Spectrum Internet Review 2022

The nation’s second-largest cable internet provider has decent prices, fast speeds, and no data caps or contracts. But is that enough to outweigh its bogus fees and poor customer service?  
Spectrum Internet Plans
Download speed
Spectrum Internet®$49.99/mo for 12 mos.*Up to 200 Mbps*
Spectrum Internet® Ultra$69.99/mo for 12 mos.*Up to 400 Mbps*
Spectrum Internet® Gig$109.99/mo for 12 mos.Up to 1000 Mbps
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* Wireless speeds may vary.
Speed based on wired connection. Available Internet speeds may vary by address. Gig capable modem required for Gig speed. For a list of Gig capable modems, visit Spectrum.net/modem.
Catherine McNally
Editorial Lead, Internet & Gaming
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Published on December 16, 2021
10 min read

While Spectrum received some not-so-great news coverage in the past,1 it offers up some good prices and download speeds when compared to other internet service providers (ISPs) that cover the same locations.

To top that off, Spectrum Internet plans come with a few extra perks you might not find elsewhere, like unlimited data. So is Spectrum the right internet provider for you? Let's dig into the facts and find out.

  • Spectrum has good prices for most speeds
  • There are no contracts
  • There are also no data caps
  • Spectrum might have download speeds that may be slower than advertised
  • This internet provider gives poor customer service
Did you know you could get Spectrum Internet?

Spectrum is one of the largest cable TV and internet providers in the country. If you're considering Spectrum TV in your area, then Spectrum Internet is probably an option for you too. Check out Spectrum's Internet plans to see if it makes sense to bundle your services. 

Compare Spectrum and other internet providers in your area.

Is Spectrum Internet right for you?

Before we get into the details, let's figure out if Spectrum is the right fit for you. 

One thing we like is that Spectrum is widely available across the US. Use that zip code internet finder above to see if you live in one of the 42 states it's available.

Spectrum only has three plans to choose from, and we wish their Gig plan was a little less expensive. In comparison to Xfinity internet, our top pick, Spectrum offers three fewer plans and the Gig internet is $15 more.

We do like how Spectrum doesn't require you to sign a contract, but its internet performance could be a little better (this is why it didn't make our top five).

Spectrum prices and plans

Spectrum has a couple good deals, but we'd love to see a lower price on its Gig plan

If you're looking for fast download speeds that'll keep a family gaming and streaming over the weekend, Spectrum has you covered. It offers a few different plans with speeds ranging from up to 100 to 1,000 Mbps.* Each of those speeds is juicy enough to keep that buffering icon away.

But we're not gonna lie, we'd love to see more plans from Spectrum. That's because we love choices, and right now Spectrum doesn't offer anything in the way of slower download speeds at lower prices.

Sure, the price for its up to 100 Mbps plan* is reasonable, but what about solo gamers or casual web surfers that don't need that much speed? (Of course, more speed is better than less speed, so we still think the Spectrum Internet® plan is a deal.)

Looking for a Time Warner Cable or Charter Communications internet review?
Light Bulb

You're in the right place. Back in 2016, Charter Communications bought both Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. Yup, now all that ISP prowess is housed under one name, Spectrum. And you’ll find all the juicy details about Spectrum internet right here in our review.

Spectrum prices and plans
Download speed
Data cap
Spectrum Internet®$49.99/mo for 12 mos.*Up to 200 Mbps*Unlimited
Spectrum Internet® Ultra$69.99/mo for 12 mos.*Up to 400 Mbps*Unlimited
Spectrum Internet® Gig$109.99/mo for 12 mos.Up to 1000 MbpsUnlimited
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* Wireless speeds may vary.
Speed based on wired connection. Available Internet speeds may vary by address. Gig capable modem required for Gig speed. For a list of Gig capable modems, visit Spectrum.net/modem.

You might hear Spectrum compared to AT&T Fiber or Frontier. That's because these three ISPs serve some of the same parts of the US.

When it comes to price, we think AT&T Fiber offers the best value—and the lowest prices. AT&T Fiber is also a fiber connection, which tends to be more reliable than the cable connection Spectrum uses.

But if you can't get AT&T Fiber and instead have a choice of Spectrum versus Frontier, we'd go with Spectrum. Frontier's prices start out great, but quickly skyrocket to the highest price we've seen for a gig speed plan.

Spectrum price comparison
Monthly price
Download speeds
Data cap
Learn more
Spectrum Internet®$49.99/mo for 12 mos.$109.99/mo for 12 mos.2001000 MbpsUnlimited
AT&T Fiber$35/mo.$60/mo.^300940 MbpsUnlimited
Frontier FiberOptic Internet$49.99$74.99°500940 MbpsUnlimited
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
For the first 12 months.
^ For the first 12 months plus taxes and equip. fee.
° for 24 months with 2-year agreement. Actual speeds may vary. Installation, equipment fees, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, early term, taxes & other fees apply. Services subject to availability and all applicable terms and conditions.

Is Spectrum Internet available in your area?

Spectrum Internet is available in 42 states, so chances are pretty good that it's available near you. Especially if you live in the northeastern US, where Spectrum is focused on connecting cities and towns to the world wide web.

A map of the US shows 42 states where Spectrum internet is available

Of the states where you can find Spectrum, here are the top five states with the most availability:

  1. Ohio
  2. Maine
  3. New York
  4. Wisconsin
  5. North Carolina

If you're not sure whether Spectrum Internet is available in your hometown, we can help you out. Just enter your zip code below and we'll tell you if Spectrum is in your area.

Search for Spectrum Internet plans in your area

Spectrum Internet speed

Stream in 4K or download your entire Steam library without worrying about data charges

We mentioned we wished Spectrum offered more choices for download speeds, but what speeds it does offer are great for streaming The Expanse on Amazon Prime Video or teaming up with your buddies in a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds match.

The up to 100 Mbps plan* should be hefty enough to keep parents happily streaming Schitt's Creek while their kiddo watches Phineas and Ferb on Disney+. (Just maybe not in the same room.)

But if you've got more than a few connected devices, like cell phones, home security systems, and smart TVs, and still want to binge-watch The Great British Baking Show when you come home from work, you'll probably want to upgrade to Spectrum's up to 200 or even up to 400 Mbps plan.*

And that Spectrum Internet Gig plan? That's perfect for a large family who loves to do all of the above—or for serious gamers or adults who make a living working from home.

Spectrum download speeds and upload speeds
Download speed
Upload speed
Data cap
Spectrum Internet®Up to 200 Mbps*10 MbpsUnlimited
Spectrum Internet®Up to 200 Mbps*10 MbpsUnlimited
Spectrum Internet® UltraUp to 400 Mbps*20 MbpsUnlimited
Spectrum Internet® GigUp to 1000 Mbps35 MbpsUnlimited
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* Wireless speeds may vary.
Speed based on wired connection. Available Internet speeds may vary by address. Gig capable modem required for Gig speed. For a list of Gig capable modems, visit Spectrum.net/modem.

So what about all this news coverage of Spectrum's slower-than-advertised speeds? Yeah, we've heard about that too, and it has us shaking our heads in disappointment.

In our latest analysis of the fastest internet providers in the US, Spectrum ranked 14th out of the 38 total ISPs we analyzed. That puts it far below other cable internet providers like RCN (ranked 6th), Xfinity (ranked 7th), and Optimum (ranked 9th).

Spectrum Internet speed scores2
Overall rank
Cable ISP rank
Spectrum Internet®

14th out of 38 ISPs

7th out of 22 cable ISPs

Really quick, we want to note that Spectrum's weighted score of 35.6 out of 100 isn't representative of any download speeds you might see with it. Instead, that weighted score is a combination of the average download speeds, upload speeds, and latency that Spectrum Internet customers saw in more than 1 million speed tests taken between January and December 2019.

Our highest-ranked cable internet provider, RCN, earned 47.4 out of 100, while our lowest-ranked cable provider, Sparklight, earned 31.5 out of 100. That puts Spectrum toward the bottom of the pack when it comes to internet speed from large cable ISPs. So, we expect that you'll likely get slower speeds than what you pay for with Spectrum.

The somewhat silver lining is that Spectrum has no contracts. So if you find your download speeds waning and customer service is no help, it's easy to put a stop to your service and find someone else. You won't get slapped with early termination fees either.

What speeds do I need?
Light Bulb

Not sure if Spectrum’s download speeds are enough for you? Check out our Mbps guide for more info.

Data caps

Spectrum will neither throttle your speeds nor charge you extra for your data use. That's the best kind of "no" we've ever heard.

While most ISPs offer only 1 TB of data (which is usually more than enough data for most of us), Spectrum's unlimited data is a dream come true for anyone who uses the web for file sharing, (legally) downloading movies, or working from home.

Contracts, equipment, and fees

Spectrum comes with no contract, but you'll still pay for installation and a Wi-Fi activation fee

We like that Spectrum offers a no-contract internet option because it frees you up to switch providers if you’re moving homes or unsatisfied with the service. That's perfect if you're renting, temporarily in a city for work, or just don't like commitments. (We get it.)

Other options for no-contract internet that may be in your area include Frontier and Xfinity.

The only issues we have with Spectrum are it's additional fees. Those fees are a confusing bunch, so we'll try to clear them up for you.


Spectrum throws in a free modem with your internet, which is pretty nice of them. Most other companies charge anywhere from $10 to $20 extra a month to rent equipment.

Of course, you can still bring your own modem and router combo if you prefer. If you need a recommendation, we're fans of this ARRIS SURFboard modem router combo from Amazon.

Service fees

The professional installation fee for the Spectrum Internet and Spectrum Internet Ultra plans is one of the most reasonable we've seen. But the fee for the Spectrum Internet Gig plan is outrageous at best.

Also, what the heck is up with that Wi-Fi activation fee? No one knows, but it's been a hot topic of discussion for a few years at least. We've never seen a similar fee from any other ISP, so we really don't get why Spectrum feels the need to charge for your Wi-Fi set up.

  • Pro installation fees: $49.99 for Spectrum Internet and Spectrum Internet Ultra plans, $199.99 for Spectrum Gig plan
  • Self installation fee: $9.99
  • Wi-Fi activation fee: $9.99
  • Early termination fees: No contract means no early termination fee. Yay!

Spectrum TV's customer service

Spectrum's customer service improved over the last year, but there's still room for more improvement

Internet service as a whole doesn't do well in the customer service department. We know that's no excuse, but we want to put the situation in perspective before we dive into how Spectrum's customer service performs.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) scores ISPs for customer service each year, and the internet industry averaged a score of 65 out of 100 for 2021.3 So if you look at Spectrum's latest score of 63 out of 100, it may not seem that great. But that score is still a major improvement from two years ago, when Spectrum scored a lackluster 59 out of 100.

Spectrum customer service rating3
Customer service rating

ACSI 2020

63 out of 100

So, while we're pleased to see Spectrum improved over the past couple of years, we're still expecting bigger and better things from it.

But if you have no other choice but to call customer service, what can you do? First thing's first, take a deep breath and grab a pen and paper.

  1. Use online chat or email if you can. Chat and email free you up to continue living your life without a cell phone attached to your ear. Both of these methods also keep a log of what was said or promised, which is perfect if you need to refer back to it for proof.
  2. Advocate for yourself. If your current customer service rep isn't cutting it, ask to speak to someone else—or their manager. It may seem disrespectful, but at the end of the day you're the customer and you deserve fair and respectful treatment!
  3. Negotiate. Spectrum doesn't have contracts, so this can be a huge bargaining chip for you. Research other internet providers' prices and speeds before you call or chat, and don't be afraid to say you'll cancel your service if Spectrum can't give you what you're asking for.

Get in touch with Spectrum here:

How does Spectrum Internet compare to the competitors?

As we mentioned earlier, Spectrum Internet barely made our top internet service provider picks

Although it's still a good provider for some, we'll give you some context of how Spectrum stacks up against our top four internet providers.

Spectrum Internet competitor comparison
Monthly price
Download speeds
Data cap
Learn more
$49.99/mo for 12 mos.$109.99/mo for 12 mos.2001000 MbpsUnlimited
$19.99$94.99**501200 Mbps11.2 TB
$39.99$89.99††200940 MbpsNot Available
$50$65‡‡100940 MbpsUnlimited
$45^75100 Mbps1 TBUnlimited
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
For the first 12 months.
** For the first 12 months. Some packages require a 1- or 2-year contract.
†† w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip. charges.
‡‡ New customers only. Rate requires paperless billing and excludes taxes. Additional fees apply.
^ For the first 12 months plus taxes and equip. fee.

Our picks: The best Spectrum Internet plan

Best budget pick for most families: Spectrum Internet

Who it’s best for: If your family loves to stream videos or play Farming Simulator 19 together online, the Spectrum Internet plan's up to 100 Mbps* is fast enough to keep you connected on a budget.

But hey, if your house is home to a large family, you've got kiddos uploading YouTube videos, or a partner who works from home, you'll want to look into the up to 400 or 1,000 Mbps* plans instead.

Why we picked it: The price Spectrum charges for its up to 100 Mbps plan* isn't the best out there, but it's still reasonable. We also think it's the best deal of all three Spectrum plans available. So if you're stuck on a budget but still love to game and stream reruns of Parks and Recreation, we think this plan is the perfect compromise.

3.5 out of 5 stars
Download speed:
Up to 200 Mbps
Data cap:
$49.99/mo for 12 mos.
Data effective 11/10/2021. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Data effective 5/17/2021. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Recap: Is Spectrum Internet good?

Spectrum’s got okay pricing and customer service, but on the plus side it pairs its fast speeds with unlimited data and no contracts

As the nation’s second largest internet provider, Spectrum has to compete with big dogs like Xfinity, Verizon, and AT&T.

How does it stack up? Mmm, so-so if you ask us.

It’s widely available in the United States, offers a wide range of speeds that work for streaming or gaming households, and keeps you going with unlimited data—all while avoiding contracts.

But its confusing fees—including a bogus Wi-Fi activation fee—and iffy customer service make us hesitate. Can you find better than Spectrum? Yes. But are there worse ISPs out there? Again, yes.

Spectrum internet prices and plans recap

Data effective 12/16/2021. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.


We research and rate our internet providers based on the following criteria:

  • Prices
  • Availability
  • Speed scores
  • Customer service scores
  • Connection type

After comparing the criteria, we give you our honest opinion about each provider while giving you the information you need to know before signing up.

Spectrum FAQs

Who owns Spectrum Internet?

Back in 2016, Charter Communications bought both Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. Now, all that ISP prowess is housed under one name, making Charter the proud new owner of Spectrum.

How much is Spectrum Internet after 12 months?

After 12 months of service, your prices will increase by $21 for internet only and by $25 for bundles. Since Spectrum doesn’t require a contract, your promotional price isn’t guaranteed after the first year (although it’s worth calling and negotiating for if you’re an existing customer).

How do I install Spectrum Internet?

If you already have a cable connection and basic knowledge of modems and routers, you can set it up yourself. It’s straightforward enough if you’ve set-up a Wi-Fi network before, but there’s a Spectrum video if you haven’t.


*Wireless speeds may vary.
°Speed based on wired connection. Available Internet speeds may vary by address. Gig capable modem required for Gig speed. For a list of Gig capable modems, visit Spectrum.net/modem.

Catherine McNally
Written by
Catherine McNally
Catherine has a degree in journalism and an MBA, and has spent the last 10+ years writing everything from Okinawa travel guides to stories on Medium. She’s been online since AOL CDs were a thing and is an unapologetic PC gamer. She believes the internet is a necessity, not a luxury, and writes reviews and guides to help everyone stay connected. You can also find her on Twitter: @CMReviewsIt.

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  • James towne

    This is the worst Internet service ever. We put a package deal together for TV, internet, and phone. The internet is the worst. We called and complained, spent over an hour on the phone with a non English speaker only to have him give us guidance which shut down our Internet that he could not get running again. My wife hung up and actually read the information and got it going. I continually get your Internet can not connect. We gave up Verdon to get this garbage….I am writing this on my phone because my tablet will not connect.

  • Warren

    We were on Brighthouse years ago, then accepted a 2 year UVerse contract with ATT. Like all plans, the advertised price was about half of what you inevitably pay each month. With huge increases or severely lessened TV channels at the end of the contract, we went back to Brighthouse. Again, the advertised package was a sore disappointment compared to the actual billing and the bill wasn’t sent, either by snail mail or email; I finally got a call about my bill being delinquent! This last bill was a shocking increase, making my bare-bones Brighthouse package almost as expensive as the UVerse package we just left. Trying to contact BrightHouse right now is a nightmare as they are merging with Spectrum. I get “sorry, not available, our technicians are working on the problem” online responses when I try to log in. My cell battery died as I listened to the ubiquitous “We appreciate your business, you are a valued customer” loop. I left Spectrum an email and a callback number; it produced crickets. That is why I’m researching on this site to find decent internet and TV.

    • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io Scott T.

      Thanks for checking Reviews.org out. So is your TV/Internet package officially with Spectrum, or is still under Bright House? We haven’t reviewed Bright House yet, but we have reviewed Spectrum (we liked their internet service more than their TV service). Are there any other providers in your area you’re considering?

      • Warren

        We are grandfathered to Brighthouse prices, but we automatically got the 60 MBPS “upgrade” from 50 MBPS. My original email message was finally returned on a Sunday afternoon. That $500 buy-out sounds patently unfair, as all existing customers are being shafted by the inducement for a few new customers; the cost is spread onto all our subscriptions.

        I am at a loss as to why “existing” customers are shut out of discount pricing available only to new customers. Newspaper delivery is a great example. Our local Orlando rag offers new customers $10-$12 a year (yes year) for a Sunday-Thursday newspaper delivery. When they try to raise it after a year, they will “back down” and offer a second year, usually for about $15. After that, the annual subscription is about $65.00. Because all the supplementary ads (grocery, WalMart, Target, etc.) are on line, and TV and Drudge supply the news, I find most of the newspaper ends up wrapping dog accidents or in the recycle bin. So I cancelled it. After about 6 months, I may “re-qualify” for their $10 annual price again.

        I am seriously thinking of finding an internet-only service at about 25 MBPS and using rabbit ears (free local) A movie service (HBO or STARZ) and Sling at $20/month for TV and a Walmart-like “landline” service for $10 per month that runs over the internet. The only channel I will miss on this configuration is CNBC, but I want to cut the cord from these 100-200-300 channel packages when I only watch a limited array of channels. Any suggestions?

        • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io Scott T.

          If it’s internet-only service, we’d go with Verizon Fios, Optimum, or Suddenlink. Even Comcast XFINITY is a pretty good option if it’s internet-only. You can also start by finding what’s actually available in your area by going to highspeedinternet.com.

          We do use HBO GO and feel mostly positive about it (we might review it in the future). And the same can be said of Sling; we have one team member who’s used it for a year, and he would recommend it.

          We’re not sure there’s much use for landline service these days, but if you haven’t taken a look at Google Voice, check it out. It might work as an alternative, and it’s “free.”

          Also, from what we see, CNBC is available on Sling.

          • Warren

            I have an update on the BrightHouse/Spectrum merger… or is it a fiasco? Yes Spectrum tests out at 57MBps out of a promised upgrade to 60, but their billing procedures are indescribable. When I try to create an online account, they ask for an account number, “which can be found on your monthly bill.” Hard to find when I haven’t received a bill, either on line or in snailmail. Somewhere in their labyrinth of clicks, I found an 800 number to get my account number and a PIN. Try as I might, the account number doesn’t exist. To further complicate things, Spectrum detects my old BH account and tells me to move it to Spectrum, then puts me to a screen asking for — you guessed it — my Spectrum Account number. The only contact I get from Spectrum is their nasty “pay your bill” phone calls, not emails where I can view what is going on. Oh well.

            Methinks I will try to get an internet-only account using your recos and Sling. For mobile I use Boost Mobile, opne line, and pay $30/mo for unlimited Text/Talk/Data. I like the comfort of a landline as well, and that can run VoIP for next to nothing. I just hate getting new numbers when I shift providers as I have to change all my friend and business contacts. Can 25MBps handle HBO, NetFlix and streaming?

  • Jim Dowson

    I think you have a typo – 768 Mbps (or did you mean Kbps)?

    • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io Scott T.

      Thanks for the catch! We fixed it.

  • Roger

    Thanks for the review. Can you answer a couple questions about the picture quality on charter? What is the HD signal broadcast at? 1080i or or 720P? (before it gets to the box). Also what is the streaming HD signal resolution before gets to the box? Last question is what type of compression are they using? Thanks

  • Scooter

    It appears the Charter Spectrum has many unsolved issues. The special modem you must use has been on back order and the followup information about this is awful.I have received 4 delivery promises and still do not have it. It seems the will tell you anything just to get it off their desk.The supervisor seems to rattle on a 100 miles an hour and basically say nothing. I guess if you talk long enough and fast enough it doesn’t sound like you are reading a prepared script.

  • ralph richardson

    Honestly I’ve been very happy with Time Warner/Spectrum. I have their 300mps internet and it always runs great. I run a Ark game server from my home and people are playing games and watching Netflix on computers at the same time. Granted, I’m less than a block away from the ISP……………

  • hanime

    It was kind of tricky because of the small print on their ads. With the bundle, it’s actually $29.99/month EACH bundled item. So if you have internet + cable tv + phone, that’s $29.99×3/month.

  • hanime

    That’s sad to hear. In Dallas, TX, they have better prices and speeds than ATT U-Verse. It’s TWC Spectrum here.

  • Adam Kennedy

    that was indeed most helpful in many lights. thank you Scott Teran for a truly insightful piece of literature. i do hope you continue writing these reviews, or in similarity too. i believe you are quite good. bye now

    • Janith Murrell

      Adam Kennedy: Your response to Miguel Frias makes no sense at all. Are you a robot? This isn’t intended to be funny.

      • Keith Bingaman

        Adam kennedy, I found your respond degrading and insulting. You should be ashamed.

  • Adam Kennedy

    im sorry you have had a negative experience. but thank you for passing on your struggles.

  • Janith Murrell

    There are no charges for equipment because the equipment is so old that it frequently breaks down. No only that but it looks like early 1980s equipment, big and ugly. For 2 1/2 years they have said that they will spend the money for equipment upgrades but they haven’t as yet. I have a weekly call with Charter concerning the malfunction of the day (not recording programmed shows, cable deciding to not operate at all, snowy screens, etc etc etc. All service calls go the same way: they send signal to reset the cable, that doesn’t work, then they tell me they haven’t the foggiest idea why). If there is any possible alternative to Charter Spectrum internet or cable for you, take it. It doesn’t make any difference how crappy it is it will be far better than Charter Spectrum. TIP: In order to get past the 20 minute menu with a detour to a virtual assistant then to a live chat (that I swear is a virtual assistant also) you need to say a couple of curse words. Example: “Customer service, customer service, customer service, assistant assistant, agent agent G*D M***er FKN Customer Service.” The reason for this is that computer assistant that controls the menu is programmed to disregard whatever you say unless you say a few very obscene words that it will interpret to mean that you have gone over the edge and may cancel your service. Then you will be allowed to talk to a human being whose sole purpose is to allow you to vent your rage at the company’s lousy service. Then they’ll say they’re sorry for the 100th time and then say “Have a good day!” Really, if you’re the type of person who likes to hit themselves in the head with a hammer on a weekly basis, this is the service for you.

  • Tony Price

    I’m a cord cutter so, while I have not seen actual bandwidth usage, I would guess my monthly data usage to be relatively high. Moreover, I also use Amazon Drive and I have had no problems or complaints from Charter. This is my second go around with Charter. The first time, the Paul Allen days and bankruptcy, it seemed each month there was an increase in my bill of some sort. Customer service and tech support were abysmal. So, I left for AT&T with their DSL service but their lack of bandwidth drove me back to Charter after they had emerged from bankruptcy. It’s been a total turnaround for me. Their customer service is perfectly acceptable and my internet connection has virtually never been disrupted. This is with the added bonus of getting more bandwidth than I actually pay for. in past times they had, and deserved, a black eye. In my experience that is no longer true. My only minor complaint would be concerned with higher upload speeds. Despite this you can color me a happy camper.

  • Slayer_Fil

    Regular price for internet only just went up to $65/month

  • Sam Pecor

    Count yourself lucky. I signed on 10 days before they switched their services from Time Warner to Spectrum, even though the physical location in Portland, Maine, had all the signs up and everything. I was told they’d honor the online promo for the 60 mbps for $54.99 as opposed to the retail price of $64.99. I just got my first bill and guess which one it was?

    To make matters worse I referenced the online price to see new customers get it for TWENTY DOLLARS ($20) less than existing Time Warner Cables (how’s that for a slap in the face?) at $44.99 vs my $64.99. After some arguing over the phone and an obnoxious low level representative who told me upon being asked for their manager: “They’re just going to say the same thing. Don’t waste your time.”

    While on the phone with the manager, I discovered the list price of the 60 mbps locally is $59.99, NOT $64.99! I told her this and she explains that must be a mistake through a local retailer, but thanks for pointing it out! I also was repeatedly berated, being told “We can lower your price down to $54.99 but that will also lower your speeds” NO S**T!!!

    From bad to worse I guess it is. Got to love monopolies, and here in Maine 60 mbps is the highest we can get so we’re stuck with these con artists.

  • ralph richardson

    I live in Moreno valley, California. I guess it also helps I’m about a block and a half from their building!

  • Todd Perry

    GREAT internet, phone and tv but TERRIBLE email service.
    DO NOT US THEIR EMAIL through the browser !Their email is the slowest that I have ever used through a browser with times I can not even log in. Search option for emails does NOT work at all and if you try to use it it WILL most of the time lock you out and will not allow the page to reload and makes it EXTREMELY hard to look for older emails that you have to do one page at a time with NO way to jump to a certain page or date.
    –Their email service through the browser is hands down the WORST I haves seen in the 30 years I have been on the internet and this is coming from a 25 year computer tech that sets up networks and email accounts for people.

  • Tyler Adkins

    After the merger with TWC my price increased and the preformance/service is about the same or worse. The speed increase is useless as there is almost no available bandwidth during peak hours. There are also intermittent (every 45-60 second) lag spikes throughout the 11am-1pm timeframe (Central time zone) almost daily.

  • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io Scott T.

    We’ve discussed this quite a bit, and we decided to grade on a curve. That means we rate ISPs against other ISPs, and in general, ISPs have a lot to improve. It’s kind of like how a C student stands out when the class average is a D. Many people come here looking for the best of what’s available (emphasis on what’s available), and we want to help them find it. Does that make sense?

  • https://www.facebook.com/dgirwin1 Daniel Garrett Irwin

    I have heard horror stories about Spectrum TV, but their internet service is actually good. I actually had no technical problems to speak of.

    • Frank

      It’s their DVR service that is horrible. Internet and Phone are pretty good.

    • justanotherguy

      I’m beginning to suspect that they have instituted so-called “soft caps” on date- I notice that at the end of every month, my internet service gets very slow.

  • robbyrobs

    They say theres no modem fee but yet I get billed for using theirs. Spectrum is still garbage to this day, changing the name of the company doesn’t change how crappy of a service we get. As always thanks Time Warner.

  • Damay Foo

    I tried to sign up with Spectrum but they had a glitch in the system. No worries said they would fix it and call me back in 24 hours. 10 days later and 8 calls to them… (they never called me back.) Now they are saying maybe they will call me back 6 days from now. This is just to sign me up not set up Internet service. Thanks for wasting my time. Going with someone else

  • TenaciousJ

    Not sure what time frame that information is from but Charlotte has Spectrum (Charter) now after they took over TWC’s coverage area, and they dropped TWC’s previous top bandwidth of 300mbps down to 100mbps as the max available within a couple of months of merging. Meanwhile, ATT fiber is available at asynchronous gigabit speeds for about the same price ($80 a month internet only for 1000mbps up and down vs. like $70-80 for 100mbps/20mbps at charter) But with ATT you’re stuck with DirecStatic which is lame. I wish Google would get back on their fiber wagon and start spreading unified fiber internet and tv service again. Glad I got grandfathered in at 300mbps… looks like it’s gonna be a while before the network improves.

  • Angela Meng

    worst experience ever!!! they wasted me 4 hours without sending any technician, and today they wasted me another 4 hours without any help!!!! someone in the call center (844-849-0145) named Kevin who claimed himself as the supervisor, however, after the conversation with him, he didn’t contact me anymore!!! i was waiting for his reply!!! NEVER EVER GO FOR SPECTRUM!!!

  • Karen Shell

    Why do they keep raising prices and service is not very good. The guide has been showing the wrong programs or it’s always unavailable so you can’t see what’s on. Get it together Spectrum. Getting to be to expensive to watch TV anymore:(

  • James Hinman

    I noticed nothing was mentioned about customers with a voice/data plan being limited to the option of ONE modem, while other ISP’s support the “new standard” of modems requiring only a coaxial connection.

    Looking at the list of approved modems, not a single one is compatible with voice. The TM822 may be adequate for some with 8×4 bonded, but not when it’s a very large home with 5 or 6 occupants linking multiple devices simultaneously. Telephony modems supporting docsys 3.0 were quite scarce, but there is now a good handful that Charter simply won’t approve.

    Customer service is extremely inconsistent. Each time you call, you will be told different things that conflict with previous calls. I was told a tech could come out and install an adapter to separate voice from data. Next call claimed there was no such device. I am quite knowledgeable and capable of obtaining and installing this adapter, but a third call insists I must pay for tech to come out and evaluate the situation, then be advised of the solution’s cost.

    3 “phone transfers” into a call, each one supposed to be tech, and the last person I talk to did not know what an R11 jack is.. or a “phone port.” That’s like hiring someone to work the front of a bowling center with no clue what a bowling ball is.

    This is my favorite, though. Want to upgrade your speed? With no equipment change, it’s a $200 switch fee.. plus termination of any existing bundle pricing and initiates full cost pricing.

    To upgrade from 60mbps to 100mbps! But what is the advertised “minimum speed” for basic internet? 100mbps at the same price existing customers are paying to remain at 60mbps.. nearly half the speed of new customers “basic minimum.”

    4 out of 5 stars is a joke, and based on no real figures. If they weren’t set up like a monopoly and competition was present, there would not be any customers left to give reviews and ratings. Try looking at the reviews on their own website. You will scroll through long strings of 1 stars before catching a 3 star. Everyone wants the same thing.. any alternative at all aside from DSL.

    They are not a good company because they don’t have to be, unfortunately.

  • Rob

    Internet goes out at least 3 times a week and is currently out now for me. It’s always like this and they’re totally a rip off because of it. I would rate them a 1 start for high speeds at most.

  • Patty Ramirez

    They have the worst customer service. Called to inquire pricing. The man I spoke with was rude since the beginning of the call, tone of voice was rude he didn’t even really want to tell me much on different pricing. And when I said I’d call back he just said mmhhmmm and clicked on me. How rude! Get better people to work there!!! Definetly will not be getting any type of service with them.

  • Adam Schoonover

    Horrible horrible HORRIBLE customer service!!!! After over 5 years I canceled my high speed internal, cable, phone and security. Their unwillingness to admit that its even possible to make a mistake there or to be willing to correct it to keep a customer it just sad.

  • FBooker

    I recently canceled services after moving to a new home. When I called Spectrum to cancel services, I requested the option to mail my equipment to Spectrum and was told that I should deliver the equipment to a Spectrum location since I was local. After a week of trying, I contacted Spectrum again and explained that I was unable to make it to a Spectrum location during business hours as my work hours made it impossible. Once again, I requested to mail my equipment. I was told that I could mail the equipment, but Spectrum would not send me boxes since my account was already closed. I mentioned that I requested to mail the equipment before closing the account and was told there was nothing that could be done since the account was now closed.
    If Spectrum is not willing to work with costumers to return equipment via mail, they should have better business hours for working costumers needing to drop off equipment at a store location.

  • Geo Rankin

    Spectrum will not fix my cable. It has been macroblocking for almost three months now and they can’t get it fixed. I have made 18 phone calls just in the past two weeks and spent hours, yes, HOURS on the phone trying to get this resolved. Last, I spoke with a supervisor, Mariana Kroger (guessing spelling) from the Melbourne office and was assured at least a phone call by yesterday. I still have unwatchable cable and zero communication from this company. This company could care less about it’s customers while charging premium prices for service…THERE IS NO SERVICE…tv wise or customer service wise. Get yourself a Roku or something. This simply isn’t worth the hassle.

  • Janolyn Jackson

    This is the worse cable company ever. Integrity is not a core value of the company. I was promised a $50 credit then a $105 credit and after checking my bill online and didn’t see any credit I had to reach out to a supervisor. I had to call 4 times before I was able to get in contact with a supervisor. When I finally reached a supervisor she told me that I would only be eligible for a $12 dollar credit. I had to explain to her how insulting that is being that I was offered an initial credit of $50 dollars. She offered me a $34 dollar credit and I told her that is not acceptable. Considering I had multiple service calls and Jennifer (the supervisor) was very insensitive to the amount if interruptions in service I had and did not honor what was initial offered to me. I am glad I am not in a contract with Spectrum and I will be disconnecting my service and moving to DirectTV or Dish.

  • Janolyn Jackson

    I totally agree with your opening statement. Charter Spectrum has definitely made Time Warner Cable into something worse.

  • Cory Guidry

    Boy, many people complaining about their low mb speeds and I’m stuck with u-verse dropping down to 900 bytes a sec and caps at around 250 KBps. Thought I get it, it is disappointing not getting the expected speeds you had paid for. AT&T told us that the problem was our like 30+ year old copper lines that were placed by bellsouth, though they aren’t required to fix it. They apparently don’t have a minimum speed requirement here either. The speed fluctuates atbetween all times and every time we test we get a completely different reading.that is way off from the last. I just called Charter to install their service here this coming Wednesday because I found out that I could still get Charter service for myself while the rest of the family keeps their AT&T TV service since they can all use the DVRs to watch recorded shows. Hopefully it solves my problem. If not, then I will just have to wait till some day when fiber comes here, if it does ever come.

  • dhw423

    internet is slow, cable is snowy at times, phone cuts out too, cost is outrageous, cost went up after they bought out Time Warner, they dont work with you on the billing date, being that i am on a fixed income and get paid once a month, they wouldnt change it to the day of the month i get paid, customer service is not always helpful, sometimes i feel like im talking to a recorded script. I wouldnt refer them to anyone, find a better deal folks, this one sucks

  • cyberb0b

    And you think they have that information here? smh

  • Susan Jones

    NY state has 3 more years under Time Warner cable. Who do i make my check out to TWC. I had 2 techs there level 3 techs come to my home for slow and outage of my internet still happens.They can’t deliver the modem speed they lie and come up with a excuse. When the modem is down or don’t work properly my phone service I can’t use. Let go to cable I have 6 channels including the spectrum news channel these channels you get a black screen..No sound.break up in pictures. Charter Ceo made 99 M in 2016. Charter and bright house still going through the FCC. There service is bad they don’t care there scamming people out over money month after month. Why should any customers pay for poor service at full price.. It’s charter greed..

  • Battlestar

    I believe the 44.99 internet is only for new customers So if you are a loyal existing customer you get the shaft

    • HiJinks

      Exactly! That’s what is so bad about these reviews. They are incomplete, especially dealing with with special “short-term” offers which escalate after the offer term ends.

  • Ira Kennedy

    The Basic package has fewer free channels than Dish or Direct. As a former Dish customer I know that is a fact. The internet speed is excellent. The draw back is that if bundled when one service goes out you loose tv, internet and phone. It has been a total pain in the butt since installation. wish I was back on Dish!

  • Think Outside

    Just got my Internet-only bill… going up 33%. I’ve got an ‘old’ (3 years) 3mbps @ $15/mo. Spectrum is raising it to $20 a month. Until the TWC takeover, there were speeds of 6mbps, 15mbps, 50mbps and up to 300mbps. Now, there’s only 65mbps for $65/mo… unless you are a ‘business’ and new customers can get 100mbps for $44.99/mo for 12 months. ‘Chatting’ with Customer service: they offered to upgrade me to 100mbps for $65/mo… higher speed (100 vs 65) for the same price as a week ago – probably a promotion that will bite me in a year. Personally, I think the cable companies should be forced to breakup into hardware (cables) and service, just like electric companies. That’s the only way take down the monopoly.

  • Dalia

    The worst Cable Service EVER since they’ve taken over Time Warner Cable! They’re prices are extremely high they’re inconsiderate to the customers in lowering their rates. It’s disgusting. We live in a community of low income families. They’re VERY money hungry too without a doubt!! ??? I wouldn’t recommend anyone to signing up with Spectrum plus their channel line up is screwed up trust me on that for every package Tier 1 is a high fee for
    Channels one wants and than to make it complicated they’ve decided to add a Tier 2 in mixing all the channels so you can pay more. How screwed up is that. Think long
    and hard if you want to sign up with these losers!! Their services internet is slow and sucks trust me on that!

  • Dalia

    Thank you least I have some concept I’m not the only one who thinks THIS way!!!

  • Keith Phillips

    TWC seems to be getting worse since becoming Spectrum. Had 2 outages in 5 days, may have to call Frontier back This is not acceptable!

  • Christophus Johnson

    Don’t know about the service being offered or provided mainly bc if you move into an apartment that had service and the previous customer left without paying, you cannot get service in that apartment. I moved my daughter from Atlanta to westchester calif to start a career with a consultant firm, which require her having access to a wifi connection, and after proving that she Is the new tenant in the apartment, service is still being denied, ordinarily if another service provider was available we would be there, subsequently if her job is terminated because of her failure to do what is expected of her, this will not be the end of this story.

  • Bobby Johnson

    Internet speed is acceptable when it’s working. I have outages / blackouts regularly. Also they upped my monthly bill with 10 dollars without any notice or my consent. This reallly dissapointed me. Only reason I’m with them is because in this fairly rural area they are the main provider.

  • Das Towers

    I tried to cancel my service with Charter. They continued to charge me for four months until I caught on. Their marketing callers kept telling me that I was nolonger being charged until one of them slipped and mentioned that they had also double my monthly rate. When I called to complain, I was told that since none of the calls (marketing or for cancellation) were time stamped there wasn’t much they could do. Additionally, they are also going to charge me for a modem I was told I didn’t have to bother returning because it was an older model.

    Charter has great internet, but will screw you out of as much money as possible.

  • Andrew Stern

    I’m paying for Charter Spectrum’s High-speed Internet. I’m paying $44.99/mo and I typically hit speeds of 130M or higher.

    I’ve had to call every couple months to have them send a reset code to my modem, but I purchased my own, and twice it was after power outtages (storm season in St. Louis). So, this might not be a long-term issue.

    Honestly, my biggest complaint with Charter Spectrum is they keep calling me trying to sucker me into the bundle package. I cut the cord 6 months ago, and I haven’t had a home phone line in 12 years.

    If Charter would give me a website where I can click radio buttons to select/deselect channels I do/don’t want at will, I’d sign up in a heartbeat. But I will no longer pay for garbage that I’m not willing to consume. That’s how ESPN got so powerful, and why professional sports in general has gotten so insanely expensive.

  • Honest Review

    Currently a Spectrum employee/previous customer I have never once had to call in for any issue. Most likely if your having service issues with all lines of business 1.your wiring is at fault could be an easy fix with a senior level tech (after 1st tech is not able to resolve issue) 2.User error (I worked tech suport as a Lead and trust this is the case 80% of the time) 3. Your sharing a node with to many customers attached which at that point you can try an fight with the FCC or find another provider. It will be a long up hill battle I’ve seen corporate escalations for this reason and while they will take action it will always be a lengthy process.

  • Nicholas Bath

    Absolutely abysmal service. They continually throttle my internet speeds. I am paying for the Ultra 100Mbs package, but rarely get above 10Mbps (10% of what I’m paying for).

    Their equipment is old and outdated. They just sent me a ‘new’ cable modem, which happens to be the same exact one I replaced from 5 years ago.

    The entire company and service is pathetic. Amazing how a business monopoly can keep a shit company like this on top. It’s infuriating, especially when there are no other local options. How can Los Angeles have such crap internet?

  • joy

    My internet through Spectrum has been beyond unreliable since March 2017. I have outages multiple times a day. There is rarely a day that I have internet for a whole day. My friends tell me that AT&T is not much better. I am waiting for Google to come to my area.

  • Blanca Sulen

    My name is Blanca sulen .I report this morning a problem with my DVR it got burned. And. I set up a phone call with the supervisor. And was an hour ago and I still waiting. I haven’t received from them .thank God I was home when the incident.happened. because I don’t know what will be by now. And I hope mr supervisor take the time to call me.

  • Bill Thomas

    If what is stated in this article that the price for internet service only is $44.99 a month for the first year, and then it goes up $15 for the second year, and up yet again after the second year, well that really SUCKS!. Does this mean every year the price goes up?, if so, Spectrum is going to go BYE BYE, because nobody in their right minds is going to keep paying higher and higher costs every year!. As a Verizon DSL customer, but not for long as they are discontinuing it, my cost has not increased since I first got it, more than 15 years ago!.

  • Bill Thomas

    FIOS is not a good choice as many people are finding out. The cost is insane, the installation is a nightmare, utility companies have to be involved because the street and sidewalk must be dug up to run the cable into the home via drilling a hole in the foundation of the building, which may also involve the buildings department, then you have to have the proper electrical setup, after all is said and done FIOS is going to cost several hundred dollars perhaps more than $1000 just to install it. Then there is Verizon’s very poor service. When you need customer support or tech support you speak with someone in India!. The worst is what Verizon is currently doing to it’s remaining DSL customers, degrading the service to the point of virtually not being able to connect to the internet. Guaranteed the same thing is going to happen to FIOS when the next internet service upgrade comes along!.

  • Bill Thomas

    If what you say is true, then Spectrum is violating the law by false advertising and leaving themselves wide open to massive law suits. Anyone that purchases Spectrum internet and experiences any of what you have stated, should call them out, letting them know they are violating the law and subject to legal action, if they ignore you, then file a complaint with your states District Attorney’s Office.

    • Future Burrito

      It’s true.

    • Susan Klatz Beal

      I don’t think they’re breaking the law. What the ads fail to mention is that you can’t get the advertised price if you’ve been a Time Warner or Spectrum customer. If you move and have them install service at a new address, they still consider you an existing customer. I live in a town where the only other option is AT&T DSL — and that’s even worse

    • Cat Cala

      Oh it’s the FCC that regulates that. They have made it much easier to file against phone, cable companies and internet providers on their web site. I fought with Qwest a year over a monthly charge of a service we never had and within a month had apology letter from qwest and 6 months of no bills to make up for it. Even just telling a customer service agent with whichever company you are having problems with, that you are going to file online with the FCC and their attitude usually straightens right up. That’s what they are there for.

  • R. Bell

    Spectrum in the Kansas City area “SUCKS”. Their employee in Overland Park,ks. office lied to me when I started their service. She scammed me for a $40 deposit. She said my credit score was bad. My credit score is over 700. Add to tat their equipment is twenty years old and every time we have a little thunder, I lose TV and internet. My DVD doesn’t work with the cable box because one of their incompetent telephone people told me to change something. I have twice called about the problem but nothing. Now after the latest storm I have to wait 5 days for repair. What ever you do stay away from these liars and incompetents hired by Spectrum.

  • McKee

    My husband and I tried Charter services for the first time when moving into our new home. For several months, we had minimal problems. However, over the past month we have experienced highly intermittent internet service that become very unreliable – meanwhile we continued to be charged for the service. I called several times to see what could be done and received very poor customer service. After making several calls, we have decided to shop for other services. I am not one to leave negative reviews often, but find it important to share our experience for those who may be looking for an internet/cable provider. I would not recommend Charter.

  • Makeup23

    I have had spectrum about 3 months and my bill went up about 20 dollars for the same thing I had with twc I do not like spectrum and they are going to lose a lot of customers

  • John Sullivan

    Charter/Spectrum agree in writing that my monthly rate would be “$121.33 inc. tax” and that there was a “36 month price guarantee”. After a few months they charged $124.97 and their excuse was that their broadcast TV charge increased. Furthermore they told me that after one year the rate would increase another $15 per month for the box. I filed a complaint with the FCC and asked my US Senator to try to keep this from happening to others. Please don’t do business with them. I will cancel my service soon.

  • LJ

    Since Spectrum bought out Brighthouse the service has gone down the tubes. Features on TV are hard to use and unreliable. Internet has had more outages in a week than years with Brighthouse. In a word GARBAGE!

  • Stephanie D-Wood

    Spectrum/Charter internet is the slowest and one of the most expensive I have delt with. for the 3 play package with spectrum you get phone/cable/ and 60mps internet for about $150 a month. Comcast phone/cable/ and 150mps for $150 a month. Verizon Fios phone/cable/ and 300mps for about $150 per month. Spectrum has horrible connectivity and worse customer service but still try to tout themselves as fast. I wish I could get away from them.

  • Lorraine Scafidi

    I had a time scheduled 4:00-5:00pm at 4:55 technician text 5 minutes away, my son went to 1 entrance and I to the other entrance to wait for him to arrive, and technician never showed up but told his dispatch that we was not home. Now telling me to wait a whole week because they have no open schedule for something that was there fault. Was getting internet because my mother has a pace maker and needs internet to send her heart information in and this is how rhey treat people. Very angry and dissatisfied already!!!

  • gmj

    I HATE spectrum. It is by far the very worse internet/phone/tv/cable network out there. Service is interrupted at least 2-3x a week. They send techs but never do anything but bandaid the problems. They spend ALL THEIR $$ on advertising and have OUTdated equipement that is non functionable. I pay and my service SUCKS!!

  • Savage1701

    Another major cost this article failed to mention is that, at least in my area, if you want to go from 60 down to 100 down, they charge you $100 to literally issue a software command to make that happen. Ridiculous.

    Like others here, my Charter frequently fails on rainy days.

    This article is way too easy on Charter.

  • Gina

    Best internet, cable and phone I could ask for with a very affordable price for all three! I can now speak to my family in Canada for free with the landline. Fast internet and all my channels for the price of one. Thank you Spectrum! Everyone is gonna complain and have opinions like like do ANY stylist or store you go to or go back Into a contract with Direct TV!

  • Laura

    Best services and price. Oh and NO more contract ?

  • Keith

    Wonderful!!!! Just got my bill and I am very satisfied for all three services for 1 affordable price. Highly recommend! No contract and do not plan on ever canceling! Thank you Spectrum.

  • Vincent S

    We got charter a few years ago, had a few problems with equipment which seems to be a regular thing or service as usual, while having the service for 3 years i think the biggest complaint we have had was equipment failure, have to go in exchange box so on,
    Then one day lighting struck a tree in our neighborhood , knock out a few house, the house it hit tore siding off the house and blew the charter box off the wall, long story short with in 3 days everyone on the block was up and running but our house.
    we called service tech came check a lot of things said problem was at pole would have to send them out , they came did something to pole said problem was at house , this went on for over a week every days a new one would show and do something , i asked them is there any way they both could show at same time to work this out ,, said there was no way, they were not the same company which was mind blowing cause they both had charter on the side of truck lol,

    The last tech for house came said there is nothing more they can do it is at pole, so finally we said screw it called ask them to disconnect service, next day i guess they had the pole man showing up again he said he would look at it for the 4th time,
    We told himm no we already called we just want it shut off, the guys house that got struck by lighting is up and running be we are not , he been up running for 3 days, he said i found the problem and fixed it are you sure done wanna keep it, said nope shut it off were going to check out ATT , he said ok,

    Before he left our yard we have a phone line that has nothing to do with charter running to our garage that isnt attached to house line goes across yard about 50 – 75 feet attaches to garage then head to pole, i had my cat 5 cable attached to that phone line , anyways , he cut our phone line left like 8 feet hanging off the back of our house, and took all the rest with him i assume , is no longer in our yard, but my cat 5 cable fell he just left it laying in the yard,
    i excepted nothing less from the type of service we were receiving was insane.

    Anyways like 6 months go by we just said we were done with TV is nothing but the same garbage anyways seems like is on a loop, Had another family member decide she wanted to get her kids Internet, because it is all they use there phone for anyways,

    SO not even 4 days ago we called charter they talked her into TV and Internet, they came out did everything and realized wasnt working go figure said it was at the pole i explained the GIANT mess he said well being an install they will send a pole guy out right away , which blows my mind, maybe i should have just cancel reinstal;led last time to get that type service,
    Anyways they all show up and get it up and running IT IS ON FINALLY

    right before the guy left he said i need to go out and reset it and then i am done, mind you we are watching TV at this very second, he walks outside everything goes off i go out there he isnt there is gone, i was like WTH,
    But i have been paying attention dealing with this junk i feel like i should be on the clock, i opened the box and wouldnt ya know it the line coming off the pole that goes into the box he walked out and disconnected it and close the box and left , so i connected it and service was back on, i had caled before that and told them what happened they said they would send someone out, we had to call after I got it up and running,
    after all this i wasnt upset more like baffled, anyways the VERY next day the main TV cable box went out made some calls blah blah blah found myself going down to charter to exchange another box, i get there give all the info and my ID they wouldnt exchange the box, because i wasnt on the account , at that point is when i got upset , i started thinking is this a real problem for you guys you have some much faulty equipment you have to weed out people coming in off the street trying to exchange broken equipment for new stuff ,, MAKE NO SENSE, my sister the one i am trying to exchange it for, is sick today she has 4 kids i was more less helping her out, i dont care about the TV i dont even watch the junk but it keeps them occupied , anyways i asked the lady if i call a tech will they bring a new box she said yeah but will probably charge you, I was like for what this is on your end , why would you instal with old / broken equipment on a new install anyways, OR is the equipment that bad to where something that was opened the day before doesnt even work,

    You cant make this stuff up, I am not trying to get credit to the account i dont want free service , it would however be nice to get the SERVICE , the basic service that we PAY for, i rent a box that doesnt work, i have to jump through hoops to get it replaced, I am told if call tech it is up to them ,, YES it is UP TO THEM whether they wanna charge you are not,


    SO where do we stand right now, still have not gotten the new or and old box that works, guess will give it another shot tomorrow.

    I was searching reviews to see if this is a common problem, i ran across the BBB and apparently charter is being sued by the federal government in multiple cases for defrauding customers with Internet speed giving
    you pay for one thing but not recieving it ,, so keep watch on your junk

  • Tia Beck Ewert

    They are installing lines in our neighborhood. Today they hit a water line in my yard. Our water tan black gir 10 minutes, we never got full water pressure bad and one toilet is still not working properly. I called them. A supervisor, James, informed me that they aren’t plumbers and won’t come look at the damage the did. They told me they would be happy to google plumbers for me and I can call and have them work and I can pay them. Then I can submit my bill and they may pay some of it. They hit our water main! Why is this even an argument? If this is how they treat potential customers then I fear how they treat you when you already signed up! I am so upset and disappointed. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eee2b590f0ae976edb640f9a1bba640524a8694315347c08c1b747d997ab2559.jpg

  • Nancy Evans

    we here in Newport tn will be getting the new fiber net in a while I sure will be switching my cable bill one hundred sixty a month they will not lower my bill being with charter for years can not wait to change

  • Connor Hayden Lee

    My Xbox cannot join most of the time due to Charter’s crappy internet service. In my area, it goes out when it rains, becomes slower than normal at nighttime, and, even when my Xbox is the only thing on the internet, has a super high latency and causes me to lag/crash.

  • Whitney

    Horrible customer service, unreliable internet service.
    My internet RARELY works. I go to school online so a reliable internet connection is a must for me. Sometimes I have to turn my mobile phone into a hot spot just so I can complete and turn in assignments. Unacceptable. I called to have a technician come look at my equipment but do you know what they did? The “tracker” stated that someone had arrived at my house (2 hours late, by the way) but NO ONE showed up and my equipment never got fixed. Totally unacceptable.

  • Ash

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/59d1bf70920e96914a954b1ed1c37b9a45e6c8a26c728e64c74a5e548ffaf78b.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f5928da526fab845ac39c7658e703c2ccd221f3fc3d87ab7844b9be371c06e9c.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/91e0ae5667b71228491a9478af0b8819b074f17d39461df1a57bfd493d83a5a9.png Its been few months my internet is running so slow or actually not running at all.
    Is this a joke that you provide 60mbps as a starting internet speed?
    And where is the price starting at $29.99.

    I am paying two and a half times of that – $65 for just the internet.

    This is the net speed test today – Upload speed – 9MBPS, download – 5MBPS

    And I also did net speed last month and this is the speed I get
    pload speed – 24MBPS

    I want my money back for this is not the speed I am paying for.

  • Charmaine Cantrell Ushkow

    Three days. Three different service techs and spectrum can’t get our bundle package to work. “Oh well ” is not a solution. Spectrum sucks.

  • Ron

    Do not fall for the buyout scam! What they don’t tell you up front is since Spectrum doesn’t offer wireless they won’t buy out contracts from a wireless provider. i.e.Verizon etc. Don’t get sucked in to the selective advertising scam!! I’ll never spend another dime with these people!!

  • Ashley

    Everything was good the first couple of months. I mean LITERALLY 3 MONTHS IN. and then my bill started changing amounts. I called the customer services center and asked why. I was told it was a late fee and I asked why because I was on automatic payments. I was told it would corrected. Never was corrected. Following month my bill was higher and I spoke with a different representative. They mentioned the same thing. Basically saying that the late fee from the previous month got tacked on to the current month. Also said there was a returned payment fee. Which I haven’t changed cards and I haven’t recieved any notification of anything. So I decided to cancel because of the level of dissatisfaction. Not to mention my WiFi kept going out and I kept having to reset my box. Then when I just wanted to cancel, I couldn’t initially because I couldn’t remember my pin. After several of tries we got it, then on top of that in order for her to take my payment so I could cancel was an additional $5. Kind associates on the phone , but terrible communication and services!!!! ????

  • Queen Of Hearts

    Just realized i’ve been paying for a higher speed than i’ve been receiving for about 2 years.. maybe longer. I was on a “promo deal” $39.99 for 60 mbps. But i have never received those speeds. My download speed was around 7mbps. So this entire time i’ve been paying for 60mbps but have less than 10mbps. I went into the Spectrum local store in Ohio and the lady said i was still “grandfathered in to Time Warner’s coding” whatever that means. They never switched me to a higher speed i’ve been paying for 2years. So she said she raised my speed to 100mbps.. but now i’m only getting 32mbps… and they raised my bill to $44.99. I have had a tech at my house and they told me i needed a new router.. and my speed would increase.. but no one said anything about updating my modem. I have a 2.0 modem that is out dated and can only handle 38mbps. They surely didn’t tell me that though! It is impossible to get 100 mbps on a 2.0 modem.. but they don’t want you to know that! They want you to PAY for 100mbps but your speed is 75% slower than what you are paying for! How do they get away with lying and ripping people off?! I even asked the lady if i needed to update my modem for 100mbps.. If the modem had anything to do with my speed.. and she said she didn’t know… Then she told me straight up that the modem had NOTHING to do with my speed!! Either she thought i was stupid or she works for this company and really knows NOTHING! An outdated modem can not handle these high speeds.. and this is why they are getting SUED by the Attorney General of NEW YORK! Now i have to buy my own 3.0 Modem and router so i can hopefully really get the SPEED i am paying for! But i already know they will raise me next year.. every year they raise your bill saying you were on a “promotion” but they sure don’t tell you that it’s a promotion until they raise you! I hate this company.. we need to break up this MONOPOLY!

  • Rachel B

    Im so done with spectrum. How many times do I need to have my internet go down out of no where. I’m on my last straw and about to switch… every damn day

  • Lisasc

    We have Charter internet (only) with the wifi option. The first year the price was 49.99. After the 1st year, the price was 69.99 and has stayed steady at that rate. We have no problems with it. We are now entering our 4th year. Please note: We do NOT have Spectrum.

  • Keith Schiffner

    data caps. yeah if you use a phone, but it’s the most UNSTABLE ISP I’ve yet seen and their servers run most of montana…it screws with the hospitals, both civilian and government like Indian Health Services facilities. Not to mention for any decent speed they are the ONLY game in town. Talk about monopoly.

  • Steve Davison

    It’s hard to threaten to switch when, for example in Rochester, NY the only option is Spectrum or crappy DSL.

    • Anon

      My friend has Frontier for $30 and she said it works fine. I’d rather pay less and probably get what I’m paying for than pay more for pretty much nothing. Spectrum said I was getting 100mbps for $65, I was paying $80 for 4mbps that kept dropping out and getting me blocked from sites like Hulu or from the internet all together.

  • CJ

    Customer Retention? HA! My bill increased $30+ a month because my “Promotion” was up. Can’t even talk to someone locally. I went to the Philippines then transferred to California. They told me I could leave them for 30 days and come back to get the $29.99 BUNDLE package. Beware of the Bundle. Why would you have a customer leave and maybe come back. They are not very Customer friendly. $150.00 a month is just not workable for Social Security recipients. On to other options because they only care about you for a yr.

  • Rachel

    Spectrum community not worth the hassle especially if you plan on using a device like a PS4 to watch shows or for online gameplay. The routers do not communicate well with those devices and customer services is not worth the phone call.

  • Eric Bentsen

    You can’t find what their prices are for anybody but new customers on their website.

  • Eric Bentsen

    The most I get out of my 15/1 plan from TWC is 24.5/2.4 on Spectrum. Strange to see I’ve been fully upgraded, not.

  • Eric Bentsen

    Is it time to replace my 10/100 NIC cards from 10 years ago?

  • L Kevin Coleman

    I’m in south Louisiana and the service I’ve had for quite a few years now is for 2 phone lines at 19.99 each and internet at 47.99. However, internet speed max’s at 17.5mbps and ofter dips far lower, and at that price I should be receiving 60. I called to fix that and went through 3 different people: first a tech, who switched me to sales (who didn’t know why) who switched me back to tech (a different person than the first tech). This person agreed that I should receive 60 and arranged to have it “fixed”, said I would be contacted by a field tech that day and I would be up’ed to 60 by that evening.

    No one called, no one came. The next day another sales rep with sweet, honeyed voice called me to say that, so sorry, I have an “old” package, badeep, badop, badoop about their “package” this and that, which was how they operated, and I could get 100mbps + 1 phone line at 19.99 total 84.99 – but I needed that second phone line (fax) so 104.98. Wait I said, I only wanted 60mbps, which per their advertising is what I was paying for. Oh, she said, the price for internet only at 60mbps was 64.99, not including phone. As bad as buying a car: So the price of 60mbps was the same as 100mbps, and that was 50% more than their advertised price. But that was the currect “package” and I had old “package,” etc., etc.

    Note to comments below about suing Spectrum for false advertising: Forget it. There’s an arbitration clause buried in the fine print TOS we “agree” to which says we can’t sue them, can’t bring a class action, must go to arbitration (all of which has been approved by the US Supreme Court). State attorney general? If you live in CA or MA, maybe (big “maybe”). Pretty much elsewhere: bought and paid for by large corporate interests.

  • Tony Baxter

    I never thought I would have to leave a negative review about spectrum considering my experience I’ve had with comcast. Compared to comcast, charter has better deals (at least in the area I live). We recently had purchased a puppy in which had chewed the modems’ power cable. So I figured “hey why call spectrum with the possibility I would have to schedule and wait to get a simple power cable?” So I decided to go up to the store which isn’t more than 3 miles away. Went up to the store and asked them for a new cable. To my luck they had no more cables to give out so the guy said he would send a technician out to replace the cable no problem. so they got a technician to come out that day. Well after all said and done my next statement showed up $45, more than what I was expecting. Which by the way the amount due wasn’t adding up on the statement presented. Called spectrum to find out what was going on and the guy was telling me that there was a charge for the technician to come out and replace the cord. I was never told that they were going to charge me that much for a technician to come out to replace a power cord to the modem I could have replaced myself. Sure wouldn’t have cost me $45 to do. I then mentioned to the billing department that I was never told by the company nor the technician there would be a $45 charge to the bill. If there ever was a mention of $45 charge I can assure you I would have never told them to waste their time coming out to replace a simple power cord. Well after discussing the issue with them that I was willing to pay my bill but NOT willing to pay the $45 charge they said well it would carry on to the next bill and the possibility of my service being interrupted. After mentioning to them that if I was aware and agreed to the charge then I would proudly pay it But obviously wasn’t. I then tried to explain to them that I’m willing to keep their service and pay my bills with the exception that they do something about the $45. Well they then mentioned to me that they can NOT waive that fee and that only the technician can do that. So I began to come to the conclusion that the technician was just trying to get paid. I was told that the technician doesn’t get paid that way, but by the company. which further makes me wonder then why aren’t they able to waive the fee? I have a deal locked in with them for two years in which after the 2 years is up they would have required $1200 from me BUT they rather make a big deal about $45 charge and risk losing out on $1200 over a $45 fee they NEVER mentioned to me. The point I want to make here is that there is nothing worse than a company who is willing to lose out on more business, more money over something so minuscule and treat their customers like trash. That is not the sort of service I want my money supporting. To make matters worse, there is an ordinance in the community that you can not have satellites and that ONLY cable is permitted. Well, spectrum is the only cable service available in this community which I’m beginning to think that isn’t coincidence. So while agreeing to pay my bill due for their service (because I have no choice) I’m going to more than likely have service interruptions over a lousy and ridiculous fee which was never mentioned nor agreed upon. It may sound ridiculous to some but I’m even now considering of moving so that I may have an option of which company I desire to do business with. Absolutely ridiculous! I can NOT stress enough, that I am someone who will pay whatever I agree upon with no hesitation nor obligation. With that being said I get treated as if my business with them is of NO importance to them. What a degrading and disrespectful experience to have with spectrum. Comcast at least understood that working with customers would benefit them financially in the long run.

  • Rochelle Abrandnewme Hill

    How long does spectrum give you after your due date to pay bill

  • Lorenzo Giozzo

    Spectrum has actually maanged to do something rather unbelievable and prior to actuallly witnessing it, I would have never in a million years believed. They are by far worse than TWC, who up until this sketchy, lying and impossible to speak to a supervisor gang of bullies; was the most incompetent and horrible company I have ever had the unpleasant experiencde of dealing with. Must love monopolies!

  • Hank

    Spectrum internet only is a really bad deal at th price they charge after 2 years. ($64.95) Considering it’s a monopoly in my area, that’s extortion. Either pay their high rate or do without the internet. As a senior citizen on a fixed income, I would say that’s both unethical and immoral. I never get the advertised speed on a consistent basis either. SPECTRUM IS A MEAN COMPANY!!!!

  • Vae Jones

    Waiting 10 mins for my box to reset since every couple of days it tells me something is wrong with my dvr. Get kicked from games cause i have no network connection even tho I’m running a 100 and every time a tech comes out and runs a test it says the problem must be on my end. Best internet in town…when it actually works right which is VERY rare.

  • Paula

    Don’t bother with Spectrum Internet. It is the old bait and switch swindle. They try to get you to sign up and connect you with a group in Pakistan, then double the price.

  • Anon

    Spectrum was an absolute nightmare. I was originally with Time Warner and only had 50mbps a month for like $40. I moved 2 months ago and I couldn’t get online for a few days. Finally a tech comes out to get my internet working. It’s really really slow and keeps disconnecting. They thought maybe it was the older router I got from TW so they sent me a new one, didn’t resolve the problem. They told me I was still a Time Warner Legacy plan and if I upgraded to their 100mbps plan (slowest plan they have) that it’d resolve the problem. I was told it’d cost me $65. That did not resolve the problem plus they were billing me $80 a month. I found out it was literally only 4mbps. I was dealing with them via Twitter, phone and techs coming out. They kept blaming my laptop but that doesn’t explain my printer not connecting and my Roku dropping signal constantly. One tech told me I had to go replace all of my electronics because mine sucked. First off my electronics are new and work fine and I have a high end computer for work. That’s really rude and inappropriate. Over the weekend I was getting messages that said “your internet is blocked” and then when I was trying to use services like Hulu on any device it told me I was using an anonymous proxy and blocked me from watching things. I switched to another service and it’s almost the speed they promised me for almost $20 less. Today I dropped off the equipment and closed my account with Spectrum before my new billing cycle starts tomorrow.

  • William Milcarsky

    Did Spectrum just jack up your rates? Did you cancel portions of your service to save money? Well great news! They will charge you the new jacked up rate on the following bill anyway and then tell you there is no way to refund your money! Isn’t that awesome! How in the world do you expect return business if this is the way you treat your customers? Their start up rates are great for sure, but don’t be fooled. Those will change after 12 months because your “no contract” plan is really a 12 month promotional contract. These people are con artists. Do NOT trust them!

  • autosick

    I have been continuously subscribed to Time Warner internet for 26 years, since they first came to Columbus. Spectrum now provides the “service.” The first thing they did was send a truck to disconnect me at the pole. The man on the pole told me I was not subscribed as his GPS shows my home was not the number on the house, mailbox or signpost. Do these idiots really think anyone would put phony numbers on their home to get free internet? Is this how Spectrum uses our monthly payment, to send people of questionable intelligence to disconnect loyal customers? How does an internet company have bogus GPS data? Time to shop for better service!

  • Julia Emerson

    Spectrum is the worst!!! By the time you get your invoice, you are ALREADY LATE!!! What kind of sense does that make! I moved and they cancelled my online account so that I had no access to it any longer. Exactly one week later, they took out an unauthorized fee because I didn’t return the equipment yet. Do you really think I can get to that in one week after moving?! They don’t even give you 30 days to return the equipment. I did not authorize them to go into my account and take whatever they wanted!
    Even though I called them and told them I would be sending the money, the date they would get the money, they still shut off my internet. They do this EVERY time! It’s like they go into your account and set a shut off if they don’t have the money first thing on that day! I went into my bank account and it showed that the check was cashed. They don’t care! They forced us to make a payment online to restore service and they charged us $5 to do it!!!
    They have the worst customer service, bill processing department and products ever! I’m forced to use Spectrum because there is no other company that I can have service where I live!

  • Hank

    This is all a bunch of hooey! Your rates will triple after 2 years and nobody will offer you a damn thing! Spectrum extorts high fees because they’re a monopoly in many areas. Somebody needs to sue them for anti trust laws. GARBAGE COMPANY!!

    • Elaine Grider

      They are trying to charge me more money after I got rid of them in 2011 so after 7 yrs they want more money but i paid them off but they are saying if i dont have prove they get to collect again beware of charter dont use them.

  • Vae Jones

    Box resets while I’m watching the telly is awesome. Dvr still works when it wants and get booted offline often, if they pretty much weren’t the only rodeo in town I’d leave.

  • Lynn Wright

    I am so disappointed with the s service. My box freezes & glitches every day & when I called to have it replaced I was told they would charge me for a technician to come out. Now I have to pay $150 a month for a box that doesn’t even work & pay even more for technical service! I do not recommend Charter!

  • Sue Fritz

    I have not had any problems with data cap phone calls or issues with Charter internet only service in Roswell, GA. However, they won’t give the advertised price (currently $44.99 for 100 mbps service) for new customers because I’m an existing customer. I’ve had internet only for 7 years, and been a customer for 30 years, but that means nothing to them. I’m paying $64.99 and they would have left me at 60 mbps service forever if I hadn’t spent 2 hours on the phone arguing until I got to a supervisor, who gave me the 100 mbps service but kept me at $64.99. There really is no better choice here. Billing is reliable, service has been generally good. I would recommend Charter Spectrum because they’re better than the companies they bought and evolved from and because my friends with Comcast have worse service and support. Come on Google, come to my area!

  • No name

    I had a really bad moment with a charter representative today. I have less than a month with internet and cable. I called to disconnect the cable. The price for internet was 44.99, but if i disconnect the cable the price would be 64.99 for the internet. Just because I try the cable and decided to cancel it I have to pay 64.99, I think that was very unfair, the price should be 44.99 for 12 months.

  • No name

    I had a bad moment with a charter representative today. I have internet and cable for less than a month. I called to cancel the cable. The price for internet only was 44.99, if I cancel cable the price for internet would be 64.99. Just because I try the cable and decided to cancel I have to pay 64.99, when it’s supposed to be 44.99 for 12 months, I think that is very unfair.

  • SABRE546

    Good internet when it works. Seems to go down a lot even though they usually never admit they are having problems. When all your neighbors are having same issues I know it’s not my equipment. I would choose some other provider if we had options

  • blue eyes

    I think charter is really good. 120 bucks a month for cable with showtime,cinamax and hbo. Top that off with reliable high speed internet. I might be a lifer.

  • Vae Jones

    DVR is just about worthless. At least 2 times a week ” something isn’t working quite right.” Getting super old but I’ll just keep the reviews coming.

  • blue eyes

    120 a month and that was just for tv. No service during a rainstorm or getting snow on the dish. They have a good dvr and that’s it.
    Directv is for rich people who don’t know better.

  • Vae Jones

    It’s Saturday and like most Saturday’s in the last year i have to reset my box cause of the DVR which is still just about worthless.

  • Mo Lababidi

    Thanks a lot spectrum 44.99$ a month promise 100Mbps and delivers this

  • CableTVHater

    I am from the west coast and we had Comcast. i can tell you, without hesitation, that Spectrum is horrible. They say they improved from Time Warner, but they still really, really stink. Online services to watch TV rarely work. Cannot watch shows on demand the day after they air (have to wait many days). Cannot watch shows older than about 6 episodes. Basically, you have to DVR everythign you might ever, possibly want to watch. They are really, the very worst. Their on tv menu’s are horrible and very difficult to manuever and customer serivce is pretty non-existent. I hate living in TX and having such horrible cable options. I have never received a decent respond to any of my complainst to Spectrum.

  • Diego M

    This review is not 100% accurate. I have also read some of the comments below some people do have bad experiences its understandable. I live in southern California and I have ULTRA through spectrum. My internet speeds are rated at 400 Mbps. I have never had an issue when downloading games on my PC or Xbox. I am always reaching 375 Mbps easily when downloading while other people in the house are streaming or surfing the internet. I love my internet speed and I would suggest people give their internet service a try. It beats anything Comcast(Xfinity), ATT, Frontier Fios, or any other companies have out there.

  • Teresa Nix

    I’ve been a Charter customer for over 20 years, TV and internet (once they started offering internet). I have called them 3 times asking how I can lower my bill and they could not help me do that. As a senior citizen with a chronic illness, I can’t afford the nearly $200 a month TV/internet price they charge. The internet portion of my bill was $48 monthly. I let go of my premium channels first (I only had two), then I cut the TV off altogether. They raised my internet to $65 a month. I told the lady on the phone that it’s a shame that new customers are offered such wonderful deals, but 20+ year customers are given no reason to stay with Charter. She was silent. From what I’m reading, no other ISP would be any better. So they have us with no choices. What’s a person with a limited income to do? I guess put up an antenna and get four channels…..

  • RetiredNavy

    I agree totally that $69 for basic internet is a ripoff. TWC was replaced by Spectrum here in Ohio, and Spectrum refused to deal with me for basic internet only. This March my fee jumps from ca. $45 to $64 plus; online blogs tell me to expect another increase in a year?! To talk to a rep, I had to call tech support and ask to be transferred to billing, as they are so swamped with calls that initially I had to schedule a call back from billing 27 hours (the next day) after my call. Online blogs explain this obvious monopoly is using legalese to not be sued for being a monopoly. Time to bury our state career politicians with letters to correct this thievery – we are captive audiences because of their apathy.

  • Mark T

    Love this article. LOL. Read ” available in very select areas”. My local Spectrum offers the 100mbps Internet at $64.99 after February 2018 $5 price increase. Lesser Mbps plans no longer offered. Spectrum rep said only 100mbps or higher plans are offered. A 100mbps plan makes no sense if you are sole user at home. I was just fine with Netflix and other video streaming service at 25mbps. 100mbps is overkill for me. CenturyLink has 60mbps DSL fiber optic for $45 plus taxes. Previously I both concurrently for a while. I will be moving back to CenturyLink and cutting the cable cord. Yuma, AZ. Good luck to all.

  • Bob

    wait untill they mess up your payment and don’t send you a email or anything to tell you it did’nt go through it becomes a nightmare they suck to work with to try in fix a problem.They suck shit !!!!

  • Frank

    Spectrum DVR is a waste of money. It’s broken and continually does not work.

    This means that when you schedule your programs for recording, they may or may not record.

    The recording process is cumbersome and not nearly as smooth as DirecTV, but you can live with that. What you cannot live with is the dropping out of your scheduled recordings, especially on series. This has been going on for a long long time and Spectrum just does not have the intelligent manpower to fix it.

    You will be frustrated ever time you miss a movie or weekly episode of your favorite shows.

    It also reboots o a regular basis, and that will leave a few minutes out of the program too.

    Tom Rutledge, how about hiring DirecTV to fix your problems since you are not capable of it?

  • Derek Prothero

    Yeah, this whole thing about guaranteed speeds is false. At least it has been for me. I’ve been a Charter customer for fifteen years now. I started with what, at that time, was their lowest speed of 20 MB, and usually only got around ten. So I upgraded to 50 MB, and only got around twenty at the best of times. Never have I gotten what I paid for. That, and there’s constant outages in my area. If we had fiber here, I’d switch in a heartbeat. But unfortunately, Charter is the fastest service my area.

  • chesterv

    Spectrum/Charter sucks!!!

    I had Time Warner for many years and only had TWO issues come up during the 10+ years I had them. And when I called about these two issues, they were handled and rectified immediately. I also had lost my job a couple of times during these years of service, and Time Warner happily lowered my bill for a year so I wouldn’t have to cancel out my internet service!!!!

    Now that Spectrum/Charter has taken over, I’m having all sorts of lag, time delay problems, all sorts of “stutters” online and even some freeze ups.

    And on top of this, my bill jumped from $55 to $70 since Charter bought out Time Warner! I called to see about getting a lower rate of some kind, and I was told I was able to get the special that was running that month, with was $44.99 for the package I have. Thats almost $30 LESS a month, which is what I wanted.
    I told them thats what I want and to switch over my plan to this adjusted rate.

    A month went by and I got my current bill, which showed an INCREASE in my rate, not a DECREASE!!!!
    I called them back and was told “You aren’t able to get any deals with us”.


    Lousy service, horrific “customer service”, and sub-standard internet.

    Two tin cans and some string would work better than this outrageous, overpriced garbage!

  • Denise

    Charter/Spectrum in Crescent City, CA starts out at your price “quotes” but after 12 months it goes up. I pay 69.99 a month for internet alone. Also, I get highspeeds only part of the time. Usually, and I mean daily, around 4 or 5, it drops to 3.1 mbps downloads, and like 1. upload. Sometimes I can unplug my modem and after I wait a few seconds, plug it back in and get higher speeds, like 50 to 100. But that does not always work. I can also switch to another server, in a closer location, but that doesn’t work either. If they had any competition, their service would probably be better. But I would try the other company for sure.

  • denise

    I use speedtest, and continually get low speeds in the evenings, say, after 4pm on:(

  • Jake Kissel

    Spectrum has got to be the worst internet provider around. Works half the time and they won’t fix it. DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE FROM THESE AWFUL PEOPLE!!!

  • Gail Bailey


  • Tim Salikhov

    Spectrum kept sending us their Promo’s of contract buyout and $59 a month bundle. I call them, the rep says yes, sign up, get this bundle, and then call later to customer service to get your final bill with ETF taken cared of once you connect the service. I call them to get the ETF taken cared of, they tell me you are not eligible with this bundle, and it must’ve been done in 10 days after connection. I tell their “Dexter” rep that it was their agent who signed me up for this bundle that he said is eligible for contract buyout and that i only received the final bill from previous provider, and no one told me it has to be done in 10 days after connection. No matter what I said, the rep just tried to weasel out of the contract buyout promo. Finally said I will raise it up with supervisor to listen to our recorded conversation with the agent at signup and see if they can fix this. Bait and Switch scheme, guys! Don’t fall for it. Spectrum is lying and cheating just to get you to sign up.

  • Ann Ericson

    This is nothing but an ad for Charter-spectrum. I don’t know about any of these so-called deals. I paid $5/month for modem and $69.99 for JUST internet and I had to reset the modem at LEAST once a day. I’m now stuck going to another monopoly – Comcast and the salesguy was AGGRESSIVE talking me down from their lower plans.

  • Mom

    I like TimeWC customer service better and their Internet was much more
    stable… SPECTRUM I only want to cuss at them extremely poor service
    their internet speeds are poor and goes off line all the time on a daily
    basis. Spectrum is too busy trying to grab new business to take care of
    the customers they currently have.
    SAD that is what the USA has to offer.

  • Evis Terpollari

    Worst Monopoly ever … totall thievs and scam artists

  • Sandra Day

    Their basic internet package just internet for me is $64.99 just went up this month that is 2oMB down 2.5MB up.

  • jerry bigness

    We have the Spectrum 100mbps Internet, and are not getting a third of it! It kicks devices off if they are idle for a period of time, and throttles at night. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eecfd368ccb74aebfaa1d83c2b1ef1d9a0f68f8aff025edd5e4e4296f389a699.png

  • Joshua

    Fun fact. Spectrum doesn’t care if you demand a lower price or say you’ll switch.

    Source: I had this call with them earlier this week, and have set my services to cancel at the end of this month (at which point I’ll actually be switching, rather than just threatening).

    On the bright side, Google’s almost to my neighborhood, so I’ll be able to never look back at this shit.

  • Susan

    If you’re thinking of subscribing to Spectrum TV Choice, think twice. The price is very appealing at $21.99/month. I already had Spectrum for my internet service, so I decided to try it on the 7 day free trial. Note: you must also purchase a Roku stick to make it work ($50.00). The offer states that you get all the local channels plus an additional 10 channels that you get to choose. When I called to find out how to pick those channels, I found out that I was being billed for an upgraded streaming package at $34.99 per month and after speaking to 4 customer service reps, they finally fixed the billing and figured out how to pick those channels. Then, I learned that price of my internet service had increased by $20.00 per month because I added this new service. WHAT??? When I asked the supervisor if I had been penalized for upgrading my service, he responding YES!!! Because I had changed my service, my previous internet service would never return to the previous rate. He even agreed that I would have to go to another provider to get a lower rate, which is EXACTLY what I did for 1/2 of the Spectrum rate. I went back to my HDMI antenna which is free and Sling for internet streaming for $20.00/month. There is a reason that cable companies are losing business….greed and unethical business practices and consumers are sick of it!

  • Tina Yarbrough

    For the promotion of $29.99 each for TV, Internet, and Voice per month, how many TV’s are included in this bundle?

  • smartmouth1

    Charter in my area is horrible. Between 11-6pm , and 10pm after in the weekends it’s unusable, my modem drops every 5-10 minutes. For some times only get like 2 minutes of usage after waiting 10 minutes for my modem to start back up. But when it works, for the few moments it does, it works good. And just to let you guys know, I have an arris sb6190 that I purchased that has 32*8 channels, with a wrt32x router ( an ac2600 mpbs) so my hardware as the problem, it’s not. I keep calling charter, and all they did they would come to my house, tell me I have a bad signal, and said that they fixed it, but never did. On the last call in, I got charged. Thankfully they refunded my charge, so the customer service dept from them is good. But Honestly, for the amount I’m paying, I’m probably really only paying for 20 hours of internet use per month. Until that is fixed, I would avoid charter like the plague.Unfortunately, charter is my only option in my area, but honestly I’d rather cancel at this point and just use the free WiFi at the library, since I’d get more usage of the internet that way anyways.

  • Jake Smith

    60Mbps? In Austin the minimum is 200Mbps thanks to them for upgrading everyone in December. There are no data caps. Their modems are clearly listed on their website. Not sure why you all think $80/mo is expensive for internet. Well, it might be expensive, but it makes perfect sense from Spectrum’s perspective. Why would they, as a cable TV company, give you cheap internet to get your content somewhere else?

  • Ann Perkins

    Lost internet and tv
    They came to put the cable in the ground today , I have no internet or t.v. they said they can’t come back to fix it till tomorrow 5 – 6 pm. I think they need to hire some help we are paying for something we don’t have !! We are not happy campers.

  • HiJinks

    An OK review, but lacking (could be to Spectrum’s reluctance to pass out information). I have been a TWC customer for years and never had many real complaints. TWC CS has always been helpful and courteous. Since the merger, while still courteous, not always helpful (lack of training?). The article says you can negotiate with Spectrum. Not true anymore and has not been for a few years. Also, package deals are not available to existing customers. I have just 50Mbps internet and Standard Cable I am paying Spectrum’s top-dollar for the service (3 rate hikes in the past year)! Since I did not have their phone service, I tried to get the 3 for $90 package and they would not do it as I am an existing customer. If I were to drop the TV part of the service, I’d end up paying $65/mo. for 50Mbps internet (which only provides around 32Mbps over wi-fi (343Mbpsmodem and 343Mbps router on all devices (newer capable of faster speeds than 32Mbps)). ATT is their only competition where I live and they are ridiculous IMO. Many of the neighbors got roped in when they laid fiber in our neighborhood and now are locked in for the duration of those 2 year contracts that they plan on dropping after the 2 years. Spectrum knows this and is probably the reason they won’t negotiate. I looked into the various streaming packages and I have at least two problems. One, my wife loves to watch the Hallmark channel. Only 2 streaming packages offer – SlingTV with their “pay-extra” Life-style package and ATT owned DirectTV Now. With Sling to get the few channels I watch, a couple are in the Orange and a couple of others are in the Blue. By the time you add on the cost of those packages and the fees I’m right back at the cost of what I am paying now (within a couple of dollars). The second problem is my wife is not a technical person. She likes to sit down, pick up the remote, turn the TV on and then punch in the channel number. Handling something like a Roku is too much of a complexity for her. Scanning down a list of programs trying to find the one she wants to watch is over the top – especially when she would be changing channels – she watches a half-dozen channels and knows the channels numbers – just punch it in. When TWC required those DTA boxes, it took her a couple of weeks to get used to the remote (turning off the DTA instead of the TV and vice-versa then calling me to say she couldn’t get the TV to work and was missing her show.). That second problem is another reason why Spectrum has a “captive” audience, older people (retired) tend to have problems handling the technology. The apps used for streaming – like the Roku, Smart TVs, etc. leave a lot to be desired. Plus they tend to have glitches, some have long “load/start” times, Spectrum’s app times out after 2 hours (some smart TVs let you record – via USB to an external HD (like a DVR) and you find that ball game or 3 hour TV movie interrupted with a “Press OK to continue).
    Back on topic, one last point. When I went to the Spectrum store a couple of weeks ago and asked why I wasn’t getting that 100Mbps speed they were advertising that every customer was now getting, I was told it only applied to former Charter customers, not former TWC customers. When I asked about switching to the “Charter” plan, I was told my bill would jump up $15 or $20 dollars.

  • mo

    evryone here will go with another company and have the same problems, ive worked for them all no company is perfect. Most people are mad because they expect a promo rate every year, how can a company make money if they continue to discount you how doest hat make business sense duhhh.

  • Scribble


  • ggtz

    Worst company I ever had to deal with. I have a final bill of $2 and I can’t pay it online, nor over the phone. And to speak with someone to take my payment they want to charge me $5. No thank you I’m glad I switched to another company.

  • James Childress

    After all promotional prices end, the fee is $64.99 a month for a little more than 60mbps(usually get 65/5 service). They don’t offer 100 mbps in my area.

  • Gus Blessing

    Is the modem/router combination recommended in the article not being compatible with IPv6 a concern? If so, could someone provide an alternative recommendation?

  • Rodney

    Yeah, except spectrum has PAID OFF your legislators……and mine.

  • Joanne Shankel

    I have used time warner for 30+ years and each year I would call and negotiate a price close to what I was paying (had package deal) but this year when I called “spectrum” to renegotiate a price I was told by a representative my current price was continued thru next April 2019. When my bill came it was $10 higher. After numerous phone calls to several different supervisors. I was told that all they could do was “counsel” the person who gave me the price and couldn’t honor the price I was quoted. When I told them that I was cutting the cord if they can’t honor a workers quoted price I was basically told by a supervisor “oh well”. Unfortunately I still need an internet plan and they are the only one in my area. It disgusts me to pay this company one more penny but what can I do. I hate monopolies!

  • Koter alexous

    The ONLY thing REAl about this article are these comments! Spectrum SUCKS!!!! They increase your bill without notification. The bill randomly, I have even had them commit to one price and then bill another! DO NOT USE THEM!

  • fisherofman

    The Cable industy is a MONOPOLY and Spectrum in Charlotte NC is the biggest of all Crooked Monopolies. We should be doing something about this abuse. I get only Wifi so the promised me $29.99 but it was not for two years but went up in one year to 44.99. Today they announced they are charging 64.99 for wifi. I hope somebody sues them or we get some competion. Let us all go over to Google Fiber as soon as they get up and running. I promise I am. AT&T is just too slow to stream so forget them. Hopefully they will join in the competition.

  • Sidney Hines

    Spectrum was out in Tampa from Monday to Friday and when it is up half the time the internet runs very slow and the tv pix elates. Spectrum HD DVR only records 2 shows at a time Frontier’s records 6

  • Bingo

    WOW…Glad I read all the feedback !!! I’m staying put ! Read the fine print !

  • Teddy Jurjen

    Ok charter what’s the deal with we value our customers but we are going to charge you more been a customer for 8 years never missed a payment and basically get told pay more for the same service or not have it very disappointed in your logic

  • George Hopper

    I have been using Spectrum internet for four years now. I have had NO problems whatsoever. I have the Ultra and the speeds have been as advertised. I have had no down time at all. Best service I have had.

  • Allen

    Spectrum TV is the worst Internet TV provider I have ever had slowest internet and half the time the TV channels don’t even work.

  • Allen

    Spectrum TV is the worst internet cable provider I’ve ever had slowest internet I’ve ever had and half the time the TV channels don’t even work

  • Cat Cala

    I have had service for a whole 10 days and I think I have been on the phone to them at least every day, sometimes multiple times a day trying to fix their screw ups. Half that time it hasn’t worked. The modem quit functioning after 2 days, they have me in multiple accounts after screwing up the first time and not properly closing the wrong accounts so I keep getting bills, one a $300 equipment charge cos they say I didn’t return it – duh I just got the equipment! They have tried fixing that 3 times now. Another account they set up wrong not closed out so they try sending me $186 bills on, oh btw I live in a trailer park where we get tv and internet free from Spectrum so not supposed to have any bills! All this in just 10 days. If I could afford to go back to Allo I would but the park just upped our rent $60 a month (our “free” internet and tv??). Allo was perfect for the year I had them and I’m still keeping my phone service from them. Horrible, horrible company. Always different stories from each agent about problems and all wrong so far.

  • Susan

    They are way to expensive. They never even give you any notification that your bill is going to double the following month. My bill is now $200 a month. I called them and asked for some kind of reduction in service to lower my bill. They said there was no other plan to reduce to. And that I was welcomed to go elsewhere. Well I’m going elsewhere.

  • Susan

    They are the worst company I’ve ever delt with. Raised my bill up twice as much it was without warning. Asked what was going on. They said my promotion had ended and they had to raise it. To 200 a month. I told them to reduce my service. They inform me there was no other plan to reduce to. Not even just internet and t.v.. It wouldn’t make a difference. I told them I will have to go to another service. They said well you have to do what makes you happy. What a piece of Crap oof a company. With service like this they won’t last long.

  • rtpal14

    I used to like CHARTER. I have been with them for over 20 years. Their speeds were great for a very reasonable price and with surprisingly good customer service. I gave them high marks. However, their recent buyout by SPECTRUM has created a terrible email/internet service. First, their prices have increased a couple of times to where it is now excessive and unacceptable. I’m moving soon so I’m waiting until then to change. Second, they changed their email settings so that deleted emails are only kept three days before being permanently deleted off the server. THREE DAYS!! You used to be able access deleted emails up to a month before they were gone. Unbelievable! Finally, not surprisingly, their customer service has gone downhill. I tried to get a supervisor to explain why this does not occur with a computer app (deleted email lasts up to a month) but it does the exact same three day hold on the exact same emails on my android email app. She kept regurgitating the same response about different servers. Their speeds are great but the service and price is not worth it. I strongly suggest using Gmail or a similar email client and obtaining another internet provider…anyone but SPECTRUM.

  • Carrie Amelia

    I currently have spectrum. I have internet only. I pay $79 a month. When I had time Warner before the buy out I loved our service. We never had issues. The last 6 months or so has been horrible. We’ve called tech support numerous times. We have slow internet despite paying for lightening speeds. Multiple connection and buffering issues. And after two hours on the phone and six customer service reps today alone I have given up and signed a contract with at&t. That’s enough spectrum.

  • Pamela Duncan

    Prior to May 1, 2018 we had Spectrum Internet with router and modem. Very few problems and out monthly cost was around $70.00. Approx mid April we were informed that the apt. communtiy was going to Spectrum Community WiFi and we had no choice. Was not allowed to keep modem and router and could not pay what I was normally paying to keep it. 55.00/mo was added to our rent. WiFi device is situated in our apartment and there are approx. 16 users on this one device. I have very little control over my computer. Printer properties will show sometimes 4 wireless printers that are showing up on my printer. Antivirus, device manager, and multiple other programs that I scheduled and ran myself are now run by Microsoft and Spectrum. I do not feel comfortable accessing my banking online. I have contacted the FCC and provided them with documentation so we will see if that helps. RUN AWAY FROM COMMUNITY WIFI!!!!!!!

  • David R. Smith

    Another consumer watch dog / reviewer organization sleeping with Spectrum.

    PS ..be surprised they allow this to be posted.

    • Maria Hansen

      Hi David! We love surprises. We also know Spectrum is the only option for some people…

  • disqus_36wcTvOsq9

    My wifi router had been working fine, but recently lost Internet access. Spectrum’s website says “We do not support non-Spectrum provided WiFi-enabled Internet modem or routers”. Have they made a change to their service that somehow keeps it from working with non-spectrum routers? Is my only option to pay $5/mo for their wifi option?

  • cablevis

    Thanks Sir For Sharing Great Post. Keep It Up Sharing Awesome Post.

  • Anthony Thompson

    Their upload speeds are anemic. Why no mention of that in this review??? Backup of files often stall; it’s annoying and very time-consuming.

  • Anthony Thompson

    What if there is no other company to *switch* to? Then what? Charter has a monopoly in many areas.

  • Jessica Rinker

    I hate putting negative stuff out on anything but… Why would Spectrum spend out workers that would even think of kicking at a little dog that’s barking. I told him not to kick at my dog he just smirked at me and kept kicking at him and left. He didn’t do a dang thing here to fix my internet. I waited 3days for the appointment. I’ve talked to 2 different customer service reps and his supervisor. I was assured it would be dealt with and they would send someone out still today.
    It’s now 5:30pm, my first appointment window was 9-10am. I have not heard anything since 11:30am. This is horrible customer service. And without installing a dish or putting in phone lines they are my only option .
    I highly recommend not using them if you have the option to choose another company.

  • fred

    We really owe a debt of gratitude to Spectrum technicians for messing up our customer’s networks during installation. It doesn’t cost them anything to mess things up and we only benefit when we’re called into fix the problems they’ve created. Gosh!! It’s a WIN-WIN!
    In the olden days with Centurytel, the tech’s would *NOT* mess with the internal network but this approach seems to not be a rule for Spectrum. I can reasonably say that a visit from Spectrum will result in a service call for us around 80% of the time to clean things up and get things running again.
    I view this as an awkward attempt at being helpful. The company rules should preclude well-meaning “help”. But then, how is one to sell a new router if they don’t mess with the internal network?
    It’s so easy to diss the old system when there’s nobody there who can understand the jargon (and the BS).

    I regularly see the internal subnet addresses changed by Spectrum tech’s. Of course, they have no idea if there are printers, etc. with static IP addresses. So then things just don’t work and they have no real idea why they don’t.

    A word to the wise: Call your regular network / computer tech BEFORE Spectrum shows up and maybe even have them there at the same time. It will be less disruptive, less painful and quicker that way. And, it may be less expensive than the alternative!

  • Jamie Duggan

    THE WORST!! Internet service not bad. Company has the most construed processes I’ve ever seen. I received my final bill… total date due by 07/26/2018. Was generated 07/04/2018. Guess when they sent it to collections. 07/05/2018!! The day after it was generated and before the freaking due date! This was my final bill due to a move. Was advised to wait for the next bill that would have prorated and adjustment. Never again will I go with this company.

  • Frederic Rushing

    The article is not true. I do not get what I am paying for. I pay for 400 and lucky if I get 300. Once they got it to 350and claimed it was within range. So no this article is not true at all

  • Lucinda Harnden

    Not a fan, had internet for $49.99 raised price $20 after 1 year and I have no other options – they have no low income options so now I pay $70 a month for internet because I pay or don’t have internet – cant use ATT (long story) but dislike them even more

  • Arch Stanton

    I pay for a premium speed and it is ticking me off that my modem is reset DAILY.
    It is not overheating, no conflicts and I bridged it so all I am using is the connection along with my own equipment and security.

    I cannot prove it but I believe these idiots reset their connections to kick off people to save bandwidth despite you paying for it.

    They do the same things with their rented boxes when you get that message in the middle of the night that you have to press a button to continue watching whatever you are watching.

    DON’T provide a service if you can’t handle the need.
    I PAY for 200 speed and no matter what the hell I am doing you need to maintain that 24/7 because I am PAYING for 24/7

    There are no squirrels running across lines or lightning storms to interrupt my service.
    All it is is you morons resetting my modem and interrupting my streaming, downloads or just simple reading the news.

    If I had to vote I would give them 2 stars because they are the worst.

  • Arch Stanton

    I pay for a premium speed and it is ticking me off that my modem is reset DAILY.
    is not overheating, no conflicts and I bridged it so all I am using is
    the connection along with my own equipment and security.

    I cannot
    prove it but I believe these idiots reset their connections to kick off
    people to save bandwidth despite you paying for it.

    They do the
    same things with their rented boxes when you get that message in the
    middle of the night that you have to press a button to continue watching
    whatever you are watching.

  • notbob

    Charter Spectrum is the worst. The tech support on the phone and the technicians are the lazy, moronic and unhelpful. Their response, both phone support and technician on site, to an intermittent latency/pause issue which lasts 20-90 seconds multiple times per night multiple days per week, documented with ping, is: I can’t see it right now call back when it is happening – stunningly stupid. Lazy technician endorsed bad frequencies on test but failed to replace line to the house, failed to swap cable modem during visit, just stood around in air conditioned house spouting nonsense.

  • Soulfulpsy

    I just looked at Yelp reviews … a long string of 1 star complaints re installation scheduling being botched, service problems, etc. This review is like Consumer Reports giving a superior review and the customer feedback is highly negative.

  • Gold player 678

    I’ve had Spectrum TV for about 3 months now. Can NOT wait for the contract to run out! At least once every 4 days I lose Internet for about 3 to 4 hours. 40% of the time the internet is too slow to even use, and I have one of the top of the line WiFi Routers. The TV and DVR is awful and is hard to use. I still haven’t got all the TV channels I’ve paid for, and the people at Spectrum can’t figure out why. Their no help and rude. I’m vary disappointed WOULD NOT RECOMMEND

  • Matt Leonard

    Is spectrum going out of business

  • Paul

    They have a monopoly in Kyle Texas and they stick it to you. There internet speed is slow and constaantly timing out when your streaming movies…..They SUCK!

  • Irene Boni

    Same here. Fantastic service. I’m in Staten Island, NY. Way better than FIOS for me, except for DVR recording. No whole house DVR. We got used to it.

  • Christopher Cole

    I can tell you right now that they DO charge rental for modems, DVRs and other equipment in NC. Basic Cable, 1 DVR, 1 set top box and 35 MB Internet cost me $172 a month. I also had the phone service, without phone, because it lowered the bill by $10. I didn’t have much a problem with their service when I was with them, just an occasional outage lasting 12+ hours, but I had huge issues with their billing – they would repeatedly tell me I owed several months worth of bills, piled on late fees, when I had paid every month. It took 7 months of arguing, auditing, and monthly disconnects before they figured out they were still trying to bill me for a previous residence. Six months after it was “resolved”, they started the billing back up for the old residence (which I had been out of for 2 years at that point). I argued that a couple months before calling it quits and left Spectrum.
    I will add a note that I had full 2 GB speed, tv and phone when I was in California for half the cost of what it was in NC for 35 MB, and I never had any issues there, which is why Spectrum (then Time Warner Cable) was my first choice for providers.

  • Hakunnah Matattah

    Honestly this review is written so-so. On the one hand they’re half right, I currently am paying 49.99 a mo for 200mbps internet only.

    On the other the service goes offline more than once a month and sometimes 2 or 3 times a week for hours at a time, not sure yet on the data cap/throttling and actually looking for that tidbit atm cause in the last 3 months of my service it seems I go from a pretty reasonable speed to 20mbps or less ONLY after they post my next due bill which is never due for a few more weeks and has thus far been consistently paid not only on time but ahead of time through the app.

    I want to point out that I say ahead of time as if you put money on your account to pay your bill? They’ll take it in a half hour or less and show your bill as paid and only then does your speed auddenly and MAGICALLY return to normal….honestly if I could afford a real ISP atm I’d take it. If you can afford a reasonably priced high speed ISP besides these guys, definitely try it first, cause in less than 6 months I’ve been throttled for no reason, had my account illegally accessed where Spectrum turned my 50 a month bill into 120 overnight then refused to offer ANY manner of appropriate explanation for the breach of privacy in my account and potentially my payment method while insultingly trying to insinuate I lack the intelligence to operate a mobile phone of all things, thankfully the bill was fixed but not until I angrily had to explain the bill had best be fixed after I hung up before I could verbally tear out the throat of the foreign customer service agent arguing with me about a service I in no way requested and wasnt going to pay for, period.

  • Cassie Banks

    Spectrum has their corporation rigged worse than Scientology. They raise their prices every two months out of corporate greed, even when they have quoted you a price for an extended period and because there are so few providers in West Pasco County they take FULL advantage of it. They expect you to check your bill every month as that’s where they hide the notices that they are raising their prices in hopes that you won’t see it. Then, when you see the increase on the next month’s balance it’s too late, they say you can’t have your bill pro-rated because “they don’t do that any more.” To make matters worse, everything they do is predicated on the fact people will get busy and forget to take action. I told them I wanted my TV and home phone service removed at the end of this billing period. They told me they couldn’t do it, which sounded a LOT more like the customer service person trying to keep from being hit with a services being disconnected against their quota. They said if I wanted to get rid of two of my services, *I* would have to wait until the end of the month and call back to have them disconnected. During Thanksgiving week. My other option was to have them disconnected early and still pay their bloated price increased fee for the month. The customer service people pull all kinds of BS on the phone from leaving you on hold for over 30 minutes before switching you to someone else to pretending to be supervisors when in fact they are just the person sitting next to the first person you talked to. Do yourself a favor. Move some place where you can get decent entertainment services and don’t get yanked by Spectrum promises. They are lies. No matter what they promise you, they’ll increase the price in two months. Every two months.

  • Lulzim Haxhiu

    I’m a customer of Spectrum for may years, and I paid only for internet $80.87 a month. This month they raised my bill to $90.97. They are a monster company! I’ll look for another provider starting now! So before you go with Spectrum, look for another choice!

  • http://www.deepmind.academy Koz Khosravani

    Thank you for the article. I think some of the pricing is outdated that is understandable given the article date. For the latest prices you can visit Spectrum deals in May 2020 at “Cable Internet In My Area” website. They have now good bundle packages to choose from… I am not sure how long the Cable TV will last since the streaming channels (some free and some for $$) are taking over. At this point, even though I have their Cable TV channels, I stream “Youtube TV” that also has so many live TV channels…

  • Sinstrite

    As an actual gaming expert and all around tech expert I can say that Spectrum is by no means a good or fair internet provider, they are simply a monopoly alongside Comcast, their so-called “competitor”. Unfortunately many people do not understand how the internet works on a physical level and do not understand that true fiber speeds offer around 1000Mbps download and upload, compared to Spectrums “GIG” service only offering around 30-40Mbps upload. Take Google Fiber for instance, they offer 1000Mbps download and upload for a flat $70/mo which is a very fair price for what you are getting. Many gamers understand that while download is important, upload is just as important if not more than download if they are in the business of streaming, where the upload dictates the quality of stream they can push out. Because monopolies like Spectrum and Comcast have a tight hold on the current physical infrastructure in most cities and towns, it has been extremely hard for other providers who want to offer true fiber at fair prices to get their foot in the door. There are so many small companies who have tried and get constantly sued by these monopolies 10-20-30 times in a single year until they go bankrupt, and these monopolies have no issue playing that game since they have plenty of FU money to work with. Compared to other first world countries, American internet speeds, prices and infrastructure are a laughing stock and downright the worst without debate. You have Spectrum and Comcast to thank for this, but moreso you can thank your elected officials for taking bribes, i.e. campaign funding from these monopolies and not allowing real competition to take place which would very quickly drive out the sub-par services they provide. In the next 30 or so years it will be inevitable that internet is deemed a necessity just like water and electricity and individuals will look back at the internet of today and hang their heads low in shame at how crooked it was run and at how ignorant most people were to how badly they were getting screwed over.

    • Catherine McNally

      Hey, Sinstrite. I definitely agree with you! Fiber internet is always my first choice, and I’m happy to see smaller, local fiber internet providers cropping up across the US. Cable internet, like Spectrum, just can’t compare when it comes to fiber upload speeds.

      Let’s hope internet keeps getting better here in the US. (I had full fiber when I lived in Japan and it was ah-may-zing!)

  • BGMusicLover

    I live in Southern California and I had a package deal and since the promotional package deal has ended my increase is $50.00 a month. I called them to attempt to renegotiate this deal and they wouldn’t budge. i am dropping the tv.

  • Julie Rogers

    I’ve found Spectrum to provide very unreliable service as well as not standing behind what their reps tell you. I ended up having to cancel my service 4 days into my current cycle because my internet service resets itself multiple times-sometimes up to 10 or more a day. This was ongoing & it really affected my ability to do my job as I work more & more from home. A change in modem did not resolve the issue either. When I canceled the service, I asked the store rep about possibly prorating my bill for the unused portion of the bill (again 4 days into the current month owed), he replied he couldn’t but if I called the number on the statement they would take care of it for me. The rep & supervisor I spoke to said it couldn’t be done & refused to take into account the info I was given by Spectrum’s store rep. I wouldn’t be so teed off about this if the rep had been upfront about this when I asked about it, but I expect a company to stand behind the claims their reps make to a client, especially one who has used them for years & who had to leave not just for a better deal or moving out of a service area, but because their service failed to be what I paid for. So not only unreliable internet service for months, but they don’t stand behind what their reps tell you. Buyer Beware.