Sling TV Review 2021

Sling might not have the most channels or the best DVR, but Sling is the best budget live TV streaming service on the market

Recommended Plans
Data as of 11/11/21. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* Compatible device and internet connection required. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.
Chantel Buchi
Staff Writer, TV & Streaming
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Published on June 22, 2021
7 min read

What is Sling TV?

Sling TV is the best budget-friendly live TV streaming service, and it has been for years.

You can get most (if not all) of your favorite channels for way less than your current cable bill, and Sling lets you watch anywhere on almost any streaming device. But you get what you pay for because you won't get many DVR storage hours, sports channels, or local channels.

Let’s dive in and see if this is the next live TV streaming service for you.

  • Sling TV is inexpensive
  • You have three packages to choose from to find the right fit for your family
  • You can get lots of add-ons for customization
  • Sling TV doesn't have the most channels in the industry
  • The DVR could be better

How much does Sling TV cost?

Not an arm and a leg, that much we can tell you

Sling offers unbeatable pricing, but with that, it doesn’t offer the highest number of channels. But we guarantee you won't be disappointed with Sling's channel lineup (as long as you have lower expectations for this inexpensive service).

You could also just scroll down a little for a sneak peek of the channels.

This live TV streaming service is best for cord cutters, for those who want to save money, or for those who just want a few of their favorite channels.

How much is Sling TV?
Data as of 11/11/21. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* Compatible device and internet connection required. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

In comparison to other live TV streaming services in the industry, you'll see that you can save lots of cash by signing up with Sling TV. But if you want more channels, Sling TV might not be your best bet.

How does Sling TV stack up against other live TV streaming services?
Monthly price
Available channels
Learn more
Data as of 11/04/20. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
Data as of 11/04/20. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
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Which channels does Sling TV have?

Lifestyle, reality, sports, news, you name it

We recommend Sling Orange if you want a package with kids and lifestyle channels, and you'll want Sling Blue if you want more news and sports channels.

Sling Orange + Blue gives you fewer than 10 more channels than Sling Blue does on its own, but you'll get four EPIX channels and a few more sports channels.

We’ll make it simple with a nice list of some of the channels in each plan, or check out the full channel lineup. And if you want to find the best section of all, scroll down to see the sports channels each plan offers.

Sling Orange includes the following channels:

  • A&E
  • AMC
  • BBC America
  • CNN
  • Cartoon Network
  • Comedy Central
  • Disney Channel
  • HGTV
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Freeform
  • Food Network
  • Lifetime
  • TBS

Sling Blue includes the following channels:

  • BBC America
  • Cartoon Network
  • CNN
  • Food Network
  • FOX
  • Fox News
  • HGTV
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Lifetime Channel
  • NBC
  • Nick Jr.
  • Paramount Network
  • TNT
  • USA

Sling Orange + Blue includes the following channels:

  • AMC
  • Cartoon Network
  • Comedy Central
  • CNN
  • Discovery Channel
  • Disney Channel
  • EPIX
  • EPIX 2
  • EPIX Drive-In
  • EPIX Hits
  • Food Network
  • Fox News
  • FX
  • HGTV
  • National Geographic
  • TBS
  • Univision
  • USA

Which premium channels and add-ons does Sling TV have?

Sling TV offers all of the popular premium channels besides one: HB-freaking-O. Why, you might ask? Well, we don’t have an answer for you, but hopefully, you can enjoy all the other great add-ons Sling offers.

For your first month, Sling throws in SHOWTIME, STARZ, and EPIX in your service for free. Thank you, kindly.

How much are Sling TV's premium channels?
Learn more

Data effective 11/23/2021. 

With the NBA LEAGUE PASS and the option to add NBA TV onto your package, Sling TV made it to our list of top providers for the NBA season.

Your kids will enjoy the Kids Extra add-on with Disney Junior and Disney Jr. channels. Or if you’re a sucker for reality TV shows on VH1 and BET, then you’ll need Lifestyle Extra.

Sling TV’s Extras
ExtrasAdd-on monthly price
Total TV Deal$27.00/mo.
Sports Extra$15.00/mo.
Kids Extra$6.00/mo.
News Extra$6.00/mo.
Lifestyle Extra$6.00/mo.
Hollywood Extra$6.00/mo.
Hallmark Movies Now$6.00/mo.
Best of Spanish TV$5.00/mo.
Sling Deportes$5.00/mo.
Learn more

Sling TV's Sports Extra add-on is well worth the $15 price tag because it offers these 17 sports channels. Sports Extra gives you the following channels:

  • ACCN
  • beIN Sports
  • ESPN Bases Loaded
  • ESPN Goal Line
  • ESPNews
  • Longhorn Network
  • MLB Network
  • MLB Strike Zone
  • Motorsport TV
  • NBA TV
  • NFL RedZone Channel
  • NHL Network
  • Outside TV
  • PAC-12 Network
  • SEC Network
  • SEC Network+
  • Tennis Channel

But if you want the most channels in your lineup, you'll like the new Total TV Deal add-on Sling TV has (it's so worth it).

For $12 more than the Sports Extra, you'll get the following added to your service:

  • Sports Extra
  • Cloud DVR Plus (200-hour DVR storage space instead of 50)
  • Kids Extra
  • Comedy Plus Extra
  • News Extra
  • Lifestyle Plus Extra
  • Heartland Extra
  • Hollywood Extra

If you want a few Spanish-language channels, Sling TV has some add-ons like FlixLatino and Pantaya, but Sling TV also offers six Spanish packages with channels from your country:

  • Best of Spanish: 20+ channels, $10/mo.
  • México Service: 10+ channels, $10/mo.
  • Caribe Service: 5+ channels, $10/mo.
  • Sudamérica Service: 10+ channels, $10/mo.
  • Centroamérica Service: 3 channels, $10/mo.
  • España Service: 3 channels, $10/mo.

The Best of Spanish package gives you more than 20 channels of only Spanish-speaking channels, such as Universo and HISTORY en Español. Take a look at the channel lineups to see if it's the service for you.

Which sports channels does Sling TV have?

Sling TV is one of the few services that offers NFL RedZone! Get the Sports Extra for $15 per month to enjoy the best channel in the world (especially for Fantasy Footballers).

Sling’s sports channels are a little slim, so it’s not the best option for sports fans. We would recommend fuboTV or YouTube TV if you’re looking for a live TV streaming service with lots of sports channels.

If you’re sold on the low price or only want a few sports channels, stick with Sling.

Sling Orange includes the following sports channels:

  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN3
  • Stadium
  • TNT

Sling Blue includes the following sports channels:

  • NFL Network
  • NBC Sports
  • NBC Sports Network
  • FS1
  • Stadium
  • TNT

Sling Orange + Blue includes the following sports channels:

  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN3
  • FS1
  • FS2
  • Golf Channel
  • NFL Network
  • NBC Sports
  • NBC Sports Network
  • Olympic Channel
  • Stadium
  • TNT

To make sure you get all of the channels you and the family want (channels vary by location), take advantage of that free trial.

Which devices are compatible with Sling TV?

Download the Sling TV app on your smart TV, smartphone, or tablet so you can watch Law & Order, or catch up on sports news with Skip and Shannon: Undisputed while on the train.

You can stream Sling TV on these streaming devices:

  • Amazon Fire TV and tablets
  • Apple TV
  • Roku
  • Xbox One
  • Google Chromecast
  • iPhones, iPads (iOS 9 and up, iPhone 4.0 and up)
  • Android smartphones, tablets, and TVs
  • LG and Samsung Smart TVs

Find out if you have a good internet connection in your home for smooth streaming. If not, check out our top internet providers for uninterrupted streaming.

Our internet expert, Catherine McNally, says Xfinity and Verizon Fios internet are her top two recommendations.

Sling’s DVR storage space is somewhat average

For an extra monthly fee, you’ll get 200 hours of storage that saves indefinitely

Earlier this year, Sling TV increased its DVR storage space and increased its monthly price by $5 because of it. We're here to say it was worth it.

Sling TV used to come with a free 10-hour Cloud DVR storage (not enough at all). Now, Sling TV comes with a 50-hour DVR storage.

If that's not enough for you and the five family members you live with, Sling TV’s Cloud DVR Plus is an extra $5 per month for 200 hours of recording space. Your recordings will save indefinitely, so you won’t have to worry about last year’s recording of 30 for 30 disappearing.

Sling TV's DVR storage

Also, when you hit the record button on a TV show, a pop-up will ask you if you want to record all episodes, only record new episodes, or record this episode only. This saves you the hassle from going through and clicking record on every episode.

But keep in mind: if you go over your 50-hour storage space, it will automatically delete recordings you’ve already watched and then your oldest recordings.

For some families, 50 hours is enough. This means you can record about 50 TV episodes or 20 movies.

If you want to record TV shows and movies and save them for years so you can watch them whenever you'd like, you might find yourself upgrading to 200 hours of DVR storage space in the long run.

Sling TV recording options

How does Sling TV work?

Sling TV’s interface is simple, but could be a little more intuitive

When you open the Sling TV app, you'll see a home page suggesting your favorite channels first and then your recordings.

One thing we felt indifferent about on Sling's home page was the fact that there wasn't a Recordings tab at the top. Instead, you'll have to find your Recordings amongst the rows on the home page (because sometimes they won't always be on the top row).

On the home page, there will also be rows of on-demand content that we are all accustomed to seeing on streaming services. You'll see recommendations like Trending Live, Popular Shows, Hit Movies, and Top Rentals.

You can find more on-demand TV shows and movies with the handy On-Demand tab at the top. Some TV series and films you can pull up after a long day include Hoarders, House Hunters International, Grown Ups 2, and Ice Age 3.

There is also a Rentals section to rent movies for $3.99–$19.99, similar to Amazon Prime. Here, you'll find titles like Queen Bees, The Croods: A New Age, Ghostbusters, and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Recap: Is Sling TV worth it?

For the price of two pizzas, this inexpensive live TV streaming service is totally worth it

If you're looking to cut the cable cord, Sling TV is a great live streaming option. First of all, Sling gives you three cheap plans to choose from to fit your TV-watching needs.

Do you have kids? Get Sling Orange. Want more news and lifestyle channels? Get Sling Blue. Need more sports? Get Sling Orange + Blue.

You'll get 50 hours of DVR storage space and you can enjoy on-demand content and live channels on the go.

This streaming service is perfect if you fit in one of these categories and if you’re also looking to save a buck. Sling is not for you if you'd like lots of channels or need more than 200 hours of DVR storage space.

If you’re on the fence, we recommend checking out fuboTVYouTube TV, or Hulu + Live TV,.

How much is Sling TV?
Data as of 11/11/21. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* Compatible device and internet connection required. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Is your house ready for Sling TV?

Sling TV requires a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps to stream, but you'll want 25 Mbps for a smoother streaming experience. And if you and two other members of your family want to stream at the same time, that means you’ll be using 50 Mbps total.

So do you have the bandwidth to support your family’s streaming needs?

Which internet plan should I get?

Here are the internet plans our internet expert, Catherine McNally, recommends to get the most out of your streaming services without clogging up your family’s whole network.

What are the best internet providers for streaming?
Monthly price
Download speeds
Learn more
$19.99$94.99501200 Mbps
$35$60^300940 Mbps
$50$65°100940 Mbps
$29.99$74.99**501000 Mbps
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
For the first 12 months. Some packages require a 1- or 2-year contract.
^ For the first 12 months plus taxes and equip. fee.
° New customers only. Rate requires paperless billing and excludes taxes. Additional fees apply.
** for 24 months with 2-year agreement. Actual speeds may vary. Installation, equipment fees, Internet Infrastructure Surcharge, early term, taxes & other fees apply. Services subject to availability and all applicable terms and conditions.

Which cell phone plan should I get?

Not only do you need a good internet connection, but you’ll also need enough data to support your streaming needs if you’re a cell phone streamer.

And who isn’t a mobile streamer when it comes to passing the time during your lunch break, riding the train to work, or distracting your little ones while you’re grocery shopping?

We recommend an unlimited data plan for the family, so you never have to worry about limiting your binge-watching time on Hulu. And we all know it could lead to a family crisis if someone uses more data than they were allowed.

What are the best unlimited cell phone plans?

Chantel Buchi
Written by
Chantel Buchi
Chantel is all about finding the best tv or streaming service to watch as many football games as possible to keep her Fantasy Football team in check. Prior to being a TV and Streaming Tech Reporter for, she worked for NFL Network and The Alliance of American Football. Before that, she received a B.A. of Communication at the University of Utah and an M.S. in Sports Journalism at USC. Go Utes and Fight On. Contact her at

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  • RocketMyDog1

    Slings app sucks so bad. You will wait all night to connect with any channel. I swear, it’s like dial-up slow, or worse. Don’t even waste a second with this POS.

  • Aeffesstoo

    Sling claims to be a la carte TV yet it is the same lame collection of packages that any cable or satellite company offers.

    Make it truly a la carte, let me not pay for cnn. bet …

  • Robert Williams

    These negative comments are RIDICULOUS. Sling TV is the BEST. Sure, it has a FEW problems, but not as many as these negative Nellies would lead you to believe. If you sign up for the BLUE, you are able to stream on multiple devices, so you can share with friends/relatives to cut your bill down even more. It is a FAR superior option than paying the cable company $150+ per month. It is LIVE TV streaming with a limited free On-Demand service. I have been a cord cutter for years, and I am still able to keep up with my favorite shows on my favorite channels (Walking Dead, Vikings, etc) without having to pay that ridiculously high cable bill. Streaming TV is the wave of the future.

    • DCleve

      It surprises me too that there are so many negative channels. We are a household of 4 with 3 of us usually on the TV at the same time. The only issue I have is that on a few channels, at the end of the episode, the episode may speed up with no sound, That’s a problem but not a deal breaker. I do know that SlingTV was unwatchable on our firesticks. We now use ROKU sticks and boxes. No problems after a few weeks of use.

    • Mark D

      I’m happy with the channels they offer and the price point. The TV grid on the amazon stick is very good too.

    • Linda Martin-Turnbull

      i love my sling tv i havent had 1 problem and have had it almost a year

  • Robert Williams

    Sling TV actualy is the BEST!!! No offense, but paying the cable company $150+ versus paying Sling TV is a no brainer.

    • Theresa Bailey

      Well our internet is 85.00 a month just for internet alone. The 50 scam I got with sling with the AIR TV I was told did Cloud DVR combined with all the problems makes it A POOR CHOICE. Service sucks. They told me I COULD NOT RETURN my Air TV. After what Brian said glad they said that since he returned his and got nothing for it! It works to play youtube for my bird. Switching today to PSVUE.

  • Brian

    I asked SlingTV to do their Free Trial. Their Rep told me that I could use the free trial and still sign up for the 2 months prepaid and if I didn’t like it I would get my money back. I did not like it and they will not refund my money. I talked to 2 more reps who said if I return my free device I will get my money back also. So I returned my device and now SlingTv says they will not return my money and they will not get me my device back. The company is a complete Joke!

  • Theresa Bailey

    1st I was lied to about committing to a 3 month package for an AIR TV that was sold as USING CLOUD DVR. When it came and did not they said I COULD NOT RETURN, was stuck with the 171.00 I just paid. Got a ROKU which worked ok, Sling glitches frequently, This is the first time I lost ALL my recordings.

    TODAY all CLOUD DVR ability disappeared, along with all my recordings. It will not allow me to record, and ALL recordings GONE. I called the number under “CONTACT US” from SLING.COM site. LITERALLY WAS TOLD THAT I WOULD HAVE TO CALL SLINGTV. THAT THEY DID NOT SUPPORT SLING!! Obviously person was ‘lost’, but this is unacceptable. Should have stuck with cable. Going to PSVUE where I can at least view past programs without even needing to record them. Slings o called ON DEMAND does not include regular programs I record. NOR can you set it to record many series. It is also constantly losing the settings for record I have placed.
    EMAIL option on SUPPORT option on also did NOT WORK, and CHAT OPTION DID NOT WORK EITHER!! Phone option says they are not sling!

  • Kamal chakrabarty

    Sling tv dvr never worked. Also the customer service is poor as they do not know what is going on nor can they fix any issues. They also said they store all programs for 8 days for viewing it later but it is very hard to find anything later. I will discontinue once my first two months are done. I may consider coming back once they fix these technical issues which make the viewing experience very unpleasant.

  • tom mabry

    no big Ten Network ??

  • tom mabry

    No big Ten Network ??

  • Tina

    Do not make the same mistake. I signed up for 2 month prepaid and I received a free Roku to receive sling TV. I asked the sales person if I could watch more than one TV at the time. And I was told I could watch 3. They have already taken my money, they got their sale, then I received 1 Roku remote. I called them and asked how am I to watch 3 TVs with one remote? They told me you are not, you can stream 3 devices not TVs. I requested an immediate cancellation and an address to send the Remote back to and a refund. The initial person was confused so I asked for a supervisor, he promised me a refund and a cancellation. Then I received an email stating that they do not do refunds. I then call them back and of course it is a different person who is even more confused I again ask for a supervisor. The woman was rude, disrespectful and a liar. So I have now been lied to by 5 employees from this company watch out. I watched 4 minutes of sleeping my tv to find out if I could watch on other TVs. Do not sign up it is a scam. Terrible business policy – NOT ACCEPTABLE and is a SCAM. Totally unnecessary stress added to my day, and rest assured after this experience I will never consider getting services and will relay to friends, family, and reviews online that this type of policy is NOT OK.

  • Lisa Fisher

    I thought this would be an inexpensive option to watch my

  • Tina

    Sling TV is a joke, they are disrespectful and dishonest. I posed this question to the sales person: Can I watch more than one TV with the Roku they were sending me with 2 month prepaid, he told me I could watch 3. So I thought Maybe you could code your own remote after you received the roku, I do not know what technology can do these days. What he should have told me was: if you want to watch more than one tv then you will have to purchase additional equipment. And I would have said no thank you.
    When I posted this on their Facebook page they said it was spam and blocked me.
    Wow. They are crooks.

  • katzgar

    Sling TV is crap you’re getting what you pay for

  • KitKat

    Is it true that if you DVR a show that is also on-demand, then Sling DVR redirects to on-demand version that does NOT allow fast forward through commercials? If so, then sling is OUT for me since so much is on-demand. I don’t watch live TV (except sports) so that I can choose when to watch, but just as important, to avoid commercials. Sounds like Hulu or Vue might give me what I want, even if Hulu does charge $4/mos for it.

  • josseline

    This is a crappy streaming option. I subscribe to it for ESPN and it constantly stopped streaming. The other channels the same problem. The movies are old and in poor viewing condition. I ended up not using it. I will definitely end my subscription when its due. I would rate it as an “F.” Very expensive for what you get.!!!

    • Pete S.

      The problem is ESPN. Try streaming them directly and you will see that they cannot keep up with the demand. This has nothing to do with Sling TV; they connot control their providers. The fact is, ESPN sucks at streaming anything.

  • Trevor Wheelwright

    Hello Parag,
    To clarify, we are not Sling TV. We only reviewed the service. Please direct all complaints/questions to the company’s service page:

    • Parag Sawant

      i called them , and they give this response . so i wanted other to know how bad is there services

    • ChrisLongski

      Who did the 4/5 star rating ? Almost 100% negative reviews. Much fraud I am seeing.

      • Pete S.

        People who enjoy a service rarely give a review. People who have a problem, regardless of the real cause, will almost always post a negative review. This is simply human nature at work.

  • Erica Xavier

    Loud on demand commercials is annoying. 10x the volume, which takes away from their business model, “Take back tv”, if they take control of the volume.

    • Pete S.

      I have had Sling TV for over a year and I have NEVER had a problem with the audio volume in commercials. Maybe it has something to do with location, since some of the commercials seem to be locally sourced.

  • ftfixer

    does sling TV work out of the US Traveling to SA or Canada? Of course as long as you have WIFI connection.

  • Nicholas Langhorne

    Got to agree 100% with Christopher’s review. We have tried nearly all streaming services in the 10+ years since cutting the cord and Sling TV is the absolute worst. Commercials that increase volume significantly and also freeze the stream with no recourse but to reset. These are issues that have persisted for years and Sling refuses to do anything about it. Don’t go with this horrible company there are many others with better quality, often times cheaper too. Hulu or YouTube TV just being a couple that offer live TV streaming.

    • Linda Martin-Turnbull

      i have never had sling crash and ive had it almost a year

      • Nicholas Langhorne

        Sling will crash at times during commercials specifically but that may be due to local ads that run. If you live in a more rural state maybe the issue isn’t as common, I live in Seattle working with computers daily and have no issue with crashing except with Sling. As I said in my initial response to Christopher though there are better options for anything Sling offers. Their interface is one of the worst in the industry and they don’t seem to care.

        The worst part of their service, for me, is the commercial volume. It spikes when we are chilling in bed streaming till we fall asleep. Many people do that now days and Sling is the only service that refuses to address the issue. Google it and you will find multiple reviews that reference that specifically and many that are 5+ years old. It’s doesn’t take that long to resolve the issue. The company is inept and will never receive another dollar from me or anyone I know if I have anything to say about it.

        Glad you seem to be happy with their subpar service though. Best of luck with it in the future.

        • Pete S.

          Just because you consider it subpar, does not make it subpar. Good luck with your subpar life.

          • Nicholas Langhorne

            Christopher and my posts have many upvotes for a reason. We are being honest about our experiences and others agree. You are defensive, likely because you work for Sling or enjoy thier service because you are unaware of the competition being so much better. No need to take my disdain for Sling personally and lash out.

            Thanks for attacking me without knowing anything about me though. I think that shows who has the subpar life. I don’t need to defend my great life as your approval is not needed. Apparently you need me to agree with you though. Back to Breitbart with you now.

          • Gmon

            I’ve had a ton of problems with freezing as well. Especially between programs. It’s cheaper than cable but as with everything you get what you pay for

  • bazingamp

    Awful customer service…….I started sling for the trail and for some reason my account compromised and someone purchased a rental Mayweather v McGregor which begins at Saturday, Aug 26, 9:00 PM EDT. It is 08/25/2017 and 2:14 PM when I am writing this review. I called immediately and asked the customer service to refund me back the amount of purchase which was 99.99$ and they denied and said we can not refund. Is this a joke? How can you not refund for something which is not yet started and you did not watch. Worst customer service ever. I changed my password but I will never go to sling again.

  • Gail Works

    I hope everyone who considers Sling as a viable option will read these reviews and think again. They are scam artists of the worst sort. They will take your money and run. I signed up for the free Roku promotion, got an email confirming that I would be getting a Roku, but it never arrived. They had taken my money for two months, but because THEY had made some kind of mistake in processing and did not collect two months at one time, they refused to give me the Roku. Their solution to my problem: give me some kind of minuscule prorated refund, and then have me re-sign up for another two months of the same crap so I could get my “free” Roku. My counter offer was a full refund of the two months and cancel my service effective immediately… otherwise, I contact my attorney.

  • Scott H Ford

    Paid for the Mayweather fight last night, $99 to Sling. Well, it wouldn’t stream. We even tried it on multiple computers that we all directly hooked in a high speed internet router, but no luck. Had to pay another service to get it to work. Of course I call them this morning to get a refund – because, you know, I didn’t get the service I paid for. I talked to a Pracilla in Customer service. Sounded like it was a scripted response – no sympathy or understanding of my situation, just kept repeating “we will not be able to provide a refund for this service”. I wanted to get away from cable because its 2017 and streaming is a great option now but beware with Sling. They will take your money and not at all work with you when things like this happen. At least Comcast would credit me every now and again if I had an issue with something. Terrible, terrible work by Sling – hope they go out of business. No company that treats their customers this way should be in operation.

    • Shaun

      Had the exact same issue with the same customer service response, but mine included it worked for me and my family, but you enjoy the replay!

    • Pete S.

      The problem was with the PPV service; it had nothing to do with Sling TV. This was well documented and acknowledged by the PPV company.

      • Kuryak1n

        Irrelevant. He purchased a service from Sling and they failed to deliver. The original source doesn’t matter. Imagine you purchase a new computer, take it home, and it will not boot. Would you expect the manufacturer to say “The CPU is dead, call Intel..” or “The hard drive is dead, call WD”? No. You expect them to either (a) give you a working replacement; or (b) refund your money. No different with Sling including a product/service from somebody else. They should either deliver or provide a refund.

  • Scooter

    I’m in the Houston area and was impacted by Hurricane Harvey. I wasn’t able to cancel by the renewal date (was 2-3 days late) and was stuck with the debit. I sent an email on Aug 28 explaining my situation and requested a refund. No reply. Aug 30, I tried the chat line communication method, and they claimed to not receive my reply. I was given an 800 number to call, which I did. Phone operator indicated that there are no refunds for any circumstances whatsoever – including one of the worst disasters in U.S. history. Is is possible to rate them zero stars?

  • DCleve

    Yes! OWN is the only missing channel for me.

  • Kenneth D Mayberry

    I agree with all.of you who think sling is the worst. I was lied to and the entire conversation was on selling and not listen to what I wanted
    Now I am told something different and have to spend more money. I was told I could not get a refund but this is not the case as I have been in corporate customer care for too long. I would like to ask you all if you would assist me in reaching out to corporate via letter, as well as send a copy to your local BBS and media outlet. Let’s get them in spotlight to address this issue. Pleaae.let me know.

  • Candace Flatt

    WORST WEBSITE. I signed up for a free trial and got charged $21.89 which is the monthly fees. They will not give me a refund,

  • Sandi Shaw

    Totally agree with other poor reviews. Wish I’d read them first. Signed up for 7 day trial. I wanted to reduce cable costs, but still needed live news. This is not a good alternative. Sling has a lousy interface and it crashed more than once during every show I tried to watch. The “resume” option, when it did show on screen, was for the previous episode. So I had to go back into the app from Roku home screen (& wait), find the show (& wait), navigate through 16 seasons & 5 episodes to get back to my show (& wait), select it to reload (& wait), & then had to fast forward thru 50 minutes, unless it crashed again because you have to watch their commercials (& wait). (It took more than 1.5 hrs to watch an hour show.) Someone said FF wasn’t avail, it may be a new feature. I cancelled about 9 hrs after my trial expired. (My fault) Sling charged my acct. I called the next morning, because I didn’t want to keep the service, but they REFUSED TO REVERSE THE CHARGE. Lousy product/service & they’re not interested in good customer service. I will never try it again even if they improve the product.

  • Amanda

    Absolutely terrible service. They basically stole my money after none of my services worked and they refused to give me a refund. I had even gone in and cancelled my account and they said that “it did not go through.” So I still got charged. Would NOT ever recommend. When I talked to someone about it, all of her responses were the same. It felt like it was copied and pasted. Just terrible. Do not do it.

    • Jason

      Same thing just happen to me! Charged me even after I cancelled and they said it didn’t go through and refused to refund my account. Plus charges were more than expected.

  • Jois

    WORST!!!, I wouldn’t recommend to no one, I order the Boxing event last week, I spend 2 hours in “Technical Service” trying to resolve issue, NO PPV Icon. and the worst, they dint offer me a credit or refund. Pay for nothing!, I cancel Today, People not willing to cooperate with customer who paid in advance. They give me stupid excuses like ” your TV is too Old” WOW my TV is top of the line Samsung Smart TV.

    No recomiendo este servicio a nadie, Pague por ver la pelea de Canelo /GGG y no se miro nada, y me tuvieron en soporte técnico mas de dos horas y nunca pudieron solventar nada. me daban excusas infantiles, tales como: “tu Television es vieja” cuando tengo la ultima Samsung Smart TV.

  • Adam

    Don’t waste your money. It looks like there are a bunch of channels. However, most of them are the same on orange and blue. Many of the channels, Fox Sports channels are almost always offline and show nothing. And if you’re looking for football….Good Luck! Very few games show on Sling. Even if it is scheduled for the channel, NFL Network, Sling doesn’t have rights to the game and doesn’t show it.

    Don’t waste your money.

  • The Evil Puppy

    I was considering buying Sling but after seeing all these horrible reviews you can count me OUT. Thanks to everyone here for the warning. It is much appreciated.

  • Jon Bagley

    signed up with sling picture got blurry tried different speeds in the setting nothing help so i thought it was my service got a faster service same problems so i delt with it then comes the “blackout” of football games that i was told if i signed up for amazon tv i could get the game and that was the only way … so pay for sling and then have to pay for amazon i spoke onlne, email and on the phone about wanting to cancel and get my refund but was bounced around and even hung up on just for their b.s. policy of no refunds …. their compensation …. pay for 2 months of service and i can get a roku free for those 2 months … seriously a rip off

  • george majewski

    Don’t wast your money on Sling tv

  • Jason

    Sling TV is a joke! Service is terrible. When I tried to cancel using online service, they charged me and said that the cancellation didn’t process and that it was my fault for not calling to confirm. They then refused to give a refund. Needless to say I will be cobra ting the BBB in regards to their theft of service issue.

  • Trevor Wheelwright

    Hey Pook,

    We’re working on a new “about us” section that gives better insight into our process, but for now you can see that fact announced on our website here:

  • yuk

    worst experience with sling TV, they charged 59.99$ for me for not subscribed anything & i asked for refund they said as per policy we will not refund & all. Pissed up sling TV

  • Natalie C.

    I bought the service to try and stream football games. I canceled it because they never had the games I cared about. However, they continued to charge me after that for several months. Granted, I should have realized this was going on, but I travel extensively and did not check. When I realized and asked them to refund the charges, they said they had no notes to prove I canceled it. They could see that I had not used the service in all that time, but without notes in THEIR system saying I canceled, they would not refund anything. How convenient for THEM!

  • Andrea Stafford

    I signed up for the free trial and last night when trying to watch The Walking Dead I lost access for the first 20 minutes of the show. This was the only reason I signed up for Sling and it failed me. Definitely looking for another streaming service.

  • Shawn Balister

    This company is a joke! Did the 7 day trial, didn’t like the service, so called the company on the 6th day to cancel, they tell me it was cancelled. Next day i wake up and my credit card was charged. Called Sling, they tell me oh well we can’t refund you even if it’s been cancelled! This constant is a scam! DON’T good your card for the trial they WILL charge you no matter what!

  • Linda Martin-Turnbull

    i love my sling tv its great no problems at all it is clear with i think great programming also i love the cloud dvr i give them 5 stars ive had sling for almost a year they always have some there to chat and change your subscription to your needs very quickly

  • Linda Martin-Turnbull

    i just paid 20 $ for a roku express at my local walmart watch for sales

  • Linda Martin-Turnbull

    ive had sling almost a year with no problems at all i have 79mgs speed cable only run wifi at 25mgs and it runs on wifi no buffering or crashes i just switched to using the roku express bought at local walmart for 20 $) instead of my computer and not one problem i do have a second roku and SOME sling channels only allow 1 stream but that is the only downfall i just cant watch the same channel at the same time i can still watch sling at the same time and no services refund your money after using it

  • Linda Martin-Turnbull

    mine to and i have had it almost a year

  • Cash Me

    Ladies and gentleman call your banks and place a block on Slumtv ! No more money for their nasty service!

    • linda

      You cna do the same thing with your credit card company and with them you can dispute the charges…American Express is awesome in these issues. Good luck all.

  • Marie Wehofer

    Update 10/25. We’ve been switched for just over two months. I would say it’s been a complete success. Only occasional glitches to report. No more than we had with the over priced Spectrum cabel. Just added the DVR service. I haven’t had enough time to review this. What I am really pleased with is the adding and subtracting of service. As soon as college football season is over, I can easily take the sports package off. I am even thinking we will drop down to just the blue package. We did also add the four services for the price of two. Very pleased.

  • Lee

    Cancelled my free trial the first day after reviewing what they offered, they claim they did not receive it. What I was told over the phone and what was available was completely 2 different things. I was charged the $29.99 for the first month, customer service refused to refund the $29.99 after telling them I cancelled it within the trial, nor will they give you a credit. Not customer friendly.

  • Tpieger

    Can sling TV stream in 4K?

  • Lanique-Live Laugh Love

    Sling is the worst ever and I would not recommend it to anyone ever and a cheat you out your money or did I mention that has a no-refund policy that doesn’t make any goddamn sense I would advise anybody that’s thinking about getting it not too and anyone that has it to leave it’s not even worth it

  • Alex0304

    The only good thing is the easy cancellation. Just make sure you receive the confirmation email. I got Sling because they advertise that you can watch so many different NFL games. You can’t watch a majority of the games. They never have the Thursday night games. If you want to watch your local team play you have to use the good old antenna because they don’t provide local channels. I found myself either watching most games with the FREE antenna or having to go to the bar to watch games that had real cable. As much as I hated paying for cable SLING is far behind in terms of being a legitimate replacement for a cable service provider. Also, the feed is extremely laggy. A game on Sling will be 2 plays behind the actual game. The menu screen also needs a lot of work. There are a lot of channels that you actually have that you have to go through other screen options to find them.

    I think live streaming will eventually take over, but as of now Sling has a lot of work to catch up to the standard cable providers. At $50 for the “best ” package they offer, they’re not even close in comparison to a cable provider. You get what you pay for.

  • GinPDX

    When it works, it seems to be fine. But the device/software has repeated glitches (at least once per day if not more). Not sure who is doing their coding, QA checks, testing, etc. but the device has to be repeatedly reset. Often times the device gets in a mode where I have to unplug the power to get it to fully reset (at least once per week). The comments on the cloud service are correct. It is pretty bad and I turned it off. If I need to rewatch something i either wait for the rerun or watch it on Netflix/Amazon. With the channels you get for Orange and Blue plus the 4 extra bundles the price is better than most other services but you do have to put up with a lot. I am hoping that their service and reliability gets better over the next 6 months. If not, then will need to look at further trimming of the cord. I hope they are listening as they have an opportunity but the door is closing quickly.

  • Green Ham

    It’s unfortunate that you all have to steal customers. This is ridiculous absolutely unethical. Clearly my attachment I sent regarding this matter shows my availability to opt out of service through app. I signed up for a free trial 11/6/17 and cancelled 11/11/17 from the app. I logged in on 11/12/17 to make sure and it was still accessible. I assumed the timing of the trial may have been automated. I never watched a show or tried to on 11/12/17. I only called after a few hours later when my card was billed. I had already purchased msbtv. Because i liked what they had to offer thru the trial i was on with them which ran concurrent with my sling trial. Again, it’s very petty to charge me for an unwanted service that I have not used for the service period your charging me for.


    would I recommend Sling TV to anyone. I had signed up for the free
    trial with Sling TV. After realizing that the channels I wanted to watch
    live were not offered in my area, I decided to cancel on the 3rd day of
    my free trial. I completed all of the necessary steps of cancelling
    online, and I had believed that everything was taken care of and
    cancelled. While reconciling my check book, I noticed 2 charges on my
    account from
    I found this odd, as I had cancelled during my free trial. I also had
    not been on sling since. I called customer service, to kindly ask for a
    refund and see what may have happened. After one supervisor offered to
    refund 1 month’s charges, I asked to speak to someone else because I was
    wrongfully charged 2x. The 2nd supervisor that I spoke with was so
    rude, telling me that he was getting off of the phone to speak with
    “valued customers” as if I was not important to him. I called back to
    speak to another supervisor. The supervisor that I spoke with this time
    was very sweet but said that there was actually no possible way for any
    sort of refund to be issued. If this was the case, how was the first
    supervisor going to issue a refund for just 1 month? All 3 supervisors
    that I spoke to could verify that my account was activated for the free
    trial on Oct. 3rd 2017 and the last date that I had signed on was Oct.
    4th, 2017. Clearly something went wrong with their system when I
    cancelled on October 6. None the less, that should serve as proof to
    them that their services had not been used since the 2nd day of my free
    trial. However, this was not proof enough that my account had been
    cancelled. I am having to dispute these charges through my bank because
    Sling refused to issue any kind of refund for 2 very different reasons:
    1) They couldn’t believe that I had cancelled my account. (odd because
    they could tell the last time that I had even signed on) and 2) Because
    there is no possible way for them to reverse a charge. Which one is it?
    Because I was originally told they would be willing to refund 1 month.
    Sling may have tv selections that some are interested in, however, I
    truly hope that no one else has to deal with their astoundingly rude,
    neglectful, and extremely unhelpful customer service. Such a shame.

  • David Landis

    SlingTV thru Roku is a scam. Please be aware that you can sign up for SlingTV through the Roku but cannot cancel it through the Roku. We tried canceling on the TV and Roku online. Roku did not show SlingTV as a subscription. SlingTV stated they sent an email with the cancellation policy. This email was not received. The email was to state that cancellation through an online account. We did not know we had an account online because we did not set up an online account. Called SlingTV policy will not allow money to be refunded. We are contesting the through our bank.

    • jjj sss

      absolutely…this bloody service is scam…without my approval they have stored my credit card details and charged my for next month bill and I did not want the service at all..hell with this service

  • A Martin

    I am very unhappy that after cancelling service with you because we could not get Sling to work on our Apple TV that you would not provide us with a refund for the 3 days we had your service. Would never do it again and won’t recommend you because you weren’t willing to work with us. I might of been more willing to upgrade my service if you had been more willing to provide me with something we could use.

  • jjj sss

    hell with this service…very ridiculous ….forgot to call them one day in advance and when billing started for 3rd month first day itself I called and they refused to refund …stupid service..hell with it…talking about terms and conditions…no courtesy at all..just on the billing start day I called and ridiculously rejected to refund the amount….never ever will go with this stupid service

  • jjj sss

    hell with this service….very mean…just sticking to their terms and conditions….I have not authorized them to store my credit card number rand this bloody service charged me automatically without my consent and now talking very cheap saying terms and conditions…what the heck…stupid service…I request to refund my money as soon as I saw it charged me for next month…right on the start day of the billing ..the customer service says no option to refund…hell with this service…i will complain to my credit card customer service that Sling has stored my credit card detail without my approval

  • jjj sss

    big scam ….this service is big scam..stored my credit card details without my approval..

  • Atsushi Amemiya

    This is true. I was misled that my cancellation went through. They lie. Do not sign up 7 day free trial unless you intend to continue the service. Their 7 day free trial is not really free. Do not trust them.

    • Norm Bogunia

      I’ve actually signed up with a few different times for the 7 day trial and was able to cancel every time w/out issue. the only thing I did was make very sure I cancelled at least a day before it was set to expire.

  • Dan Arnold

    I’ve worked with Sling TV for a year; really wanted it to work. At times it’s been great, but the app needs to be uninstalled and restarted so often it has become worthless for watching programs I pay a premium to record. It’s gone from once a month, to once a week and finally several times a day that I have to uninstall and reinstall because a program just stops or cannot fast forward or pause. Sling may work, but the app to use it is hopeless and getting worse. Each time I’ve had a problem, I check with my ISP, but my internet speed is fully capable, 60 Mbps. Sling sucks. I’m going back to satellite.

  • Chris Decker

    NOT ONE OF THESE REVIEWS deals with local channels. NOT ONE. Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC are not available on any streaming device UNLESS YOU HAVE CABLE. Kind of kills the cable cutting dream right there. Look. I realize these are new avenues to watch tv but when I see that Fox and NBC are available I take them at their word. But then comes the disclaimer. On demand. Take Sling TV, they have Fox but not local programing which isn’t mentioned in any review, none in their promotions such as their website or packaging at the store. What they offer on Fox is like when ESPN started, foreign soccer leagues, rugby, but for anything as to your local sports teams, like NFL or NHL, not gonna happen. Oh, you can access those channels and those programs BUT (I love this part) when you choose that app you are asked to SELECT YOUR CABLE COMPANY to access the program. SERIOUSLY??!! I have to have my old cable company to watch my local NFL team through Sling TV or Chromecast? Not exactly the way it was advertised. After a couple trips back to the store to return my misguided tv streaming guides, I reluctantly went back to cable. Maybe someday streaming will work, this isn’t it.

  • Chris Decker

    I agree. But my experience was a little different. I bought a new tv with one month free Sling TV. NO ONE told me I had to wait for an email to get the one month free. When I got home, I went online and the only thing available to sign up was that 7 day free trial you mentioned. It asked for any promotional code, which was printed on my receipt. I entered it. NOTHING said DON’T. Here’s the fun part. Because I’d signed up using the 7 day free trial it cancelled my 30 day free trial. And like you, I was billed for a month on the eighth day. So, I paid a little extra for the tv to get the free 30 days and then was double dipped for the same month. So, I tried Chromecast. I returned that one too. When I log onto a Fox NFL game, which it does offer, BUT I HAVE to choose my cable company to activate the app … what’s the point. I have to have cable to make the streaming work? Not in my house.

  • clarityoffline

    I’ll add to the negative comments. I just did the 7 day free trial and canceled it on day 4, it just wasn’t worth the frustration. When it was working fine the picture quality was quite good and i liked that they offered dolby digital 5.1. However here’s the bad:

    1) slight freezes when watching live tv, for the most part this was pretty rare
    2) really screwy jumping around if trying to skip through commercials quickly, i had it going to the end of the show or back to the beginning when trying to fix it.
    3) sometimes the show just wouldn’t start at all, while trying to catch up on a few shows I’d watch a couple episodes problem free and then click watch for the next episode and nothing would happen, it wouldn’t try to load, it would just sit there.
    4) had it completely lock up an hour into a movie, just frozen and wouldn’t recover at all.

    It’s not my internet, I have 80 down / 20 up service and can stream netflix 4k hdr without issue, i tried using both my roku tv (hardwired to router) and an android tv the problems occurred on both although I will say the navigation and polish of the android tv app is superior to the roku one. You can’t cancel the free trial through your account settings but I was able to cancel it without issue by using the chat feature they offer.

  • Jay

    Sling tv sucks.. dont waste ur money on it.. they dont refund your money. Sign up for free trial and feel the pain.

  • Frank Martin

    I’ve had Sling for months and love it. You need to update your review. I watch Sling thru my Chrome browser every day.

  • Crystal Creighton

    Sling TV is horrible. They refuse to offer any sort of refund when my service stopped working!!! But the were more then fn happy to take the money out of my account! And I was on the phone and did chat sessions to try to figure out why it wasn’t working. They did to reports that escalate the issue and then they offered no credit for the week their stupid service didn’t work. It wasn’t me it was them. Don’t work with them they suck! And the manager was ridiculous too. I believe it was the same guy I was talking with, but without his accent. Voices were the same and obviously they had ALL supervisors busy because they are a load of crap. Don’t ever sign up.

  • Michele Towslee

    Sling TV is a scam to get your money. The service are not what is advertised and I was charged prior to my seven day cancellation window and did not receive a refund. The DVR feature is clunky at best and providing feedback or asking for assistance went nowhere. This is a warning to anyone who is considering this service. You will not receive 7 days for free. They will charge you between the 5th or 6th day and send a link to a document that you only receive when you cancel to read. Horrible customer service.


    Not thrilled with sling . Interface is clumsy. I was frozen out for 6 hours today had to call CS to get back on .

  • Pete S.

    Seems rather petty. . .

    • Jay Hanig

      I consider it a service. It certainly warned me off.

  • Pete S.

    There are far more people who have zero problems with Sling TV than the few who have posted negatively here. They just don’t usually take the time to post reviews.
    My experience, is that when someone complains a lot, they usually are the real problem and I just ignore them.

  • Michelle

    The WORST service ever. The customer service is AWFUL!! 24-72 hours for a manager to call you back! All Mastercards got charged twice yesterday and they said the refund would take 72 hours, I called the next day and they said that my refund got cancelled. So they had to request it again.. So if I didn’t call then I never would have gotten it!!!

  • Tiffany Waskowiak

    I cancelled my “trial” subscription on day 6. They did not respond until day 8. Since I was sent the Roku stick they would not refund my prepaid 2 month subscription. I was under the impression they would cancel my account after the 2 month period. I am now being charged for a 3rd month. They never cancelled my account and are stating it is because I did not provide the last four numbers of my card used. They will not refund the 3rd month they are charging, even though I contacted them 2 months ago to cancel. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS SERVICE!!! I am now paying $120 for a service I have NEVER used!! The only way I could get a number to call was by going online to the chat section and requesting a phone number. Would not advise anyone to use this service!!

  • Blake Mccorkle

    Do not get Sling if you are a sports fan. I had multiple times were a game on a channel I was paying for was blacked out on Sling because Sling is to cheap to actually pay for all the content they are supposed to provide to their customers.

  • Charles Whitehead

    Sling customer services is the worst in the industry and not accredited by the better business bureau and have over 800 complaints

    • laura

      where can I put a complain?

  • Dean Featherstone

    Beware. I signed up for a free trial and was a little late in canceling so I was charged; No problem, my error. However, when I saw the charge, I immediately cancelled (Nov. 11). Now, Dec 9th, I have the next months charge. I called Customer Service and she showed no record of my canceling. I have their automated confirmation from Nov 11 and I’m emailing to their It looks like I’m going to have to call my bank to deal with the negligence on their part. I hate companies that either don’t have their act together or do it on purpose.

  • Brandon

    I purchased what I thought was a one time purchase of a PPV fight four months ago. I paid 106.99 to Slingtv with the idea that it was only a one time purchase. Four months later as I am reviewing my credit card statements I see that I have been billed $22 per month for their service and have not used it one time. I check my email history and have not had any receipt or confirmation of billing at all since that initial purchase. I contacted customer service for a refund and to cancel only to be told that they will not refund any money because I should have known to cancel on my own. I proceeded to speak with a manager who was completely unwilling to refund anything at all. He can see my account history that Sling had not been used since the initial fight purchase and he said that he could understand the deceptiveness of not receiving a billing statement and that he “would address that at the next staff meeting”. SLING TV IS A DECEPTIVE COMPANY WHO CHARGES YOUR CARD WITHOUT LETTING YOU KNOW. IF YOU THINK YOU ARE MAKING A ONE TIME RENTAL PURCHASE, YOU ARE NOT!!! I would have still considered them reputable had they handled my customer service issue and taken care of this as a mix up as most large respectable companies would. I have never received such poor customer service and WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!

  • Bill

    I also ran into the same problem on cancellation. Beware of this company. They have extremely poor customer service and they will not do ANYTHING to make a customer happy. Just take your money. I even spoke with a manager that was totally useless. They will mislead you on the free trial period so spread the word that this company is NOT worth signing up with. The streaming is also not the best quality compared to companies like Netflix.

  • Ryan L

    I cancelled and they just kept stealing my money anyway. This is theft and fraud. When I called, the service person admitted that they lie to you in the online cancellation process so that people keep having their money stolen. This company is disgusting.

    • laura

      you might want to ask your bank to dispute transactions (I have a Chase credit card)

      • Zuri

        Did you get your money back? I was charged 125.00 after the 7 day trial ended.

  • Pauline Reichert

    I have been enjoying sling tv for a few weeks now. I have all the channels that I watched on cable except one. I can do without that one channel for the crazy money I was spending for it. I upgraded to the better Roku deal instead of taking the free one. I am happy about how well it works. I also did an online search for free Roku channels and found a few that I like. I do use an antenna once in a while to catch the morning news and weather and get about 6 stations with the antenna.I read other reviews about the volume getting louder during commercials and I had that with my cable, too.

  • Sandra Stark

    Is PBS available on Sling?

  • LegallyNatural

    I live in Houston and right now all of the Houston Rockets home games can be viewed on Xfinity Comcast Roots TV channel. Does sling offer a channel that shows the Houston Rockets home games? Or is there a way I can purchase a premium channel separately to still view those games?

  • mary

    Oh man I wish I had read these personal reviews. you should update this article and encourage people NOT to try the free trial. Slings billing is shady and it is often Not free . Lots of people has had nothing but headache trying to get their service cancelled . Yet month after month charged anyway. How is this even legal!

  • Miss T

    I tried this service with reservations…I should have listened to the reviewers!! I did the 7 day trial. I cancelled no longer than 24hrs after, so that I wouldn’t forget. Now two months later I’ve been charged twice. $33.99. I call customer service and because I didn’t have the “e-mail” proving that I cancelled they would not refund me. I’m so upset. I asked for the corporate info and supposedly “Randall Operator 590” didn’t have that information. People please, please, please don’t TRY THIS SERVICE, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY! AND NOT GIVE IT BACK!!!

  • notgranting

    Worst service ever! Called in to cancel service becausee the Roku stick they sent me is not working and can’t access programming and the “supervisor” had the kindness of telling me “your barking up the wrong tree” when I said I didn’t want their service. Fix the programming and hire educated educated customer service agents!

  • Laura Guier

    crappy policies (sling tv) created 2 accounts. one by accident and still had to pay for both accounts when it was only used for a few minutes. 30 minute wait times to speak to a customer representative

  • CC

    I can agree with everyone on here that have had difficulties with unauthorized charges. I highly do not recommend SlingTV. We’ve tried it a few times in different cities to see if the service was any better from coast to coast. Had to cancel due to their channel availability and dependability. The service drops and they did not carry a few local channels. Of the times we’ve tried it and cancelled, they continued to charge until the card was deactivated and the company was reported to the bank. Their customer service was argumentative and could only keep repeating “There is nothing I can do” for a refund when we gave them multiple cancellation confirmation numbers and emails. Regardless of who called, they were hard to talk to. They were also the only people I have ever dealt with on the phone that started raising their voice when we asked to talk to a manager. Recommend cancelling your card when you cancel the service.

  • CC

    Had the same happen to me. They started yelling saying I was a liar and that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Read their confirmation email to them and they still were argumentative. Agree with you and Cash Me. Only way I could get rid of the charge was through the bank.

  • Dc

    I used the sling tv 7 day promo and after realizing it didn’t have the programming that I wanted, I cancelled the service during the trial time period. Xbox one to find out a month later sling had charged my card a significant amount of money. Attempted to contact there so called customer device and was treated like utter trash. They said they will not do a refund but they will cancel the account. Turns out this happens all too often. I had to inform my bank about the issue. Do NOT use this service. You’re asking for trouble.

  • Mark

    I canceled my service on 12/22 but for some reason it didn’t terminate. I noticed a change on my credit card on 1/2 and contacted them, and was told I have to pay the entire month of January. So disappointed with their poor policies and lack of good customer service. Sling TV is a decent product, but be VERY cautious of the fine print if you get their service. I canceled my service because I’m in between apartments, but I will NOT be getting the service when I move again because of this.

  • Hello

    Worst customer service and don’t trust them at all they have lied about the policy and not worth for trying a free service that they offer poor quality and all they want money not the customer satisfaction…

  • Blizzardbound

    I had a promo code for six free months of sling and hbo, but had trouble figuring out the redemption. In the end I was charged for a year of hbo ($157) on the credit card I had to put on file for the promo. When I realized my mistake in setting up my promo, I contacted them within minutes to rectify the problem. I was told abosultely no refunds and they referred me to their massive terms of use page. I was actually looking forward to trying their service and was shocked that a legitimate business would conduct themselves that way. Their insistance on keeping my money rather than ingratiating themselves to a new customer tells me that they must be on unstable ground as a company. There are more customer friendly choices out there.

  • Aravinth Chandrasekaran

    This is a crappy service!!! They claim them selfs as no-refund company!
    Not even worth to try the trial !!!

    We signed up for a trial of sling tv on the 29th of December and our trial ended on Jan 4th 2018. Not only did they charge my card before the trial ended, their extremely rude customer service denied a refund, saying that we were late by 8 hours in cancelling the service which was never conveyed before.

    My advice is to never sign up for this blotchy service even for a free trial, chances are you would lose your money over a service, which you’ll never use.

  • Audrey Tam

    Do not take their FREE ROKU or you’ll never get your money back!!!!! Very mean customer service, nothing is FREE!!! I told all my friend not to sign up with this company.

  • laura

    do not. Sling TV has crappy policies and will keep charging you. The people on the phone have no authority to anything, so you will not get much fixed… We had a good experience with Netflix.

  • laura

    Totally Agree!

  • Jake

    I was looking for a TV service alternative when I came across Sling’s products. Though their website was very confusing, they offered a 7 day free trial and an interesting selection of services, so I subscribed to see how well it would work in my home. Immediately after signing up, I installed the app for access to it’s services on both my phone and my Amazon Fire TV. Both apps failed to load the service properly. Discouraged, I waited until the following day to try again. When the service still didn’t work, I logged onto my account and canceled my subscription. 5 days later, at the end of the trial, my card was billed for $37.09. When i logged onto the website, it indicated my services hadn’t been canceled. So I initiated a chat with the company, whose response was blunt and unwaivering. There is a no refund policy and they have no record of me canceling my account. Of course, there is no evidence of my cancelation, but with so many other users reporting the same problem, it really makes you consider how honorable this company is. I will be challenging this charge with my credit card company, but I would much prefer that the company issue a refund for services I won’t /can’t use. I would also appreciate them being a bit more considerate to their potential customers.

  • Sophia Steigleman Bounds

    I don’t recommend Sling TV no reception and my modem was right beside my TV.
    The free trial starts at the Time of sign up not just the date. Didn’t know that, that’s very greedy on their part. That’s how they get your money, (my fault) I didn’t check my email, but who does that. They must know people don’t check their email and then you cancel after the time you signed up but the day you have till to cancel and they got you…charge you the full amount…VERY GREEDY COMPANY

  • Muhammad Ali

    They don’t show Pakistan cricket matches. Very disappointing . I was waiting for Pakistan vs Newzealand series. Have been paying them since 6 months. Just cancelled my subscription. Not worth it.

  • BA

    Most ever! I tend to never leave bad reviews even when dissatisfied, but this is ridiculous! They are such a ripoff! Started service in September-Cancelled in January. Worst customer service! We actually never had a good experience from the beginning. The streaming is awful…lots of buffering and freezing! When I contacted customer service about the issues, we were told that their techs would investigate and send out an update. We waited, and waited. Nothing changed! I contacted them again and was told they were still working on it. We waited and waited again! Nothing. I contacted them AGAIN and they were still working on it…They don’t send out any information to keep you informed in this process, to update you on their progress.. you just have to keep checking on it yourself! Who has time for that??? When I decided to just cancel because its a total waste of money- they don’t do refunds!!!!!! At all!! So now I am stuck with the service for another month because it has already been paid for. Even when I said disconnect it today and just refund the money….even prorate it back….Nothing! How is a legit business not set up to refund the consumer? Such a waste of money and time! Hope this saves someone else from getting trapped!

  • Pissedoffcustomer

    DONT SIGN UP FOR THIS. I signed up for the 7 day trial, i cancelled in time and they still charged me with no refund. Horrible company they can go F… themselves , service sucks Save yourselves and no deleting your account either. I have disputed this with my bank. POS company. Liars!! No one speaks American english. hire Americans

  • Scott Whiddon

    Networks depend on Market. The above chart is FALSE. No network availability in Gainesville Florida. NONE. Don’t expect to watch any sports on ABC/NBC/FOX OR CBS. If you like sports DONT cut the cord until Sling can compete. Right now they just can’t. I’m regretting it. Quit lying about it Sling. This is misleading.

  • angie

    They’re a rip off. They took my money, they won’t provide the services, there’s issues with the DVR, they took away my local channels, programs cut out, then i can’t fast forward to where I was – they want me to rewatch the whole damn show again!! I tried to get my money back and they refused. They took my money, didn’t provide the service I was promised and wont return my money.

  • Cherie Michelle Long Styer

    BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU CANCEL AFTER 7DAY TRIAL. Make sure you get an email stating you cancelled. I cancelled my initial email account online because my card wouldn’t go through for some reason to take advantage of 2-month/Roku deal. Liked the service, so the next day I went in and set up a new email account and was able take advantage of the 2-month/Roku deal ($49.98 taken from acct). Discovered later in the month that another $24.99 charge hit my account from the cancelled email account. Called CS and they say they can’t find my original cancellation and somehow I accidentally signed in under this acct (instead of my new acct) on one day during the month so they will not reimbursement the money or credit my other account, which they can see service for. More frustrating is the fact I cannot verify the information they are stating anywhere in my online account and they cannot send me proof of this usage via email. CS apologized for the inconvenience and said they could understand my frustration. Spoke to supervisor with same end result. I have not decided if I will be cancelling the other account after my 2 months already paid for service are up. I did explain to them that this was not a good start to this service and I was glad this was a month-to-month service I could cancel in the near future.

  • Zuri

    Did anybody dispute charges with their bank and how did it turn out?

    • Nirav

      no customer service provided from Sling but when I disputed the charges in bank, Sling provided that terms & conditions page and quick support to bank for the verification and my credit card got charged with the amount

      • Laura_P

        Im still fighting with my credit card, Sling showed them their terms and my bank said sorry they wont refund. I reopened the dispute and told them to cancel my credit card if they do not refund my money. I cancelled on the 7th day of my FREE trial and they charged me and will not refund my money cause I didnt do it on the exact minute.

  • William Foresman

    Worst customer service I’ve encountered in some time. My mother-in-law clicked on a PPV event that was a week away and they refused to refund it. Their solution covered me for “next time” but cost me $73! Cancelled immediately!

  • Doris C

    I will also tell everyone I know that sling has horrible customer service. I cancelled my “free” trial on the correct day, but they hold you to the exact MINUTE that you signed up and wouldn’t give me a refund.

    • Laura_P

      Had the same thing happen to me…this is now my mission to warn others what a crappy company this is.

  • Bob Merlin

    The Sling TV “FREE” trial is a scam! The day before the trial expired, I went to the site, clicked “cancel” and answered the questions and I was done with Slime, er, Sling. Wrong! A couple of days later I see a $19.95 charge from Sing TV. I called Sling and complained and they said they had no record of my canceling and asked if I had an e-mail from them about my cancellation which I didn’t. They said since I didn’t havethe e-mail I didn’t cancel so they would not refund my money.

    So beware of Sling as they aren’t honorable people. Seems be a recurring theme in the communication biz!

    Maybe we need a class action law suit?

  • Nirav

    WORST Service ever I’ve seen. No customer service support. So confusing website and so confusing plans. I would recommend only one thing that NEVER EVER GO with Sling when you have any other options available [even if other are costier] and another thing is, never ever provide your credit / debit card details. You never know when your card is going to be charged automatically for which you’re not even aware of it

  • Rick

    I live in the Detroit, MI area. With Sling Blue will I be able to get Fox Sports Detroit for Red Wings, Pistons and Tiger games


  • Watches With Wine

    I just tried to open a Sling account with the two month pre-pay option and the free Roku Express. The sign up process enrolled me in the 7 day free trial while I was trying to choose the free Roku option, thereby preventing me from actually being able to get the Roku. They consider the 7 days and the Roku as two separate “free” offers, even though the website states that the 7 day free trial would be added to the end of the pre-paid two months. Chat support told me there was absolutely nothing they could do, which of course is completely untrue; they can do anything they choose to do with their accounts. It’s the classic bait and switch, a fraudulent promise of a product that they refuse to deliver. They really should be criminally charged.

  • Larry Divine

    Do I need a smart tv to use Sling tv?
    I have a Samsung DVD, would that work?

  • Christopher Finley

    Beware – Sling TV is a SCAM company. As thousands of other online reviews have noted, Sling TV has very rude customer service that will do nothing to help resolve issues. They currently have a C rating in BBB. Sling TV will trick you into purchasing products / services that you do not want. Further, they have absolute no refund policy.

    Do no even click in the 7 day free trial. You will regret it!

  • Norm Bogunia

    I’ve had Sling a few diff times and found it “good.” I’ve had Vue consistently for about a year and find it Great. My main complaint with Sling, which won’t bother those not as picky as me, is that I know they can take their picture quality from good to pristine. Vue’s pic quality is fantastic, with hardly any glitches/issues. I had read that Sling holds a little back to preserve the stability of the platform, but again, Vue manages to do it, so Sling needs to ramp up their game.

  • Uncanny_Valley

    I had to buy Sling TV Gift cards at Walmart/Best Buy (I only use prepaid cards that SlingTV doesn’t accept) and I had to pay $9 fees to get 5 gift cards at $25 each. I opened an account picking my selection and deposited $125.
    A FEW SECONDS after I submitted my order I realized that I had not added the Sports Extra which was the reason why I ordered the service in the first place. Since my lineup cost $70 and I had $125 deposited in the account I thought I could add the Sports Extra but SlingTv wouldn’t allow it despite my phone calls. They claim that the $125 is already used to buy service until March 20, therefore I need to come up with new money to get the Sport Extra.
    What kind of logic is that? I have more money in the account than a month of service but I can only buy the initial lineup with the extra credit on the account and must come up with MORE MONEY in order to buy new extras.
    This is the kind of corporate greed that cable companies display on a daily basis that made me cut the cord in the first place but it looks like the likes of SlingTV are as bad or even worse.
    I am stuck with them until March 20 and must spend another $18 to get the Sport Extra for 53 days (Yep they also prorated forward the Extra to match the money they stole in the first place.).

  • Tea67

    DO NOT get the free 7 day trial. I started it 12/17 and cancelled on 12/23. I got my January credit card statement and I opened it to find I had been charged on 12/24. I found this on January 25 so they had charge me in January too! The first thing they asked was for me to send screen shot of cancellation email. I could not find one. They sent me an email 12/17, 12/18, 12/19 & 12/21. It is funny I have not received any other emails since those dates. So I went to cancel AGAIN and when I did, after I answered the question why I was leaving it went back to the original screen. I signed in again and it asked me again why I was leaving I did it again. Then it said “Goodbye for Now”. Apparently you have to cancel 2 times to work. I screen shot the Goodbye and saved the chat. DO NOT do the trial unless you are prepared to pay a month or two. I dont know if I will ever use them again because I think this is all deceitful.

  • Yellow byrd

    Terrible Customer Service!!
    Had a snotty girl named Julia, wouldn’t help me sign up for the trial. Got snippy , when I tried to ask questions. NOT A GOOD WAY TO TREAT CUSTOMERS,,Who btw, PAY ur salary. Lost a customer before even had a chance to check out services!!

  • Whyyyyy

    Why is Sling taking so many episodes off of the kids shows & not putting more back in their place??? When we 1st started with Sling there were lots of episodes of Rapunzel, Elena, Paw Patrol & many more & this is the whole reason we started Sling, now there might be 5 episodes of each!!! We didn’t mind paying $27 or $28 on top of paying for Netflix because what shows weren’t on Netflix they were on Sling! We are getting ready to cancel Sling, our little girl is tired of watching the same couple of episodes over & over! We’ve only used live streaming once or twice since we started 4 months ago! We even pay extra for the extra Disney channels!!! Why is Sling taking all the episodes off????

  • Use it Whenneeded

    Never get sling TV and never take the free subscription. when create the free subscription they say 7 days alone but they will charge you before end of 7th day saying time is over and you have been charged.
    I took subscription on 23rd Jan, once its intitated they website show free until 29th Jan but when I went to cancel it at 7PM they have already charged my $27 and when I contacted the support they are saying ur free subscription has been over at 6:57PM and they cannot do refund.
    That was really frustrating and I have never been such a case in my lifetime.

    Please never get or even try their service.

  • gwendolyn o

    I joined Sling blue. My account was double charged with no refund. Sling tv has constant interruptions. I missed much of my programs. I do not recommend Sling TV. I am so disappointed. They would not even refund one payment, and can not give good service. I cancelled my account with Sling tv.

  • gwendolyn o

    I just cancelled after after 10 days.

  • Sam

    Worst TV experience. Started trial. It is very slow and navigation is horrible. Don’t take Sling

  • Sam

    Cancelled after trial and still they charged . Very bad experience and TV is very slow and navigation is very difficult

  • Lauren

    TERRIBLE. It’s such a scam. Blue & Orange each come with different bundle add-ons, so by them time you set up the channels you like, it ends up being the same or MORE than cable. I made a mistake and signed up for a more expensive option – quickly realized what I did – since the website DID NOT MAKE IT CLEAR – and canceled it. Turns out I can’t get a refund – they only give you credit, which is pointless because I’m cancelling. I got the air tv bundle and everything. $200 LOST. And they were NOT helpful at all! Stay with cable people.

  • knowledge13

    I cut the cord yesterday except for internet with spectrum/timewarner. I signed up for slingtv. the only problem is it freezes up sometimes. what can I do to reduce this?

  • Alan Spear

    We like Sling and use it every day, HOWEVER, their customer service and communications with customers are absolutely horrible. They notified me in November that they would no longer support my Channel Master unit, but provided no information as to when that would occur. I’ve been trying to get that answer ever since, and it’s the middle of February. Channel Master doesn’t know either. We’ve had Sling for nearly three years and the customer service has been universally bad — fortunately, we have not needed it much. So, if you get Sling, hopefully it works for you, but don’t expect any assistance from the company.

  • Chelsia Entenman

    DON’T expect your cancel subscription to work unless you call in. I canceled online and got a confirmation saying it was canceled. Didn’t know I should receive and email or anything else. Assumed the system did it’s job and canceled my subscription. Well to my surprise the next month I get charged again! I call in and tell them this and they tell me they can certainly cancel the service but will not be issuing a refund since their system doesn’t show I have canceled!!!!!! Are you kidding me! So since your system is crap I get to pay for crap service I don’t want! Even after talking to a manager I got the same BS response and was REFUSED a refund. Great customer service Sling! Keep this up and there won’t be anyone willing to pay for your crap. I know it’s only $25 but still it’s the point that as the customer I should feel secure in knowing when I cancel service, it’s canceled and I don’t have to do 5 other steps to cancel!

  • charity Daniel

    Sling is a total rip off. CRAP APP. Sorry folks… Too good to be true is definitely the case with this “tv stream”. Sure alecarte… Not really. You still have to pay extra for the main channels you want as they don’t fall under one option. You are pretty much forced to get the full packages and pay extra for extras to get the 5 or channels you want. Rip off. To top it off, you’re lucky if you get to watch it without errors, black screens and constant buffering. Customer service is NO help.

  • Michael Strahan

    So we haven’t had cable tv for a long time, and I thought I would sign up for an online streaming TV service so we could watch the Olympics. After reading a few reviews, we landed on Sling TV. HUGE MISTAKE! Despite their claims to the contrary, we never were able to watch a single event from this year’s Olympics. They offered a free week, and my last log in was two days into that. Didn’t work at all. So the week went by, and they charged me $34.95. I just called for cancellation and a refund, and was told that it was “just our policy” to not issue refunds. I explained that I never received their service, and they apologized but didn’t refund me. Very poor customer service, and I won’t be back.

    • Osumo Matata

      I thought I was the only one who encountered this “no refund” robbery despite me unsubscribing two days before my apparent “free trial” period lapsed. My warning to those planning to try this thing is that they should be willing to part with the amount charged for the “free trial”. That’s just the way it is. I was so pissed off with this outright theft!

    • Cheryl Bibby

      I had a similar experience. Streaming was pixelated and kept freezing, menu was painstakingly slow, signed up for “extra olympic coverage” that didn’t actually seem to exist, and since i gave up on watching forgot to cancel in time. Now I’m stuck paying $45 dollars for a month of service I don’t want and can’t even use and customer service won’t even refund the extras because i cancelled a day late. They’re making a lot of money this Olympic month by holding people to that fine print despite terrible performance.

    • JLD McGregor

      Exactly. They must earn a small fortune not refunding people who cancel within that first week and get charged anyway.

  • Diane Cappalli

    I have to say I have had no problems with Sling. I get to watch channels that I like. If you want to be a cord cutter, Sling is the way to go. I am saving 105.00 a month from cutting the cord. No more paying outrageous prices for channels I don’t want and unnecessary charges for equipment. 100% happy with Sling.

    • snowdog

      Honestly, I don’t believe you. You sound like you work for sales at sling. How are you “saving” $105/month. Sling is at least 20, and that’s for like 25 channels or something. Were you paying $125/month for 25 channels? No, you weren’t. And I’m sure you don’t watch all the channels on sling anyway. Sling packages them for you and manipulates them, putting some sports in blue, some in orange, and if you want them both, then that’s more more more.

  • Juliet McLean

    Well, I was sold on Sling TV until I read the above statement that Sling was an affiliate of Dish TV. Now we all know that Dish TV is the worst satellite company in the US. Also, I don’t totally understand their offer because I live on top of a mountain it is very difficult to get any satellite service so do I have to have an internet connection from some other company to get Sling? I don’t get it?

  • Anthony Manno

    I like PBS TV station, can I add this to a Sling Blue package and if so what is the cost

    • Maria Millett

      Hi Anthony! We recommend using antennas to access local channels. Good luck!

  • Agnes Flores

    Does Sling also offer the Discovery channel?? I didn’t see it on the list.

    • Maria Millett

      They do not. However, DirecTV Now, Playstation VUE, and Hulu LIVE all have it available.

  • Shane Torres

    I’m considering Sling TV. I’ve got Comcast 150Mg connection. Just wondering if I have 3 TVs going at the same time all using either a fire stick or Roku device, will I experience a lot of buffering?

  • Shane Torres

    What kind of internet speed package are you paying for this almost sounds like a Broadband issue?

  • Tony Rivera

    DO NOT SIGN UP FOR FREE TRIAL! I signed up and deactivated on 6th day because I liked another internet based option better. Later on they send me and email saying welcome back. I emailed back in the same hour that I did not and to cancel. They would not give me my money back. And the same thing happened again a few weeks later! They weaseled me out of $44! And would not give my money back!

    • snowdog

      They charged me for a month on day 6 of the free trial. Those darn pirates, er capitalists!!!

  • ron44

    I see nothing for FOX news channels and One America News..?

    • Maria Millett

      Sling doesn’t have FOX news, but most other streaming services do!

  • Collin F.

    Can my family watch Sling TV on multiple tv’s? Like in 4 different rooms at the same time all watching different programs.

    • Maria Millett

      With Sling Orange, it’s only one device at a time but with Blue, it’s three devices at a time.

  • Saria

    Indeed , This is a Fraud Company. they charged me $50 When I called them they said they cant refund me my money. I did not use there service
    Very Bad customer service provided by Joe I6I and Migal DDG, both of them refused to provide me there last name . I am going to call my bank and place this charge as fraud

  • Scott

    Do NOT trust them with your info. My account was hacked, reactivated (I quit sling months ago), and I canceled within 24 hours. Sling refused to do anything or refund the month fee. I wouldn’t trust that company with any info, especially given their competitors with better service (Hulu, Youtube, and DirectTVNow).

    • JLD McGregor

      Yes, Sling is a total rip off. I tried it, wouldn’t work with our internet connection. Called, cancelled, received an email telling me what to do if I wanted to continue, then was billed for it. When I called they said I hadn’t cancelled. I forwarded their “what to do if you want it again” email to them and they said that is NOT considered a cancellation. I had to have a CODE. Totally refused to refund my $. If I hadn’t been ill at the time I would have written to corporate office but figure that too would be useless after seeing other views. Be Very Careful.

    • Linda Bryan

      I agree. Cxld in march and just got billed affain and they refuse to refund.

  • Valerie

    Strange…I’ve had Sling Blue for several years now. I can watch the same channel on two TVs simultaneously. Because of the stream…they may not be perfectly synchronized (a few seconds off), but it does work. You may want to call customer service about that….

  • Scuba Snacks

    We are cable users and yes the cost has risen again – over $200 / mth for internet & cable. After reading these reviews … NO way will we be switching. Had DISH service a year ago & it was HORRIBLE !!! Poor service, stealing my money thru direct pay even after I canceled their service. 2 months after I canceled their service & returned their equipment, they did a direct pay thru my financial institute & said no refund for the service they provided. Filed a dispute with my banking institute (I won) and DISH turned me over to a collection agency for 2 months of service when I didn’t even have their equipment & filed a dispute with them & won. I will have NOTHING to do with DISH or Sling TV. Plus I hate loosing a signal during a movie = no patience. May be “cheaper” but not in my book !

  • Samuel Seeley

    Thumbs down!

  • Jason Ensley

    With sling Orange channels it’s one device at a time and with sling blue channels it’s up to three devices at a time.

  • Gary Marchant

    Can I record a show on a TV/DVR in one room and watch that recording on a TV located in a different room?

  • Leigha Kurz-Garrison

    Signed up on 3/18 for free 7 day trial. Cancelled 3/24 online. The cancellation process took over an hour due to constantly being barraged by questions like “are you sure?” like being interrogated as a murder suspect. Finally managed to cancel. Got charged ANYWAY on 3/27. Called Sling to report the issue and request our refund. We were told “no” and our confirmation number was demanded. Now, I personally expect a business to be competent enough to not need to utilize a confirmation number to prove the hour of work I put in to cancelling their service, so of course, I freed up space in my inbox and deleted the email. At that point they refused to assist with a refund. We escalated the phone call 4 times with NO ONE willing to assist us. I ended up having to call my bank to dispute the charge and will be getting the funds returned to me in just a few days.

  • zacharycat

    I have not had sling long and find it to be very unreliable. Supposed to save money over cable but if need to spend a fortune upgrading to the most expensive internet where is the savings? I have streamed many other broadcasts without the technical problems I have had with sling.

  • lcs1956

    My experience with Sling on Cox Cable (using Apple TV) is increased buffering and highly degraded bandwidth in recent months. None of the other Apple TV streaming apps do this, so either Cox is deliberately targeting Sling or Sling has bandwidth issues going through Apple.

  • Katie

    I cancelled service because of streaming issues. After ensuring it had nothing to do with our technical capabilities and the only service that had streaming issues, we decided to cancel. I cancelled 2 days before our auto renew billing was to occur. I was still charged. I followed up with Sling and they stated they didn’t show a cancellation on file. I had to cancel a second time and they would not refund the money even though it was right after the new billing cycle started that I cancelled again. Very poor customer service; no effort made to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. The product is poor and so is the customer service.

  • Rebecca

    I know many use and love sling but they probably have not had to deal with their customer service. We tried a free trial back in February which we cancelled. Somehow the cancellation did not go through and we were charged for March and April (we had somehow missed March when reviewing our bank statement). We have not logged into our account and thus not used their service since we cancelled (they too see this in their records) however their policy is to offer no refunds. Ever. For any reason. I even talked with the supervisor but no refund will be given. So we have just paid Sling $150 to NOT use their service. If you are considering Sling, don’t. It’s not worth the hassle. Find another cheap TV option.

  • Kevin Halls

    Sling isn’t all it is cracked up to be. It buffers often, it freezes often, and it is unreliable. I haven’t found or looked a pay service that is better. But the Roku channel and Pluto do not have nearly the problems of Sling.

  • Catherine Bersani

    Amazing how the liberal entertainment moguls completely eliminated Fox News from this inexpensive alternative to cable. Another subversive plot to brainwash the populace.

    • Mike Stephenson

      stupid business decision

  • asda kris

    Totally customer unfriendly. Sold a cricket package for one year with repeated ads claiming they would show the premier cricket event (called IPL). A couple of days before event they decided they could not broadcast show. While thats understandable they then refused to refund charges even though purchase was made just 5 days earlier. Spoke to even manager and they said basically go to credit card and do what you want, but we wont give your money back.

  • Dawn

    Terrible customer service and subpar selection of channels compared to their competitors (I only kept them because I have a 3 year old and they have the kids channels I need so I didn’t change earlier). After 2 years of service, they wouldn’t refund the month I cancelled, being 2 days past their billing cycle. I’m paying for 28 days that it’s already cancelled. What a ripoff. I’m disgusted with this company. Use your judgment but I’d never go back to this badly run company.

  • Dawn


  • B P

    I’ve had Sling for many years and I”m happy with the selection of channels available. It streams for the most part in 720P. It really helps to have a good android streaming device like a Roku or Nvidea TV to avoid buffering issues.
    Sling TV gives you instructions on how to add HBO NOW but when you try to find it on their menu its nowhere to be found so I have to get it from the Google App Store. Aside from thus small complaint I think its the best thing out there.

  • B P

    try to connect with ethernet cable and a good streaming device.

    • Joe

      My service is hardwired via Ethernet and I experience same thing. Really enjoy the format…just what I need and am looking for and price is right. But for crying out loud invest in solving the buffering issue before you experience a groundswell exit by your customers.

  • David Smith

    Why does Sling show the same commercial over and over again. I mean I will see the same one up to 5 times straight before going to another one. Very annoying.

  • Linda Bryan

    I had sling tv for a few months until i discovered Hulu live. I canceled Sling in March and just noticed they billed me for May. They say i reactivated it during a time/day i was at work and say im good until june now andvthey cannot isdue refunds. Beware!

  • Middle America 2

    I see a lot of people are not getting refunds, did you not file a complaint with your credit card company? I always get a refund when I file a complaint with the credit card company, give it a try

  • Erwin

    SlingTV works okay, but prepay practice is not flexible enough. I was led to believe the airtv player promotion would provide me with the functionality to share the antenna signal on my home wifi. When I discovered 12 hours later that this was not the case I contacted Sling to cancel the promotion and my 3 month prepay. I had not yet received any confirmation by email for this transaction or that anything was shipped. However both thru chat or by phone I was not able to get an acceptable resolution. In both cases the representative did not want to reverse the 3 month prepay. I will contact my credit card company to get resolution that way and will find another streaming service for the future.

  • Gnome Sane?

    Anything having to do with Dishnet is an absolute no-go for me. I had Dishnet many years ago and their customer service was terrible. We had four receivers in our home. Dishnet decided to do an OTA upgrade while we had one receiver unplugged due to construction. Long story short, the receiver that didn’t receive the upgrade no longer worked. Dishnet, while passing me around to several people, told me there was nothing they could do and left me with an inoperable receiver. I immediately called Directv who gave us a smoking deal on a Genie system. No more Dishnet for me. Besides, Sling doesn’t offer several channels that I watch.

  • Lori

    Do not waste your money on Sling. It skips and stutters, freezes and over all is a horrible streaming experience. They tell me that my 111 mgbtye speed may not be enough to live stream sports. Really?!! One button pushed by mistake on the Roku restarted our Sling nightmare. It has taken 30 days, $30.00 ,an e-mail address and a password to cancel the account. They can not credit my account, even though I called immediately. Beware. This is corporate America at its worst!

  • Harry

    Your freezing is due to trying to stream directly to your TV, this problem does not happen with a streaming device such as a Roku, which I received for free, for simply signing up and paying for 1 month, $25

  • Guest

    Cable / phone / internet was $306 last month. Have tried to previously lower this once a year for past two years. Bill gets lower for a few months, then creeps back up. Almost went with another setup but did not want a satellite dish bolted to my roof and a cable fed into my attic. In the past have tried to cancel landline (don’t even have a phone connected) but provider says that it’s just less expensive to “bundle”, and we always have caved. High bill due in part to about 4-5 purchased movies a month. Saw last bill and that’s ENOUGH! Settled on Sling as it allows me to “hunt” aka channel surf at least a little for shows as opposed to Hulu. Bought a Roku streaming stick / HDMI cable, set up was fairly simple. Went with Sling Blue + Orange. Not as many channels, but there are enough, and combined with Netflix provides ample entertainment for the entire family, and just get news online from trusted sources. Roku remote is very simple and appreciated. I believe I will save about $200 a month. Will buy at least one more Roku stick for one more tv (may try the fire stick for other tv to pair with Alexa) and iPad works as well. I also work from home and no issues yet with internet speed / streaming, but if that becomes a problem, I can get additional mbps for a nominal fee. Actually watching less crap tv and talking more with family, reading and exercising a bit more as well. I have unplugged three DVR’s and placed them and three remotes in a box to send back to previous provider. No more landline, no more physical boxes, will still keep 30 mbps internet with provider. Tha will be a very fun phone call to make. LOVE THIS! Can’t believe I waited this long, Thank you Sling!

  • Robert

    My brand new 65″ vizio device would not play sling tv. Never could get it to play. I cancelled a few hours to late, was auto charged and when I called them there was nothing they would do. Thanks for your money and you get nothing. Just another company that cares more about there dollars than the their customers getting service, customer service or tv service.

  • Caleb So

    Sling TV is awful. I signed up for the trial, made sure I cancelled before the deadline. Still was charged, and when I called customer service, they said I was two hours late! What a pathetic joke of a company. Reading reviews of people treated the same way in the past. I don’t care about 20$ but the service was so ASS, they DO NOT deserve it. Missed the whole first half of the NBA Finals game because ESPN 3 was blacking out and lagging. I would never recommend this service to anyone. GO with your local cable provider as it is the same price, and much more reliable. If you like Sling TV I feel bad for you

  • George Mcgnarly

    Sling doesn’t have any good cable news stations.

  • Emerson Allen

    If somebody got the same name as you sling is goin to Cancel your account and tell u there’s nothing they can do about it yo money just gone

  • snowdog

    All these servces suck. They’ve become cable tv on the internet. Bunch of crappy channels you don’t want (psvue gives me 4 disney channels) and getting real pricey. Can’t watch when you go out of your zip code either. Plus, internet in America sucks. Sucks. Slow, choppy, and soon to be throttled for poor people. And by poor people I mean 80% of Americans b/c our country is a piece of bleep that loves rich people and blames working people for not running over others on their way to the top.
    Right now I can pick 10 cable channels and get all local channels free with no commitment from my cable company for $21. That beats Hululive, psvue, sling all, and everything but those underground nerdy sites like the old justintv.

  • glen anderson

    I will be canceling my Sling subscription at the end of this month. I do not mind that they have commercials, but the somehow have decided to taylor the commercials to my local area and they are playing this stupid commercial like 4-5 times every time they break for commercial and its a very irritating one!

  • Miranda Curtis

    Been going back and forth with Sling Tv. They are charging me for two accounts for three months and there should have never been a second account. I never signed up and now I’ve had six people hiding behind a policy that does not cover what is going on here. One person says that I have two accounts on the same email then all of a sudden I have two different email. Funny how that works. Saying there is activity on the account. They are so concerned with keeping my money for that three months that they are willing to lose what could have been a customer or years. Extremely limited channels. There service streams pretty well until the last 10 minutes .I never 1st to the end of shows . Pretty frustrating .

  • Kelly Ringaman

    Can you watch any and all football games on sling?

    • smarine

      Not sure, but it has imho fartoo many sports channels, likely it has football,,call first.!

  • Steve Williams

    New to smart TV options – cancelled cable & purchased Sling TV. I did not realize how many commercials were being shown through Sling TV. It became too much! We found HULU and recommend it 100%! Come now Sling TV automatic billing – WATCH OUT! They claim to have not received our cancellation and charged again – REFUSING to refund. This is awful business practice & honestly NOT WORTH IT! Get HULU and enjoy television! Also, HUGE thanks to Amazon Pay for correcting Sling TV’s ills! HULU & Amazon – now these are Great companies!

  • Joe

    Beware of this company!! After cancelling my year long subscription and receiving a confirmation email, they continued to deduct funds from my credit card and although they agreed the cancellation was valid they will not refund the money they stole because “they are a prepaid company”. Never give them your credit card. If you must use their service, ask to be billed by mail and write a check.

  • Gar Vance

    I HIGHLY disagree with your website’s recommendations, and I read it thoroughly before deciding to order last week! BIG MISTAKE!!

    I’ve heard about Sling TV’s “Free 7-Day Trial” for a long time and as my local cable company gave us a 20% increase in our bill this month, I decided to make a change based on cable’s price increase.

    I went to Sling TV’s website and looked at their numerous options before choosing to buy a Roku Ultra for $50 in addition to 3 months of service. Later I found out that I did not qualify for the “Free 7-Day Trial” because I purchased the Roku at a discounted price. So highly recommend trying the Sling TV 7-Day Free Trial before any financial commitment. (I’m not sure how many people will want Sling TV after a free trial because of so many issues like buffering, pauses, hard to use interface with the app alone, etc.)

    On August 1st, one day after I placed the order online, I received an email from Sling TV saying, “Good news! Your Roku Ultra is on the way. Expect a package to arrive within the next few days. You’ll be watching your personal channel lineup on your big screen in no time.” This was NOT TRUE and set me up for an unrealistic expectation!

    On August 7th, eight days after I ordered Sling TV, I called them to inform them that my Roku Ultra has not arrived. It turns out that their week-old email was a LIE because the Roku had not even been sent, thus delaying it as much as an additional week!

    I have been playing with the Sling TV app since last week, but it is clunky and hard to work with on my computer and not nearly as easy or convenient without the Roku or other interface. The worst part is the channels often pauses or buffers, and that is REALLY annoying! Sling TV recommends a minimum internet speed of 25 Mbps and my internet is over 100 Mbps plus I’m hard-wire connected with a CAT-5 cable instead of connecting wirelessly, but still get frustrating buffering when I watch!

    So I contacted Sling TV today (via chat and phone) asking to cancel my subscription and refund my money. I did so because they had not fulfilled their email promise to me. I politely asked to get out of the contract and have a refund issued, but all three SlingTV representatives/supervisors I talked with told me that it was NOT possible because I agreed to purchase the Roku Ultra and 3 months of service. I was told “Sorry you’re unhappy, but we can not help you!”

    I was then promised by Victor that my Roku Ultra would “definitely” be here in 3 days (this Friday, August 10th.) So IMHO, Sling TV’s customer’s service won’t help you even if your complaint is fair and reasonable. I’m hoping the Roku will come by Friday and that this interface will make Sling TV a better experience. If not, I will re-connect to our local Spectrum cable and pay three times more for a much better picture quality, better customer service and far greater channel selection.

    In hindsight, switching to Sling TV was a bad decision for me.

    (1) NEVER sign up for Sling TV without a “Free 7-Day Trail.” (That way you can quit without going thru the frustration I did.)
    (2) Be sure your internet speed is high enough, and be willing to accept the fact that your Sling TV program will pause and buffer regardless of your internet speed!
    (3) The old saying, “You get what you pay for” is most often true! Paying 3 times as much for cable TV may be worth it as you get MANY more channels with a better interface and no buffering or annoying pauses of your TV programs. Plus Spectrum’s customer service IS far superior…I’ll give them that!

  • CL Bigler

    Despite any comments which will suggest I should have been watching what my step father was doing, I sent the following to Sling TV, and received a “… Sorry, we’re a prepaid service. …” response which is based on arbitrary language serving one side of the equation only. The service was utilized for about 20 minutes, and when I was made aware of that I gathered log in information and submitted a cancellation / refund request.

    Sent: My step father used my information to set up Sling TV in an attempt to watch sports while he visited me … he utilized the channel for maybe 20 minutes. I asked for this to be cancelled. However, you charged me any way in the amount of $34.99 which in turn caused an overdraft fee of $30.00 on an account I purposely keep at $0.00 as it is primarily only for incoming deposits. That account is now negative $64.99 because my cancellation request was not honored. I want the $34.99 refunded as previously requested.

  • smarine

    Ya its buggy as hell , microsoft should be ashamed . Got an error they could NOT diagnose,, never heard of it,,crap literally,,,anything better than this garbage…waste of money.

  • smarine

    DITTO, I had an error, they could NOTdiagnose,,,,flakey excuses ( expected from dish!!) ,never again!!!

  • smarine

    Not worth it,,,good price VERY buggy software, laggy overall,,,keep looking IMHO..had an error they could NOT diagnose,,,gave u p on me, I turned off service by callilng them, never again.

  • smarine

    I can explain why youre very WRONG.I got error using sling tv on xbox oneS, NEw unit,,got error (they are owned by dish network) they said, they have never ‘heard of’.

    error was: ! [1.0] .
    Never again, cheap, horribly buggy software,not worth headache.

  • Nick Olvera

    Stay away from Sling TV. Do not give into the free trial. After cancelling, I noticed I was still getting billed. So logged back into the service to check my account status and it charged me again for another month. Not only did it charge me for another month but also activated another account I had done a trial on so now it was charing me twice each month. No free trial is worth the pain, and horrible streaming quality as this service.

  • Jamey Quelle

    Agree with the negative comments below. In addition, I cancelled Jan 8. (The slogan claims to “Cancel at Any Time”), and was billed on Jan. 9. When I contacted customer service, they made it clear that NO REFUNDS were allowed even though I actually cancelled before the bill was to be removed. I assured them I would get my $65 worth of complaints out to as many people as I could. Also, if you watch any game, when the program time slot is over, the game just stops streaming-usually in the climax at the end of the game…. YouTube TV is much better.

  • disqus_uwQ3YoWzIc

    Sling became far too expensive. Remember you have to pay for the internet provider in addition and there are other free streaming programs out there. So I canceled the service intime, however they charged me another month. So in my opinion sling s..

  • Steve Callihan

    Sports Extra is $10 for Orange or Blue; $15 for both. I have Orange + Sports Extra because I follow 1) NCAA sports and 2) Pac-12 sports (primarily volleyball and softball). At $40/mo, that is still cheaper than any other plan with significant sports channels. I primarily watch CNN, the ESPN suite (ESPN/2/3/U), and Pac-12 Networks. I don’t want to pay any more than necessary for channels I’m never going to watch.

    Imagine a world in which YouTube TV (Google) and Hulu + Live TV (Disney) were your only real choices for live TV (a duopoly). We’d be right back to square one, under the corporate thumb. I want more choices, not fewer.

  • Steve Callihan

    I haven’t had any of those problems, on a five-year-old Roku 2 through a 32/4 Mbps connection. I don’t watch 4K and connect only two devices (Roku and a laptop).

  • Steve Callihan

    Three Hallmark Channels are available on the Lifestyle Extra ($5/mo for Orange or Blue).

  • Steve Callihan

    Paid slammers are nothing new.

  • TheBlueHelmet

    Notes to share after three weeks after joining…

    1. Blue Channel Membership is better unless you need ESPN. Blue can be viewed on multiple TV’s/phones.

    2. Live TV works well. The interface is user friendly. Press the up arrow to go to the main guide screen. Press down arrow to stay on current channel and scroll through what is on each channel at that moment. Grid Guide is standard program guide and Channel Guide uses icons and is necessary when selecting on demand content.

    3. The commercials when watching on demand movies and shows from a particular channel can be very irritating. They also seem to come up more frequently when fast forwarding at 32x or 64x.

    4. Whenever using a streaming service, anyone will experience some sort of lag and delay while watching something.

    5. Overall experience has been worth it thus far. I got rid of my cable box and cable subscription and only pay for my monthly internet which anyone would be paying plus the $30 for my Blue Plan. I added the $5 Epix monthly option to see if I like it.

    If possible, I definitely suggest plugging an ethernet cable directly into your television versus using wi-fi.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Sling does not include CBS in either plan, so I use an external antenna that cost about $27 on Amazon to get all the local channels and more.

  • Geoff Warmuth

    OK, so I’m interested. But I wonder about how reliable your technology. When I attempt to compare the Orange and Blue offerings on YOUR website I can only see the full channel listing of Blue. No matter how many times I click on Orange it always takes me to Blue. What gives?

  • TheBlueHelmet

    I recently bought the Sling Blue Subscription with Epix for an additional $5. It comes with 10 hours of DVR storage, so upgrading to 50 hours for $5 more per month is worth it. The Blue plan lets a subscriber have the Sling account on three different devices (TV, Tablet or Computer). Orange only includes one device. Orange is for subscribers that need ESPN and some other sports channels. The Blue subscription still includes NFL Network, FS1, and Stadium, though. Keep in mind that Sling does NOT offer CBS. I only get FOX and NBC on Sling Blue. I need an antenna for local channels.

    I like it thus far and would recommend giving it a try although the commercials for on demand programs can be irritating. Some programs can rewind or fast forward and other’s can’t. The app interface is kind of cool and enjoyable once I have gotten used to it.

  • Oliver Brown

    Decided to go back to sling blue due to missing AMC and the like. I have OTA and sling is perfect combination. In theory along with antenna I get over 110 channels with no crossover. I think this a keeper. Now when college football starts back up I’ll pay the extra to bring sling orange in the mix. Took a long time to decide what to use along side OTA. Sling is it.

  • Matt Baldwin

    Slingtv is below avg. Customer service has never been able to fix a problem. They make a ticket. Didn’t fix my problem and when I called to complain again, they “escalated” it. Doesn’t mean anything, just “escalated”. Wouldn’t waive the extra dvr fee that isn’t working, their response was to cancel it. Said only the home office could do it…..

  • Marc T

    It’s strange that Sling’s biggest shortcoming isn’t highlighted in this otherwise good article. Local channels. Sling does not have them, hence how they’re able to keep their price point lower than their competitors. If you want local channels via Sling, you need to purchase extra hardware, antennas and such, which for some consumers might seem like a drag in 2020, not to mention costly. That’s how it seems to this consumer, hence why I have to give Sling a wide berth for right now.

  • Steve C

    Sling got rid of NFL Network which was the only reason I chose it over YouTube TV. If they don’t strike a deal with the NFL by the start of the season I will have to cancel and find something else. This will be a major downfall for sling as many football fans will be forced to leave. Otherwise the price and service are excellent. Really sad to have to move on…

  • Dena Elizabeth

    Have had Sling for a week or so, and while watching it on my iPad (since I can’t figure out how to download Sling onto my living room TV (bedroom TV is fine with Sling because of the fire stick)) it stops working at many points during any given show and I have to go back in, find the show, then move the bar to where it seems it left off. So frustrating, happening 4 or 5 times a show. Definitely not worth it if this doesn’t change. Have to watch ads before I can even try to find where it left off.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    One thing that these comparison reviews never mention is the video frame rate, which is just as important to picture quality and watchability as pixel resolution. Cable, broadcast, and premium streaming services like YouTube TV, stream just about every channel in 60 fps. Sling, on the other hand, streams everything but a few sports networks and local Fox/NBC channels in 30 fps, which can be brutal to watch if you’re used to the higher frame rate. This seems to be less of an issue when watching on a computer monitor or phone screen, but on a regular HDTV (through, e.g., a Fire TV or Roku device) it’s noticeable, even with motion-smoothing turned on.

    Also, New York Mets fans should note that you will not be able to access Mets games on SNY through the NBC Sports app with Sling credentials, as some sites have erroneously reported you can. And, if you use an AirTV device to integrate local over-the-air channels into Sling, that will not work on a Windows PC web browser, and you’ll need a dedicated external hard drive to record anything from those channels.

  • Jeff Brock

    Absolutely the worst. Have had this for 3 months and it’s been terrible the whole time. Stops streaming multiple times throughout any given show. If commercials have not been programmed into that show, many times it goes to “black” during the period of time the commercials should have been running in that time slot. You can’t pause commercials. If you pause the actual show for more than 5 minutes it will not start back up at the same point you paused it at, and you have to start all over at the beginning. You can, admittedly, then fast-forward but it only allows fast-forwarding through the show segments, not through the commercial segments, so you have to watch those commercials (or black screen) all over yet again. We’re slinging this as far away as possible today and, though it will cost more, going with a much better service.