy, and fairly priced. No one likes to see the word "buffering" in the middle of an intense action scene. 


Catherine McNally
Written by
Catherine McNally
Catherine has a degree in journalism and an MBA, and has spent the last 10+ years writing everything from Okinawa travel guides to stories on Medium. She’s been online since AOL CDs were a thing and is an unapologetic PC gamer. She believes the internet is a necessity, not a luxury, and writes reviews and guides to help everyone stay connected. You can also find her on Twitter: @CMReviewsIt.

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  • Eddie

    Customer service needs to be re-evaluated, WORST!!! I had no service for nearly a month and still dealing with a discrepancy on my bill. Don’t expect any real assistance from their reps, supervisors or managers. Still waiting to hear back from Benjamin Mansfield, Rachel Fisher or Lisa Hall. I had to contact the bbb and the state general attorney to get some assistance, and still it’s no support. If you get this provider expect issues, and no help.

  • Justin Post

    Ridiculous review. Internet is slow most of the time or doesn’t work at all. This has to be a paid review. I have never heard anyone talk this highly of any internet service provider, especially frontier.

  • Mark Logan

    I can’t believer I’m paying for this service, or rather NO SERVICE. I’ve been listening to music on hold for days … I tried to use their on line chat, but I was 34th in line. I waited thirty minutes, now I’m 33rd. At this rate, I’ll be waiting for 15 hours. What a joke.

  • Destini Kulik

    This is a real review: Frontier does not have great customer service and no one is really connected. I tried to make a change – and did – through chat but they didn’t tell me everything that would change (like losing channels all the while making me on a new contract when I was at the monthly payment point) and when I tried to call and talk to a person in customer service they said I had to go through chat and ask for a supervisor to deal with my complaints with chat. Then I say I still want to talk about my package and then I get put on hold for “customer service”, who I was just talking to. I’m getting shuffled around and no one knows anything – it’s really dumb and I’m about to give up and get direct TV or charter. This is just ridiculous!

  • Heather piccalo

    I am a new costumer to frontier. I had to switch from charter due to moving. I would have never switched if i had the option. Frontier is by far already the worst internet provider ive ever had! I have had it “working” for three days and on the third day its raining. So basically a little drizzle makes it go out. Totally unreliable. Not only that but when we were hooking it up the costumer service people were extremely ignorant and rude. I am looking for a better provider. Good luck with this joke internet service people!

  • Candy

    I am a new customer with Frontier FIOS, in TX. I had a horrible experience with them. When I visited their web site for the 1st time, I saw their FIOS Internet only monthly plan of $24.99 and speed 30/30. Then I called their number to ask for new FIOS internet service with that specific rate plan. That’s the 1st time they confirmed the rate plan with me. A few days before my installation day, I called again to confirm my appt and confirming my rate plan AGAIN. They confirmed it’s $24.99 and 30/30 speed. After the installation, I signed up for online acct. I see my FIOS internet has a speed of 50/50. I called their customer service, they NOW telling me “50/50 is what you originally signed up and we do NOT offer 30/30 speed. Your monthly rate is $44.99.” WTF, ridiculous and unbelievable experience. How can a company lying about their rate? Be AWARE people, you are NOT getting what you signed up for!

  • Rob K

    How about the Frontier Vantage TV service? Their pricing seems very competitive vs. Comcast, BUT I’m VERY skeptical about ordering ANY service from Frontier.
    Can anyone out there offer advice or comments about Vantage TV service? Thanks……..

  • TL

    HORRIBLE!! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE internet, customer service. The whole thing… I have complained and complained. I called on 5/15 to check for a rate change on horrible service and I got $30.99 a month. Today, 5/31, I called to see if I could get a better rate. 1 person said it would be $34.99 and the person after that said it would be $49.99!! What the heck!!

  • Sparky

    Frontier sucks. We just changed to Frontier and our bill is higher than what they promised and we’re not getting the channels promised. Customer service doesn’t answer their phone.

    When I sent an email, I got an automatic response saying they don’t communicate via email any longer. Hmm, could this be because the consumer would have communications that can’t be forged? I don’t like when companies practice bait and switch. I thought this practice was against the law??????

    I’m in the process of getting a t shirt that says “Frontier communications sucks, ask me why.” They can’t do anything since I’m stating facts!

    I hate government regulation, but this industry desperately needs it.

  • SK

    How much did Frontier pay you for this?

    • Scott T.


  • Jon Wilob

    I’m considering selling my home just to be able to get out from under the IRON FIST of this-the worst communications company on the planet-FRONTIER-formerly CITIZENS UTILITY. The name has changed but the outfit is still the same-CITIZENS. They made so many enemies as CITIZENS utilities they had to change their name. High priced, poor service, inferior performance. Oh and did I mention horrible support! If you are thinking about moving and your only choice of phone companies is FRONTIER please, I beg of you, reconsider locating elsewhere OUT of CITIZENS money grubbing grasp. You will thank me again and again.

  • Layne

    I am someone who never leaves reviews even if the company wasn’t the best, but I feel like I must warn others out there about Frontier. Their customer service is horrible, every representative tells you something different and I honestly believe they are trained at all and are instructed to make up something that sounds believable. A representative removed my phone service without telling me, which kicked me out of the bundle special discount pricing, and charging me extra for leaving the contract. I expressed my confusion and frustration to a manage and he had zero sympathy for me stating that only I could have made this change. This company ruins my day twice a month, the day I get the bill and the day I have to call to argue over it. Maybe all cable companies are like this but I can’t imagine one being worse than Frontier. Avoid them at all costs.

  • Tanisha Moore

    I have frontier in Texas and it is the worst. I don’t recommend this company to anyone. All day my internet is going in and out I constantly have to reconnect to to my television I can’t got on the computer longer than 20 minutes before it disconnect…

  • Sam

    Good god these people are scummy. When you sign up, read your first bill, it’s always wrong (at least at the three different addresses I’ve had frontier). If you didn’t want a contract, too bad, they probably accidentally put you on one. If they said there was no installation fee, too bad, you’re going to sit on hold for an hour to get it waived. Just an honest mistake though. The last time I signed up I was very clear I didn’t want a contract, and unfortunately didn’t notice on my first bill that they had put me on a 2 year term. After the first bill it was too late apparently, and now they’re charging me a cancellation fee despite signing me up for a service I didn’t ask for — in fact a service I explicitly told them I didn’t want. Now my only choices are have it sent to collection or pay a cancellation fee for a contract I never asked for and didn’t want. WTF.

  • Roger Salles

    I had verizon for 7 years and when frontier came on board my service stayed pretty much the same except for
    their customer service must be the worst in the world, a bunch of retards who have no experience besides, I can`t access the online page, it tells me my account does not exist. I did switch to spectrum and that is even worse, I`m going back to frontier due to the the friendly TV menu, in all they all suck, I try to stay sane over this cable thing.

  • Azam Khan

    Worst company since moved from Verizon.
    I been with Verizon for over a year and had a promotional package. Then i moved to a new location and requested to transfer my services which they assure that will be grandfathered. First month after i moved my bill went up by $120, i called and they said that they did a mistake and added you as a new customer. The said they will fix the issue and I have to pay my original old bill amount.
    Next month i saw that unpaid balance plus new high bill again. Called again spend hours and they promised it is resolved.
    3rd month bill amount went to over $ 600 cause they keep adding it.
    And this time when i called they said we can not do anything you can not have the old promotional price and you have to pay all these extra charges.
    They supervisor said i agree it was there mistake but we can not do anything about it and you have to pay it and keep paying high bill.

    Worst customer support ever and con company in charging there customers over.

  • Jason

    My service has been interrupted 3 times in the last 4 months due to their faulty equipment. The first time the tech told me we got unplugged at the office and it took a month to fix. The last time it took them 6 weeks to fix. Today I had a service tech scheduled to come out which I called and confirmed this morning now I get a call saying they can come a week from today. This service is an absolute joke and their customer service is even worse.

  • LavaFX (Lava)

    Do not get this provider if your thinking about it, especially if your gaming. At this point I actually think they are throttling. I get an average of 1300 ping. Oh and don’t forget that two year contract!

  • Carl

    Let’s face it, Frontier is a huge company and every area of operation is different. I have been a customer of Frontier since the bought out Verizon in our area, and have had very poor customer service as well as very good customer service. The key is when you are working with what you have got be persistent in holding Frontier accountable for delivering the service you deserve and are paying for. I have spoke to many many associates from Frontier from service techs, to customer service folk, area customer service representative managers to the office of the president. I pay 44.98 per month for dsl internet on phone lines that have been in place for decades the service is for 1 to 3 Mbps download. I am not in any way statisfied with my internet but for now it is the only viable option. I encourage everyone that is not happy with the internet they are receiving to contact the office of the president and let them know what your experiences are and continue to be diligent in letting them know that you are not happy. I would also suggest to search out all of your options, call the nearest land cable company (comcast) in my area to see if it is possible to have cable ran to your location. Defiantly continue to blog but be proactive to your own solution.

  • Sheri Havens

    You must be working for Frontier there are thousands of complaints because Frontier changes pricing without your knowledge. Wait until you get the first bill what a shock. Nothing is correct.

  • Grandma

    We have Frontier DSL and are reasonably happy with it — EXCEPT they raised our rate two months in a row, no notification!! I just don’t get how a company can do this with no warning — just extracting it our of my Visa. Sounds shady~!

  • Grandma

    The Frontier DSL has been pretty reliable, but in the past two months they have raised our rates twice! How can they do this without a letter or some kind of notification. I don’t like that they think they can just extract it from my Visa and I won’t notice. Bad business on their part!

  • John Stevens

    This company is horrible!!! It is my opinion they intentionally inflate your bill. They do this by claiming you watch movies that you don’t and then you spend hours on the phone getting it resolved. It became obvious when they not only over charged for a movie but charged me for it twice in one day when everyone knows that when you rent it is good for 48 hours. Once they disconnected my service because they hadn’t credited my payment and it took 4 days to restore. While they did eventually remove the disconnect charge, they not credit me for service loss and they never apologized. When they took over from Verizon everything was awful for months. We stayed and they sent a rep around thanking us and promising us service discounts to keep staying. Never received. When I had finally had enough I disconnected the service mid month and requested they prorate the bill. 6 weeks later they informed me that they quit prorating 2 weeks before I disconnected. Then they charged me for the next month as well. I haven’t paid the final bill because they haven’t corrected this, even though I have talked to dozens of their billing folks including 2 supervisors. All of whom assure me that it should be removed. Instead I get a threatening letter stating that they will be sending it to collection and it will effect my credit. THIS COMPANY IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. THEY ARE STEALING FROM EVERYONE. WATCH YOUR BILLS. THEY DON’T CARE AND NEVER CORRECT ANYTHING EVEN WHEN THEY SAY THEY WILL. IT IS CORPORATE GREED RUN AMOK. You have been warned. If they do it to one person every month then they are likely doing it to others. How much have they stolen? I only saw the bills for the last 6 months. Before that the wife simply paid it. I asked for all preceding bills and they have refused to send them. Thieves is what they are and they don’t care. Just string you along and lie every step of the way.

  • Cintia Bernal

    the worst costumer service!!! I Was on a chat and the lady Just Stop The Chat Ignoring My Request For a Supervisors Number. In the past I had talked to 1800 costumer Service and they spend 2hrs with me on the phone and did not resolve my problem!!! I do not recommend this Service And please Do not get it Run away From it As Fast As You can They Don’t care about Costumers They only care About Your Money!!! Run Away From Frontier!!!!!

  • Beware

    I had a service date to install, we waited 8 to 5 pm. Did they ever show NOPE. Steve a Supervisor tryed to make up a excuse, i said tell the truth. Okay that they made mistakes and that they where gonna make me wait 8 more days. I said my daughter has home work. He made a comment well how did she do it before. She dont have homework on a weekend. I said what does yoyr bad comments got to do with my service. My daughter is in collage. So over all bad service, bad supervisor trying to cover for there mistakes.

  • Ct

    I call BS – I had Verizon FiOS and it was great for 4 years. Frontier took over and decided to randomly up my contracted rate each month. When I would call to ask how they could increase my contracted rate, they said, oh those rate increases are for all customers.

    • Blueberryfarmer

      Frontier has raised my rates 3 times in 2017. Started at $71 now up to $88 – internet only. Speed tested at 57 mbps NOT getting the advertised 100mbps

  • Sam-a-jam

    Worst company I have ever dealt with.
    It took over 2 weeks to get their services. I got a different answer every single time I called. Wrong orders were placed on my account without my knowledge or request. I just wanted the basic internet that was available in my area and throughout the weeks, without me asking or anything, phone service was added more than once, a request for rewiring was placed, and a cancellation – I never discussed any of those items with anyone.
    Some operators were nice, a few extremely rude, but all had zero idea on what they were doing. Each time I called or talked to someone, I got a different explanation or a different excuse.

    It is the same price to get speeds from 1 mbps to 5 mbps – just depends what is available in your area. They tried to limit us to 1 mbps when really we are able to get over 3. So that was another fight after we got things set up.
    It was a never ending battle.
    Frontier is the only company that my area could get service. So it pains me to pay them $40/month for a very crappy, unprofessional job.
    I documented every conversation because I was warned, but my warning was not enough to prepare me for dealing with these
    The internet itself is OK with the speed we have. We have to reset it more often than not.
    Still extremely disappointed in the customer service and their lack of knowledge/care.

    Highly suggest picking any other provider.

  • Phil Jones

    Everyone complaining about Frontier, have you tried Spectrum? You want to talk about shitty internet try Spectrum in the DFW Texas area. The shit crashes every 10mins all day every day you cant do anything without waiting for the signal to come back. Frontier FTW 150/150 for 45 a month yes sir and no contract.

  • Isabelle NOLastNameProvided

    This company has been a nightmare to deal with. Their customer service is incompetent. I ordered service on 11/24 and was given an install date of 12/9. Since I work from home, this long wait was less than ideal. I called within a couple days to see if any installation orders cancelled, so I could be moved up & was told that’s not possible. Within 24 hours of this phone call, I get an email stating that my order is paused and if I don’t call it it will be cancelled. I call customer service, was on the phone for 53 minutes (in the middle of my workday!!!!!!) only to be told the service install is only available on 12/15!!!! This is 3 weeks from my initial call. Also…. the service rep didn’t know why my install date was moved further back… but there was nothing to be done. HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! I cancelled my order and called Spectrum. They’re coming out tomorrow afternoon. Much better! Stay clear of Frontier.

  • Karen

    At this point I am frustrated with Frontier. I don’t have a high speed plan but I’ve been an exsisting customer for over a year. My internet has been out for a week through no fault of my own. Its been out since last Monday and the soonest they can come out is 8 days later. I have called several times. The first time I was on phone for 90 mins. Then was cut off. I called back and my CService yelled who was talking to Karen and they all started laughing. Like it was funny. I asked for supervisor. Took another 30 mins till I spoke to someone who I was believe was just another tech..not a supervisor. Said i had to wait 5 more days for a tech to come out. Told her that was unacceptable. Said she would flag it which means if someone gets cancellation they will come out. Well 3 days later still waiting. Called again today. I was told problem was not my modem. That the problem is 3500 feet from my house. WTH is that?? So its 8 days internet. Looking for other deals. Go somewhere else. Customer service sucks

  • marley tellier

    This company plain and simple sucks. Our internet goes down many times durning the day and lags. They sent a technician out to help solve the problem but said they couldn’t fix it meaning just deal with it and give us your money for aggravating the crap out of you. It’s the worst service ever! Please do not use them! Not worth getting robbed!

  • Thomas S

    I don’t think this is accurate… I’m paying over $100/mo for 150/150 FIOS service, which I’ve had for years. Seeing these much lower rates, I called Frontier and was told the low rates are for new customer acquisition only and are not offered to existing customers. For a loyal customer like me, here’s how the pricing works:

    new customer $40/mo
    existing customer $112/mo

    new customer $100/mo
    existing customer $167/mo

    Sucks dealing with a government-backed monopoly….

  • Jb

    Horrible customer service. The longer you are a customer, the more they gouge you on the bill! Good offers are only for new customers.

  • Fios Bad Service

    I ordered the special they are running on TV for $80 mo. TV, Internet, phone with “FREE Amazon Prime”. It’s been well over a month and still no sign of them offering Amazon Prime, I have called customer service more than five times about my subscription.
    I also paid my first month as I figured they were holding out to secure payment and not get burned!
    Update just got off the phone with them as I am typing this, They apparently “ran out of Amazon Prime codes/ gift cards until further notice and there is nothing they can in the meantime for any customers” Exact words!

    Amazing how they take your money and not to mention what I have read here about disconnection of service with a couple of days past due. Not coming back after this promo ends.

  • Steven Daniel

    What were you paid to write this B.S. Article? This company is not even accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. They are however listed in the BBB with over 10,000 complaints. They recently have lost over 600,000 existing customers due to poor customer service and service fails. Read Google reviews 1.6 out of 5 stars. I found that the customer service complaints in the comments here and elsewhere are not exaggerations I was once a Frontier customer and had the exact same service and customer service experiences.

  • russ

    Most of the comments I have read here ring true for me also! I wanted to add about how bad even their chat is: Their website shows no rate info on their internet only offerings. So I thought it would be quick and easy to chat to get the least expensive rate. Their chat agent was apparently trying to sell me something, instead of answer my simple rate question. Numerous times, she said “almost done”, “I am checking now”….. But I persisted, and finally 46 minutes later I got the basic monthly rate and with further re-asking and re-asking, I also got at least an estimate for the “taxes, surcharges, fees and other nuisance charges”. To pull a rate off a rate table should have taken 2-3 minutes instead of 46 minutes. That’s frontier’s service for you…..

  • Disgusted

    I have had the worst experience ever with any company, with Frontier. However they are the only FiOS provider in my area. Despite being charged $300 over my bill due to multiple errors on their part that they admit to, they would not refund me the money. It’s like having any abusive, neglectful parent every time I call their customer service. This morning I got transferred 3x after huge hold times and finally no one picked up. I am looking into Spectrum right now to stop putting up with the abuse.

  • Gwen Sutton

    My experience was horrible as well. I switched over from Spectrum which was a total mistake. I only had their services for a few months and my services (phone, cable and internet) were not working half of the time. I’ve called in several times and they are quick to pretend to solve the matter including resetting it and then it goes right back. I called to cancel around the end of December (around New Years ) and spoke to someone that said he would note everything and as soon as they were back in the office my services would be disconnected. Not the case at all! I happen to notice a couple weeks after that they were still on so I called again. To make a even longer story shorter, they claimed they never told me that blah blah blah …Now I see that I have two bills which I should not have because my services was suppose to be off. Beyond pissed and never again!

  • Michelle Marie Gomez


  • Magicalwizard


    What a joke of a company!
    Called the other day to order your service. Was told the install date was for today Wednesday, January 24, 2018 between 8 AM – 12:00 PM and the technician will call me about 1 hour before heading my way.
    Since didn’t heard nothing by 11:30 AM I called customer service to find out what was going on to find out that the installation was scheduled for Wednesday, February 21, 2018 and not for today as was told.

    I asked if it was possible to get it installed today and was told no.

    Took the day off and waited on them to find out that they seem not to know what they are doing.

    Since the installation couldn’t be done today and not until February 21, I ended up cancelling it all together.
    Not going to wait this long because Frontier Communications can’t get their act together.

    Seems that I will be keeping Xfinity (Comcast) and not switching to Frontier as wanted.

    Maybe this is a warning telling me not to use Frontier and that the service I will be receiving from them won’t be good at all and a nightmare.

  • Michael

    Oh wow. Normally when you look at reviews, you find a few bad ones and you have to make the best judgment on if you want the product or service. All the reviews are bad. This company sucks ass.

  • Bob M.

    From experience, every bad review that you read about Frontier is true. They are without a doubt the worst company on the planet. Please do yourself a favor do not, I repeat do not order in Frontier, you’ll be so sorry you did. I don’t know why the goverment doesn’t shut their sorry ass down.

  • TValley

    Read terms!!!! When you terminate service, you have to 1) pay for entire month (even if you terminate on the 1st), and 2) pay a $10 disconnect fee. They keep sending us bills a month after we’ve terminated.

  • Rodgman

    Guess I’m one of the lucky ones, but I’ve had FIOS since Verizon installed it in our neighborhood about 8 years ago. Of course, now it’s Frontier, but the service has suffered any. Price has gone up some, but for what I’m getting, it’s not unreasonable. Have considered switching from Frontier to Spectrum to save a few bucks, but that would only last a while as the promotional discounts go away after one year. My mother-in-law has Spectrum and I’ve seen what happens after the discounts drop off.

  • Chad

    Worst service ever. Overbilled on provisional speeds that barely reached 1.2 MBPS, was supposed to be a 6 MBPS service. The reps are idiots as well. Then they hit you up for a $10 disconnect fee? Really, all they do is hit a button. Thumbs down, don’t use them. You can get a 25MBPS package at Comcast for $25 instead of the $20 for 1 Meg service. And when running a speed test I actually get over 25 down with Comcast, surprise. I will be filing a complaint with the FCC.

  • Terrell

    I highly encourage you to avoid this headache until they can get their accounting together. I got Frontier back in Feb 2017 and I was told I would get 100/100 Internet and Standard TV package for 77$ for a 6 month promotion. My first bill was over 400$. When I called they told me I had to pay the 400 up front and they would reimburse me the over charge. Took me about 2 hours to get this resolved. The next month the bill was over 200$ even though I was told the problem was fixed. Took 1.5 hours of my time to fix. The 3rd month the bill was over 150$ and took another 1.5 hours to fix. I finally told them I am no longer in need of their cable services (about 9 months later) and I’d like to just keep the internet services. They tried to charge me a 130$ early termination fee. I told the lady I was paying month-to-month didn’t have an annual contract. She tried hard to convince me I was mistaken. I asked her to show me where I had to pay a termination fee and the cost that it would be. She said this does not exist but I broke the contract so of course I’d have to pay a termination fee. We went back and forth for 25 minutes before she talked to an associate who informed her that my account did not have to pay a early termination fee. She never apologized for trying to overcharge me. I asked to speak with a manager to discuss my overall experience with this company. She said she would have him/her give me a call back. So she asked for a call back number (2nd time I gave her the number). Although I’m satisfied with the internet speed I have with the company (100/100), I’m looking forward to terminating that in 2 months so that I can be completely done with this company. Their service reps are not very informed people which are causing customers to pay extra money. I can only imagine how much extra money they are making for charging people for unnecessary early termination fees and for inaccurate billing. I’ve had no issues with the cable and internet service but the accounting (the basics) is HORRIBLE.

  • Kevin L

    Worst internet provider I have ever experienced. Service would go down several times a day and we had to call them every time to get it back up and working. I had service at my business and it caused us a lot of problems just trying to get work done and upset a lot of our customers because we were unable to access information due to the service being down. The service techs are terrible and did not come out when they said they would. On several occasions they reported to their office that they came out to my office and found not problems but they never came at all. I switched to Sudden Link and have had no problems since then.

  • Joseph Wathen

    Terrible company. Back in December we agree on a new rate to keep my monthly costs about the same. Good until today and they raised the bill by $40 a month. I called and they said the price increase was on my. bill. We both checked and nothing was on my bill notifying me. I did work out an agreement to get the price about the same again. Only thing good is the internet speeds

  • Sarah Melquist

    I highly disagree with this rating and this service! They are nothing but problems and issues. They are a monopoly in our area for wireless internet and know it and take advantage af each and every one of us in the area. No customer service. Schedule days for them to come to the house and no one calls and no one shows up. Missed day of work and problems not fixed. This company needs to take another look at this review and follow through with all their promised extra resources and added WiFi connections for the past 5+ years.

  • Amy

    No Fronteir has terrible terrible customer service. They cancelled an appointment without even telling me because they “fixed the problem” on their own and they DID NOT ! So I waited for five days for the next available appointment and they CANCELLED WITHOUT TELLING ME – NO CONSIDERATION THAT I TOOK WORK OFF. F fronteir. F them

  • Amy

    F fronteir. They are terrible . THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. DIDNT TELL ME THEY CANCELLED AN APPOINTMENT THAT I HAD WAITED FOR FIVE DAYS because they “fixed the problem”. Who decided it was fixed assholes, you didn’t even check. So I’m left now – draining my data because you f’ers suck at providing this service. If you have the option never go with Fronteir ever ever ever

  • Buster

    I have lost connection to internet, TV, and phone. Frontier will send out a repairman in 9 days.

  • Closed

    The worst in customer service. It has taken 4 calls just to close my acct. with a few transfers each call! I agree to money grabbing. They just added $1.99 to my bill which is supposed to be a surcharge fee but thing is, my service is on suspension or vacation! Had to complain about it for them to give it attention and credit – well, they said they would anyway. Hopefully will never encounter them again as only server in future.

  • Yeah buddy


  • Bee Real

    I Haven’t had any problems Frontier at all and Honestly there customer service is good to me, I think that people don’t understand that there human and are just doing there jobs it amazes me that some people take it out on customer service when in fact it may be the companies set up! It’s a business and if you don’t like it take your business elsewhere, My experience has been all good with frontier but today people want all the bells and whistles and higher an higher internet speeds unless your running a business I see no need for all that everyone is so inpatient these days I see it all the time and I have experienced it myself and I’ve tried to correct it, I treat people the same way I expect to ‘ve treated you get on the phone with a representative and your mad upset and inpatient they get upset and can’t think straight I’ve seen it over an over so I’d say you will get a lot more results with patience and kindness there just workers who probably make little pay they don’t want to be cursed at an made responsible for mistakes if you explain and stop being so rude life will be much easier for if they don’t know the answer to your questions or problem I guarantee you that they will help you find the solution and will go beyond the call and make sure your connected and your problem is fixed. Yelling and screaming isn’t the way to go, besides it’s so much easier to be nice then rude and ultimately it pays off cause you learn that people are just people and they just want respect like you and me. Just had amazing conversation with a representative what a nice fella and it’s not the first time they have all been very kind and helpful so I’d say I recommend them 100% cause I’ve had no problems with internet or phone not once! You know maybe some area just don’t have as good connection as I do? That could be the problem and that’s Frontiers responsibility to let there customers know that guy who connected my service said I’d have really good service and he was right and he was a really nice guy kind and I was truly impressed by how there employee took time to do it perfectly so I’d have no problems. Maybe I got lucky or maybe I just get results cause I’m just a humble person who knows that humans make mistakes just like me and that there is always a solution to anything.

  • Noreck

    I had same problem.

  • Noreck

    Not professional.

  • Tex_Dude

    Frontier squandered an opportunity to deliver good customer service during the handover.
    They lost 25% of their customer base here in Texas after 2016 and have an F reputation on the BBB website.
    You would think that would have factored somewhere in this “review” vs. a 2015 JD Power survey?
    Lots of people unhappy – you can read reviews here from existing / past customers.
    They need to (1) focus on keeping existing customers happy by offering same rates as new customers (2) give updates to existing customers if they have service issues / offer guarantees if they fail to deliver (3) take surveys of their customer support staff to hold individuals accountable.

  • BK

    I have had the worst possible experience with Frontier. They have lied to me about every possible thing and have horrible customer service. One of the most frustrating experiences I have ever had. I would never recommend them for any reason. I can’t imagine how they manage to stay in business.

  • Dustin

    Change your router that might be your problem.

  • Luis

    There is no way Frontier is rating this high. Over a 2hr wait with no resolve when I was requesting my old telephone lines removed and have one new one installed. Horrible customer service.

  • James

    Do yourselves a favor and RECORD EVERY CONVERSATION you have when calling Frontier, Or any cable/internet company for that matter.. This will save you immensely and it holds the millennials Frontier employs ACCOUNTABLE! Until recently I didn’t understand the term “Millennial” however, after interacting with many over the last 5-6 years they have several bad traits common directly related from the soft-hands, never told they’re wrong parental guidance. I don’t entirely cast 100% blame upon them, spoiled children grow into spoiled adults that continue to behave and expect to be allowed to say what ever they feel without any reprocussion and that is a major social cue they choose to ignore. The only way to get their attention is how the parents of generation x did, WHIP THEIR ASS!! This is every boomer’s fault you should have to take a beating as well for creating all these problems you a**holes

  • Sandy

    I placed an online order last week. I was so worried after reading the reviews. Today, the Frontier technician showed up on time, installed internet and set up everything quickly and was very nice. It’s way beyond my expectation!!

  • Donna Jackson

    This company is the worst company i have ever had to deal with. I have turned them in to BBB at least 3 times. They only offer dsl here and i am lucky if i get 3mb. Usually not even enough to stream netflix. I have no other options or i would drop them like a hot potato. Also,their customer service dept. is the worst! Everyone should turn in a complaint to better business beureau.

  • Thomas

    My bill is wrong every month and they have a excuse every month.
    I would not recommend them

  • Thomas

    My bill is wrong every month

  • 미셸고든

    Absolutely horrible! I scheduled an appointment and waited three weeks and was given a window between 1:00pm-5:00pm and they never called, emailed or pony expressed. The technican never showed up. I called 3 times throughout the day and customer service was disorganized and continued to give me alternative facts and had the unmitigated gall to want to reschedule. No thank you I’d rather watch paint dry than to waste time or money with Frontier Internet.

  • Amanda Hammond

    I would never recommend frontier services. I moved back in November of 2017 and had them transfer my services, instead they opened an additional account in my name. I continued to pay on my original account, not knowing of this new account until February. Immediately I called them to cancel the account but instead they opened ANOTHER account in my name. So now it’s June of 2018 and I still have three accounts, two of which are being charged late fees and I still cannot get removed because of their poor customer service. I continue to pay on my original account and yet I can’t get the employees of Frontier to remove my other two accounts. I recommend Armstrong over these guys any day, I am calling to cancel tomorrow and hopefully get all three accounts removed.

  • VG Guevara

    I just change from spectrum to you guys I have to told you have very bad service in support I am waiting more than 37 minutes One guy in English transfer me to Spanish the Spanish guy Cesar transfer me to another one I still waiting here the picture then I still waiting not resolve my issue is the second time less than one year I have problem do not change to frontier is very bad service

  • Madigan John

    Hi this company sucks!

    we odered an internet package and the day of install they never came so we called and they said the work was done then they said oh we don’t device that area ? Really took all info and set up the work then don’t even tell us you don’t service that area but your service dept said you do? don’t use and for the most part while on the phone with them asking why did they make a work order knowing they don’t install in me area they hung up the phone on us?

  • Aunt Ashley

    SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM! Told me my account was cancelled since I moved to an area they did not service but 3 weeks later they charged me the whole amount and never cancelled my account. Now I have to argue with people on the phone for 2 hours trying to get my money credited back.. It is not my fault you do not service the area we moved to. But im being penalized for it. It makes no sense how easy it is for you to take the money from me but cant give it back even though your employee stated my account would be cancelled on the 6th, and here it is the 16th, still up and running. But we moved 2 weeks ago.. Now I have to pay from the 6th to the 20th and I didnt even live at the address anymore. Makes no sense whats so ever! Worst internet company scam artist yet. Also, I paid $79 for 50/50 at first and then paid $56 for 75/75.. not sure how that worked out but yeah… pay more get less… that should be their motto!

  • NAM

    Agree – horrible company. Everyone lies – they quote you a price and then bill you a higher amount.

  • Amanda Krebs-White

    Worst ever. I hadn’t even gotten service installed before I ran into problems. First, they couldn’t get the account set up correctly. Then, when they did, they “forgot” to add the phone. Then on the deposit they charged my card twice and said we only see the charge once, so we can only credit back one charge. These people rob customers or prospective customers blind. I canceled and will go with another company, price is higher but I suppose you get what you pay for. Lesson learned before I got stuck in a contract.

  • Matt

    I have been a loyal customer to Frontier for over 8 years now. The past 3 of which have been the worst experience with an ISP in my life. Was forced to buy a landline phone if I wanted internet, the internet itself disconnects 15+ times a day, get ~50% of the purchased speed package, customer service & tech support are idiots who can’t help you with even the simplest of tasks. The network for my town has been congested to the point where hundreds of people loose service multiple times a day; and they aren’t even remotely interested in putting the work to making sure the area is capable of withstanding the packages they offer. The only good thing about this joke of a company if the fact that they have no data cap. I would not recommend this company or their services to anyone, for any reason. Too bad there is a virtual monopoly on telecoms in my area, or they would have been put out of business ages ago. Fix your stuff frontier, seriously.

  • Photo Man

    on a 1Mbs line lucky if you get 0.25mbs get disconnected 20 + times a day, then if you call they say to much traffic, I’ve found there is no hours without to much traffic here in rural Oregon. But they’ll come out and change router within a couple of days however it doesn’t improve the service!!! Too much Traffic..

  • Mazhar

    Customer service is very bad. They charged me more what they say before I get connection. They did not mention me about installation fee and some shipping charge while I explicitly ask many times if there are any other charge other than monthly charge.
    I ask many times whether I will get internet net connection before 6th Aug or not. The representative says he will get me install before 5th. However, later via email i found that my date to install is 8th Aug. I call them and the representative told me to call back again 2 days later and at that time they can get me earlier date before 6th Aug for sure. However, I call them again 2 days later, new representative call me that she will call me back about early installation date But never call me back, again I call back 1 day later, then again newer representative said it is not possible…
    It looks like they lies a lot . I will not recommend Frontier to my friends who are thinking to get new internet connection or just moved into my city.

  • Mazhar

    Customer service is very bad. They charged me more what they say before I get connection. They did not mention me about installation fee and some shipping charge while I explicitly ask many times if there are any other charge other than monthly charge.
    I ask many times whether I will get internet net connection before 6th Aug or not. The representative says he will get me install before 5th. However, later via email i found that my date to install is 8th Aug. I call them and the representative told me to call back again 2 days later and at that time they can get me earlier date before 6th Aug for sure. However, I call them again 2 days later, new representative call me that she will call me back about early installation date But never call me back, again I call back 1 day later, then again newer representative said it is not possible…
    It looks like they lies a lot . I will not recommend Frontier to my friends who are thinking to get new internet connection or just moved into my city….

  • disqus_vroyr2Ldqi

    We had Frontier installed last week–purchased a plan of 500/500. The tech disconnected cords to our computer (which I found later) and did not run a speed check. I made 3 tech calls on that first day for different issues and never received speeds higher than 95/95. They scheduled a tech to come out a few days later. On that day I received 2 text messages telling me that they were working on the problem. Never did a tech come to my door. When I called back today since I was not notified of the speed issue being resolved, and my speed is still slow, I was told that the tech did in fact come to the door but dogs were barking. I was sitting in my front room with 3 other people who will confirm that the bell never rang. Today I have spent now 53 minutes (I’m on hold for a supervisor) on the phone–I’ve had to reschedule another tech call at their convenience, not mine and am told that I will be responsible for the install charge and the monthly service in 2 weeks. I have yet to receive the service that was sold to me. DON’T BUY IN—this is terrible customer service and worse WIFI!!!

  • Connie Jean Conklin

    I was promised “high speed” Internet before I moved into this place. I never got high speed or anything close to it. It took 4 months to get any Internet, and they kept billing me and telling me it appears to work from their end. When I finally did get it connected it kept going down for hours and days at a time. I’d be on the phone all day, if I wanted to get ahold of anybody, so I gave up calling. A neighbor told me to try again and this time demand they give me a different port and that made it work, most of the time. Since so many people have been working at home because of the corona virus it started being off on weekdays and on only in the middle of the night. I called and complained, and again it took me over 6 hours to find the right person to talk to… and she told me that I can now get “high speed”, as they really do have it, “now”. I signed up. But the technician never showed. He was scheduled to be here before noon today. I’d have a hard time finding affordable rent, but I still wouldn’t have moved in, if I knew I wouldn’t have the Internet I was promised. I was supposed to go to work online. Oh and I was reading their definition of speed- I was finally given a number the other day- I supposedly have 3 megabites and with the upgrade will have 12. I also spent $250 for a cell phone which was supposed to get wi-fi calling, which it doesn’t, not from where I live. Verizon and Motorola, both swear it is because of Frontier. I’m elderly and in poor health and I don’t even have a way to telephone for help if I were to need it- not without traveling some distance from this house.

  • Clara M Carter

    #FrontierCommunication Sucks
    Appoint scheduled – Text message – we are working – Technician didn’t show – Didn’t call

    Manager promised to resolve and call back – didn’t call didn’t resolve

    Frontier SUCKS –
    Using other internet options – where you word/promise is important!

  • Kathi Munson

    JUST got off the phone with Frontier, whom I have had for 7 years, and NOW I am looking for another company. Due to where we are haven’t been able to work as I am self employed, I called Frontier to see if they would lower my services AND waive my late fee. I was read Frontiers message that what has happened in the past doesn’t count, it is only what is coming from when they signed and agreed to the FCC. WHAT I am trying to feed my children, and you won’t waive one small fee. I don’t need frontier and am really thinking I only need wifi form another company. Kat

  • Rob Cramer

    What a scam I signed up for service at 27.99 a month first bill came in at 37.99 plus 10.00 for router. It took them 6 weeks to get service working. I was told they would waive the 49.99 installation charge. On top of this I had 4 missed appointments with no call, text, email stating no one will be showing up. Do not use this service been total disappointment since day one. I will be writing this all over internet.

  • j !

    You must be high or something, in rural areas Frontier is a absolute joke. High latency with barely reaching 5 mbs for 55$ a month. Frontier has been a hassle on me and my parents for years now.

    • backtier

      5Mbps? You lucky subscriber. As I’m writing this I’m showing 0.2.

  • Montollo

    I just ended a call with one of their sales agents who could not give me even an estimate of what the bill would be after the 1-year promotion was over. He gave me some BS answer that it depends on current rates and other factors. Who signs up with a service without the slightest idea of how much is going to cost after a year? I was very surprised and completely turned off by the fact that this company appears to be fishing for people who are clueless and take advantage of their ignorance. Terrible way to do business, I rather stay with the company I have now… at least they’re honest with me.

  • Colin Prout

    Truly disappointed. This is, without a single doubt THE WORST ISP EVER! I’ve tried everything to get frontier to come and install internet at my house. No call no show FIVE times in a row! For me that’s over $1000 in missed work. When you consider the price of internet from frontier, that’s enough money to cover over a year’s worth of high speed fiber service! Only to have them tell me they can reschedule the appointment. Even the supervisor doesn’t understand why nobody will show up. I will never let friends or family get frontier without talking trying to talk them out of it. Unfortunately they are the only ISP in my area. It makes me sick knowing that I have no other option. Terrible.

  • AmFirst

    Frontier has the worst Internet service I’ve ever dealt with. Worse than mediacom and that’s bad. I’m paying for 6MB which is the Max that I can get for my area but only getting 3.2 to 3.8 constantly going down and now I have a child that’s has to do schoolwork online and I have no Internet or anyone coming out till August 13th period. tried to get a second line in here and they want to charge me 85 new service fee + 85 installation fee. And they raised my price with crap service. Wow

  • backtier

    Earning the lowest score in Customer Service is still too high, they are not qualified to be acknowledged as Customer Service. Catherine McNally should actually spend some time on the line with Frontier “technical support” before posting a review which is clearly lacking in adequate obscenities. The subcontractors are under trained, under equipped and are powerless to actually resolve the chronic service level issues in Frontier and whose sole purpose it appears is to drag already frustrated customers through a lengthy and disenfranchising “troubleshooting” process only to attribute service issues to hardware that had been disconnected in previous steps. I’d add more but I’m at 0.2Mbps because Frontier over-subscribed and under-maintained OUR services while paying CEO’s millions and lying to regulators. Their cowardly delving into bankruptcy is unexpected for an organization with so little scruples.