Spectrum TV Service Review

Get no-contract TV service that includes premium channels like HBO and SHOWTIME

Best for Basics
TV channel count
Spectrum TV® Select125+$44.99/mo for 12 mos.*
Spectrum TV® Silver175+$74.99/mo for 12 mos.*
Spectrum TV® Gold200+$94.99/mo for 12 mos.*
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* For the first 12 months.
Chantel Buchi
Staff Writer, TV & Streaming
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Published on November 30, 2021
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Spectrum TV’s packages are reasonably priced, all three channel lineups have most of your favorite popular channels, premium channels are included in your package, and (to put the cherry on top) it’s a contract-free service.

Spectrum is available in select cities in 41 different states, which makes it one of the most widely available cable TV providers in the US.

Without further adieu, let’s get into the details to find out if Spectrum TV is your next cable service.

  • No contract
  • Premium channels included
  • All channels are in HD
  • Low DVR storage space
  • Unclear second-year pricing
Did you know you could get Spectrum Internet?

Spectrum is one of the largest cable TV and internet providers in the country. If you're considering Spectrum TV in your area, then Spectrum Internet is probably an option for you too. Check out Spectrum's Internet plans to see if it makes sense to bundle your services. 

Enter your ZIP code and let’s see if Spectrum TV is available in your area.

How much does Spectrum TV cost?

Spectrum TV’s dollar-to-channel ratio is excellent

Spectrum TV won’t break your bank, and you’ll get a solid channel lineup with all three packages. You just have to decide which channels are most important to you (scroll down for the magnificence).

When you upgrade to TV® Silver, you’ll get HBO, HBO Max, and SHOWTIME included in your service.

If you upgrade to TV Gold, you’ll get access to HBO, HBO Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and EPIX.

We should warn you: these advertised prices are only good for the first 12 months of your service. After your first year, Spectrum isn’t clear as to what your monthly bill price will be.

How much are Spectrum TV's packages?
TV channel count
TV service type
Spectrum TV® Select$44.99/mo for 12 mos.*125+Cable
Spectrum TV® Silver$74.99/mo for 12 mos.*175+Cable
Spectrum TV® Gold$94.99/mo for 12 mos.*200+Cable
Data effective 11/19/18. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* For the first 12 months.

You can bundle with Spectrum internet, so you only have one hassle-free bill for both services. Expect to pay an extra $50 per month for download speeds of 200 Mbps for your home.

This is an ideal speed if you have multiple people in your household who work from home, download content, and stream simultaneously.

Spectrum’s internet is our second favorite cable internet provider because it gives you unlimited data caps without a contract.

Does Spectrum TV have a contract?

One of the beauties to Spectrum TV: there’s no contract. So you can cancel whenever you’d like.

Whether you move, need to save money, or choose to try a live TV streaming service, you can cancel without paying any cancellation fees.

Does Spectrum TV have fees?

It’s common for a cable TV provider to charge monthly for the TV receiver and DVR service, and Spectrum’s cost is fair.

We recommend getting the DVR service package if you plan to put a TV receiver in your living room, your bedroom, and your kid’s bedroom.

The broadcast fee for Spectrum is higher than we usually like it to be. Granted, it’s less than Xfinity’s broadcast fee ($20), but cable TV providers, like Verizon Fios TV and Optimum TV, don’t charge this fee.

At least Spectrum doesn’t charge a regional sports fee like some cable providers do.

How much are Spectrum TV’s fees?
Monthly price

TV receiver with remote

$8.99/mo. each

DVR fee


DVR fee for 2+ set-top boxes


Broadcast fee

Up to $17.99/mo.

Data effective 6/3/2021.

Keep in mind, Spectrum’s fine print says “installation and activation fees are extra”, but Spectrum doesn’t specify how much they are.

What channels does Spectrum TV have?

All of Spectrum’s channels are in HD, and there’s no other cable TV service that offers more HD channels than Spectrum does. And you’re most likely going to find your favorite channels with Spectrum.

Get the TV® Select package if you’d like most of the popular channels for a low price. TV® Silver will have HBO, and specialty channels such as Disney XD and the Cooking Channel. And the TV Gold plan is perfect for those who want more movie channels, like MoviePlex.

You’re going to want the Gold package if you’re a sports fan. Scroll down a little for the sports channels section to see the 30 sports channels you could have in your living room right now.

Spectrum’s TV® Select package includes the following channels:

  • ABC
  • Animal Planet
  • Cartoon Network
  • CBS
  • CNN
  • Discovery Channel
  • Disney Channel
  • Food Network
  • Fox News
  • FX
  • Hallmark Channel
  • HGTV
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Lifetime
  • PBS
  • TNT
  • USA

Spectrum’s TV® Silver package includes the following channels:

  • BabyFirst TV
  • BBC World News
  • Cooking Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD
  • GSN
  • HBO Comedy
  • HBO Family
  • Lifetime Movie Network (LMN)
  • Nick Jr.
  • SHOWTIME Family Zone
  • SHOWTIME Showcase
  • Travel Channel
  • Univision

Spectrum’s TV Gold package includes the following channels:

  • BET
  • Comedy Central
  • Discovery Family Channel
  • MoviePlex
  • MTV
  • Nickelodeon
  • Outdoor Channel
  • Paramount Network
  • Pop
  • Science Channel
  • STARZ Cinema
  • STARZ Kids & Family
  • TMC
  • TV Land
Bonus for on-demand fans

Spectrum gives you up to 50,000 on-demand movies and TV show episodes on top of your service! As you upgrade from one package to another, you’ll have access to even more titles to watch while waiting in the grocery store line or on a Saturday family movie night.

Does Spectrum TV have premium channels and add-ons?

Yes. Like we said earlier, with the TV® Silver package, you’ll get HBO, HBO Max, and SHOWTIME in your channel lineup.

When you upgrade to TV Gold, you’ll get HBO, HBO Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and STARZ ENCORE included in your plan.

But if you want the TV® Select package and your kids love the movies on HBO Family, or you want EPIX because you can’t miss out on Belgravia, make sure to budget for the additional cost.

How much are Spectrum TV’s premium channels and add-ons?
Channel or add-on
Monthly price
HBO Max $15.00/mo.













NBA LEAGUE PASS$199.99/season
NHL Center Ice$59.99/season

Fox Soccer Plus


Data effective 11/23/2021.

Which Spectrum TV package is best for sports?

The TV Gold package is going to be the best for sports, hands down. But overall, Spectrum understands sports channels are a big deal.

You’ll get eight sports channels with the TV® Select, 18 with TV® Silver, and the Gold has 26 sports channels.

If you’re a golf fan, this is the best provider for you because the starter package has the Golf Channel, which is rare, like the double eagle.

If you want more major sports networks, the TV® Silver package will be sufficient. And if you’re a fan of all sports, the Gold package will be a home run for you.

Spectrum’s TV® Select package includes the following sports channels:

  • Big Ten Network
  • ESPN, ESPN 2
  • FS1
  • Golf Channel
  • NBC Sports Network (NBCSN)
  • SEC Network
  • Spectrum Sports

Spectrum’s TV® Silver package includes the above and the following sports channels:

  • CBS Sports Network
  • ESPN Deportes
  • ESPNews
  • FOX Deportes
  • FS2
  • MLB Network
  • NBA TV
  • NFL Network
  • Tennis Channel

Spectrum’s TV Gold package includes all of the above and following sports channels:

  • beIN Sports
  • beIN Sports Español
  • Fox College Sports Atlantic, Central, Pacific
  • Fox Soccer Plus
  • MLB Strike Zone
  • NHL Network

Spectrum’s DVR storage could be a bit scarce

To put it bluntly, Spectrum’s DVR is certainly not one of the best in the industry.

Let’s open with the downsides and end with the upsides, starting with the most important feature of a DVR: the storage hours.

Spectrum’s DVR only holds 35 HD hours or 80 SD hours.

That’s not a lot when, over time, you want to record more than just eight movies, five NCIS episodes, three NBA games, and five episodes of Paw Patrol.

The other downside for you and the fam is the fact that you can only record two shows at once. This might be easier to get around than sharing 35 hours of DVR storage.

According to Spectrum, a DVR that records 150 hours and can record six shows at once is available. But we were dubious as we couldn’t find this option at checkout.

So if you choose Charter Spectrum TV as your next provider, we’d suggest calling and asking to get the enhanced DVR.

How much is Spectrum’s DVR service?
Monthly price

HD set-top box

$8.99/mo. each

DVR service for 1 set-top box


DVR service for 2+ set-top boxes


Now, for the upsides!

Spectrum’s DVR might be subpar when compared to other DVRs in the cable TV industry, but with that, you get lower fees. We kinda like that compromise.

Let’s say you need two cable boxes in your home and you want DVR service, how does Spectrum compare to other cable TV companies?

With Xfinity, you’d have to pay $15 for two set-top boxes, a $10 HD fee, and a $10 Cloud DVR fee, making your total $35.

And Suddenlink charges $17 for each set-top box and DVR service, so you’re looking at a bill of $34.

With Spectrum, your monthly price would be $28.

Which devices are compatible with Spectrum TV?

The Spectrum TV app allows you to watch live TV on the go when you’re waiting for your son’s baseball practice to finish or on your lunch break.

You can even use the Spectrum TV app as a TV remote and browse through channels, set up recordings, and access parental controls.

Spectrum TV is compatible with the following streaming devices:

  • iPhones, iPads
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Roku devices (second generation and higher)
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • Amazon (Kindle) Fire 6 and higher
  • Xbox One
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Vizio Smart TVs

Recap: Is Spectrum TV worth it?

Fair pricing, solid channel lineups, and premium channels included? Oh, it’s worth it
3.5 out of 5 stars
Monthly price
Available channels
Starting from
Data effective 11/11/2021. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Spectrum TV may not provide as many DVR storage hours as its competitors, but at least its fees are low compared to other cable TV providers.

The part we like the most about Spectrum TV: you get access to about 30 sports channels for $90 per month. That’s like the price of one ticket to a game!

Spectrum also rarely changes its channel lineup on you (which is common in the cable TV world), you don’t have to worry about a contract, and you’ll get free premium channels with the TV® Silver and TV Gold packages.

If you want a decent number of channels for a fantastic price and you live in one of these cities of the 41 states it’s offered, you might have found your next cable TV service.

If Spectrum TV isn’t available in your area or you need more DVR storage space, check out our top cable TV providers for other options.

What do you think?

Do you have Spectrum TV? What’s your experience with it been? Or do you like a different provider better? Drop us a comment below!


What channel is CBS on Spectrum?

Every location will be different, but to get a specific channel number for your area, enter your address on Spectrum’s channel lineup page.

What devices are compatible with the Spectrum TV app?

The Spectrum TV app is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhones, iPads
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Roku devices (second generation and higher)
  • Apple TV
  • Fire TV
  • Amazon (Kindle) Fire 6 and higher
  • Xbox One
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Vizio Smart TVs
Chantel Buchi
Written by
Chantel Buchi
Chantel is all about finding the best tv or streaming service to watch as many football games as possible to keep her Fantasy Football team in check. Prior to being a TV and Streaming Tech Reporter for Reviews.org, she worked for NFL Network and The Alliance of American Football. Before that, she received a B.A. of Communication at the University of Utah and an M.S. in Sports Journalism at USC. Go Utes and Fight On. Contact her at chantel@reviews.org

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  • Julie Jensen

    OMG! DON’T get this “service!” Their customer service is abusive. They list a phone number to call if you have questions about your bill. It’s right on the bill. I called it and was asked several survey questions about vacationing in Florida. I wanted to speak to someone about my bill. The questions demanded answers to continue. I answered no to everything and then was asked if I wanted to register for a cruise. I checked and re-checked. I called the number ON MY BILL. I did not mis-dial. The call finally hung up on me.

    I called another number I have for Charter and got jerked around by Brianna in the Cancellation department. She said she’d take care of things and put me on hold for 10 minutes and then the call was dropped. I called back and got jerked around by Eric for another 20 minutes. He insisted on reviewing my “options” FIVE TIMES!!! Chuckling here and there… GRRRR!!!!!!!!!! All I wanted to do was cancel the service someone didn’t cancel when I called nearly a month ago and was being charged TWICE for. He would not stop with the options. I SCREAMED at him to STOP and he STILL WOULDN’T. He tried to upgrade my service and charge me more money. He was trying to sell me! He tried to say that since I had the service longer than 30 days that I had to pay for it – remember, I canceled it nearly a month ago. He said that the call was not completed so whoever I spoke to then just didn’t do their job.

    Funny thing about that – I waited on the line after she said goodbye for maybe 2 minutes so I could do the survey but no survey so I hung up.

    So, back to Eric. I reminded him of the day I started the service and today’s date. It’s been exactly 30 days. He apologized and FINALLY did what I asked. He took off the charges and canceled the service. I’ve spent over an hour on this when it should have been taken care of nearly a month ago. Now I have a headache. Thank you Charter/Spectrum. Changing your name won’t help your service. Being honest and fair is all that will work.

    • A-7E STEVE

      I started when they were TWC, I can honestly say that since they became spectrum there t.v. service is the worst. The da**ed thing keeps freezing up and asking me to ” please wait “. I have had enough. Time to get a new provider. I am cancelling twc/spectrum. They even make Dish look good.

      • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io Scott T.

        That stinks. Let us know how your new provider works out. We want to know.

      • Pam Mull

        Amen. I have been with them Thirty two years and just received a new( ha ha ) price increase and when I called I was told to switch to someone else or shut my mouth. TIME FOR
        SOMEONE ELSE TO ENTER besides ATT.

  • Imakeugiggle

    CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS NOT CHANGED AT ALL….STILL HORRIBLE!! Just came back to Time Warner after being with Directtv the past several years. The day after they did the install I asked them to come back out because the remote in the living room was not working….they told me I would have to pay for the tech to come out!!!! Day 2 mind you!! Not to mention that the equipment is terrible from a technical aspect….even the tech that came out said that they have the cheap stuff compared to Directtv. With Direct all of their systems are better as well…Like the search for shows or setting up the recording of shows. On Demand is a joke as well with Spectrum. Spend a few bucks more and go with Directtv……I will be heading back there soon!

    • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io/ Trevor Wheelwright

      Thanks for your input, since DIRECTV is one of the nations biggest providers it’s nice to hear that you like its set-up and service!

      Feel free to jump over to our DIRECTV review and leave some positive input there for our readers!

  • mallory

    Spectrum is horrible. They dont offer whole house dvr and the customer service agents are rude. Time warner is incredibly expensive compared to others. I’m so disgusted with Spectrum. OMG. RUDE customer service, refused to give price for service after I waited for them to check for 10 minutes. HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE!

  • Matthew Smith

    I recently moved into a new house in area not covered by TWC. The last step is to return the equipment, of course. On top of the TWC services being absolutely terrible, I tried to return my equipment to a Spectrum location, being that they are the same company now right. Apparently that’s impossible, because it’s not specifically Spectrum’s equipment, although when I had a box outage, they sent a Spectrum rep? Now I have to drive 45 minutes just to return their equipment. If TWC wants their crap back, make it more convenient for your customers. Am I stupid or does it not make sense to return the equipment to the company they are supposed to be now?

  • Lisa Ramirez

    Just like some of the other reviewers, DO NOT GET THiS SERVICE. I was a TWC auto pay customer before it became spectrum and never had issues with the service, signal or payment. Life it self has forsakable things happen which can’t be prevented to the minute. I had water damage (fungus and spores invaded the walls of my home making it not livable)cause by an upper unit in my property and took me more than 4 months to get it livable, understanding that it will take me longer to go back on my property I determine to cancel all my services except the phone line (which is not land line and pay $10 extra on my alarm system for that reason) as nobody was living there I felt more secure living my alarm service. I went to spectrum offices on January to return the cable box and cancel tv and internet, I told them the property was empty and nobody living there but that I only needed the phone line due to my property been empty and me feeling more scure if something happened the alarm dispatcher can contact us on any of the phone numbers connected, hence why I didn’t return the modem as it is needed for the phone line to work so I assume it was fine and the spectrum associate didn’t specify anything just confirm my cancellation of services and I leave it like that, assuming my service is cancel and that is the end of the story. Like I said life itself has un forsakeable things happen, not even a week passed my cancellation I got rushed to the hospital with a diagnosis of a thyroid storm. I spend the majority of the month at the hospital feeling like a was fighting for my life, trying to desire wat treatment to follow and praying that I take the right one for me and my family, not a single of my thoughts where given to my spectrum service, on February I was finally better and could be in contact with my family I had radiation done and I was uncommunicated of the world. Little by little I re took my life back, still living out of the charity of relatives and friends as not a permanent address due to the water damage on my property. This month of March after not been on my property since January I got all of my mail, mostly junk mail as all of my payments ar done on line or with auto pay. I got the paper statement from Spectrum which is just a confirmation of the services paid by auto pay. This statement is $5 and change more than when I just had the bundle. I called customer service and they fought to the bone awfully unresponsive of my rant as i stated I am been terrible upset, let me just rant lady , but no, instance the “lady” been the supervisor Won’t let me rant at all until I run out of breath and then try to explain why I was charged, but oh! No I got interrupted and as a form of mechanism I interrupted back making my brain unresponsive to her explanations, in between interruptions I try to tell her in a sinical way that I was admitted at the hospital and I telling the doctor “wait do not treat me jet doctor let me confirm that my spectrum service has been cancel so I can spend the month feeling like s&@t afte treatment”. She said “well I had been admitted to the hospital before and that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to pay my obligations, and my response was as well as I know that!!! That is s why I have auto pay and that is why you got paid fo the month of February as I was prostrated on a hospital bed and I didn’t get my mail until this month of March, what I believe is unfair to me is pay for a service that I didn’t use, and her response was that I had The Who,e month of February to know I was been charge still . I have auto pay on most of “my obligations ” but it is no right that I have to pay for a service that I didn’t use in the first place and that I assume was cancel in the first place, after a while going on of with her it is a fact that she is getting me more work out than a tooth ache, so I asked to be transferred to another supervisor, she then allegedly said “this is an escalating position and I am it, I am the supervisor ” so aparantly she is the one and only supervisor so my advice to you SAVE YOUR BREATH, do not try to cancel your service on an spectrum office as aparently for what the “ms supervisor ” says it needs to be done on the telephone with a supervisor, which I am assuming she is as stated on my previous note to her response to me requesting been transferred to another supervisor.
    Keep it in mind that I wouldn’t had mind loosing the over $200 if she had let me rant for a while and then she could explain why I was stupid enough to know that my service is not considered cancel until I apparently called a supervisor to cancel.

  • JRay

    I hate Spectrum! I called because they raised my rates in November. I was given a big song and dance double-talk about packages. When I told the girl that I had whole house DVR and that I wanted it continued, she informed me that I didn’t. I told her that I most certainly did and she argued with me about it. I told her I wanted the same thing – no changes. I ended up signing for the silver package and was told the crap about being a legacy customer and that if I changed, I couldn’t go back to what I had before. That said, I expected the whole house DVR because I said I wanted the same thing and she said I would have it. Surprise! I came home today and wanted to watch a recording in another room and no way to get to it. After 25 minutes on the phone, I find out that it was not part of my package and that if I want it, I have to pay another 25/month for WHOLE HOUSE DVR. The only other option is to turn in my current extra box, which doesn’t have DVR recording capability, at the store and get a new one that will record. If I don’t do this within 5 days, the order will be cancelled and I will have to start over again. (Bet the billing will start at the first call of today – wanna bet?) I asked for the name of the president of Spectrum because I want to write him about his crummy, rip-off company, but the girl didn’t even know. i called FIOS right away to make sure our building is on the list. It isn’t in our neighborhood yet but the minute it is, I’m out. Spectrum sucks. Plus, the signal breaks up all the time or the screen freezes. Why they have all the extra moves one has to make on the remote to get to a recorded show makes TWC look good.

  • Shabana

    Since spectrum took over , our internet SUCKXXX . When I say sucks ,it literally SUCKS so bad that I want to throw their service bk to their face. We can’t even watch a movie or use anything without it freezing , breaking up or just simply not working. How irritatingly is it when u are doing some important stuff and the thing freezes. Not only it take s my motivation , it’s simply very very very frustrating. As am watching a movie right now and the internet freezes literally every 30 secs. Time to change the freaking service from spectrum. Their goes another customer who pays a lot in every bill. KEEP YOUR CRAPY SERVICE. You know the worst part is people knocking our door trying to convince to but more stuff to add. PATHETIC. U can tell am pissed. Sorry for bad review but it’s the truth n fact from our very own experience. Like what happened????

  • Carly Rios

    Never, ever, ever, ever in my life did I think I would ever be singing
    the praises of Time Warner Cable over any other company, but FOR GODS
    FURTHER!!!!!!!!! The 3 month period of outages I had to endure last
    summer while you “upgraded our internet speeds” was bad enough (thank
    you TWC for the measly but now-appreciated-in-hindsight $30 credit I
    received for that). However, I have been a TWC customer for 5 years.
    Any time I was late on a bill, I was always able to make a payment
    arrangement to avoid service interruption. And now you’ve taken away the
    ability for your customer service reps on chat and on phone to do
    payment arrangements???!!!! Literally, none of the 9 people I’ve spoken
    to over the past couple of days have been able to do anything for me.
    They tell me “the computer won’t let us do that.” “No one can override
    the computer.” “Your cut off date is the 29th, but your service could be
    lost prior to that because the computer does it and we can’t override
    it.” WHAT!!!! It is absolutely ridiculous that there is not a single
    human being in your entire organization that can help me with a payment
    arrangement, a credit, a pushback on my service cut off date, ANYTHING
    to help a customer who was with the company you recently purchased for 5
    years. Comcast sucks. TWC sucks. But SPECTRUM sucks more. I hope you go
    bankrupt, you idiots. I’m switching to Centurylink on Monday when they
    have my service activated.

    • Pam Mull

      Hope things are better for you now.Spectrum hit N.C. this year and all our month to month does is keep going up and up with less and less customer service.

  • John Dillon

    I can say I feel your pain. We have been waiting since Saturday to have our service transferred and to this day we still have no service and just a lot of lies and lip service. We will be switching providers and I would recommend that other due the same. There is no customer service to speak of. Worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. Plus they now want to jack up our price for tv, internet and phone to $350 per month. They are crazy if they think we are paying that much.

  • Claira Marie

    HORRIBLE!!!! I have had spectrum since January 27, and absolutely hate it! Hate it!!! Can’t get the remote controls to work half the time, and I know it’s not me because it’s the same thing in both rooms. I spent over a half an hour last night trying to get my bedroom TV to come on. Either the box comes on only or the TV comes on only and when I do both come on at the same time it keeps telling me there’s no signal. I still can’t get it to come on. And I have this problem all the time!!! And when your power go off for like one second it takes like 10-15 minutes for it to come back on. It is a frustrating and a complete and utter pain in the neck. I absolutely hate it! It is the worst cable that I have ever had in my entire life! And the DVR…is absolutely horrible! You can only record two shows at a time and you have to be watching one of them?! The whole purpose of recording the show is so that you DON’T HAVE to watch it right away!!!!! It’s freaking ridiculous! It’s archaic and VERY over priced! I miss my DirecTV but I can’t have it where I live. They’re the best!

    • Ron

      It’s you. Remember the remote is as dumb as user. The remote does not know if a box is on or off. It just issues a power command. Use the individual power buttons to sync tv or bad power, then one button will work again.

    • Al Maxted

      Spectrum stinks. My TWC contract ends in Feb 18’. Called about a new deal and was told those were only for new customers and my new bill will now be $230.

  • McArthurdw

    Horrible service! TV has been out for days! Totally down hill since they bought out Brighthouse Networks! Save your money!

  • PN

    I would give 0 stars if that was an option. Bright house/spectrum decides to randomly hike up set prices when they feel like it and claim that’s it’s because they have to keep with the costs they have to deal with. It’s absurd that no other company does this crap yet the supervisor went onto tell me that is actually normal across the board. No Mr. supervisor it is not. Any company but yours actually honors the price you signed up with from day 1 until the end of that contract period. Oh and I have only had them for 3 months! There is no mention of these random price hikes anywhere on their website and of course none of the agents tell you this when you call to sign up. I am quite disgusted by the BS. Oh and yea make sure you check your bills and never auto-pay because this company has not once gotten my bill right. They seem to always want to charge me more and then I sit on the phone with their customer service reps for hours every month. Sorry excuse of a company. Never again!

  • Nan Butler

    Holy cow how can a company screw up everything so fast? Ours went to Spectrum a few months ago and we have had more outages than in the past two years, the prices have soared with no notice or explanation and the workers who keep having to come out HATE the new rules, which make it much more difficult for them to do their job. It almost seems like they are trying to micro manage them, but that can’t work with a company this size! We’ve always tried to avoid the dish types, but they are looking awful good now to hundreds in our area!!!! Unbelievable ! I thought it was just local but it seems to be the same everywhere!!

    • Jacqueline long

      worst service I’ve ever had the guy didn’t even hook my house phone up right then when I asked for an extension they informed me they do not give extension my bill was 160 I played 100 called and discussed coming in Thursday or Friday with the 60 they cut my service off over 60 dollars I will not be using charter/spectrum ever again their internet and tv packages are sky high anyways

  • Benjamin Mickler

    Every single day the internet and cable tv drop on the hour or so and after a few min comes back. Calling spectrum is laughable since their reps act lost and confused and never have anything helpful to offer…I was told my bill would not increase if I didn’t change my services and since I guess the tech had to come out and pretend to know what he was doing and basically told my family he’s running out of time and unsure of what’s wrong. So here I am a bill increasing by the month outrageous prices for any service comparable to my current one. I am so sick of Spectrum, and AT&T burnt me in the past by continuing to charge me for the internet I had disconnected.

    Why can’t spectrum provide internet and cable, if they bought Brighthouse didn’t they inherit their infrastructure.

    Overall I miss Brighthouse so much and I HATE SPECTRUM and their laughable customer service.

    I figure I should just go with AT&T at least when I had them I had services I could use.

  • Jeff Emerson

    Stay away from spectrum!! Worst service ever!!

  • Evelyn Braswell

    Spectrum lacks honesty or customer care. This entity believes that it can conduct business and yet not follow the rules and regulations that the FCC, LFA has. We the consumer deserve the proper protection against such companies that perge the consumer. This company believes because no contracts means no rules are regulated. Now I am going to educate myself in such matters. Worst reception and equipment with terrible care towards the consumer. This company does not give fare trade of business for the almighty dollar. Salina was my service rep and she was the most hateful soul that made me want to cancel then and there and I did and of course she would not transfer to manager or supervisor so I could lodge a complaint against her inadequate service and hateful demeanor

  • Kim Huffman

    Today I was called at 5:10 pm telling me that my cable wire was down acrossed my road and the fire department was at my house. I was just a few doors up, so I was home in a minute. The 1st responders told me that Spectrum had been called and was on their way. The 1st responders had got the cable wire above the road and tied to a tree. The cable wire was still across my driveway. After I seen everything was ok, and I could do nothing at the moment, I left at 5:45 pm. I returned home at 6:50 pm and no Spectrum truck had been here. I called Spectrum and was told a work order was in and when I technichan could be found they would come. After calling back and talking to the technical supervisor and got the same thing. There was only 45 minutes in the work day and I have contractors showing up tomorrow with their work trailer. Remember the cable is down in drivewary and workers will be here in morning. I had a call back from another supervisor, stating what I had already heard. Whenever a tech was available they would be here. I stated that won’t help my contractors first thing in morning. I told them if the cable ever came down again across the road, I hope I was home and wouldn’t have the 1st responders move it out of the road and maybe I would get service, cause if someone got hurt due to bad service it would be on them. Their rates have went up, and service went down.

  • ani brioso

    I also RECOMMEND NOT USING SPECTRUM. THEIR SERVICE IS HORRIBLE. I have lost power for over 3 hours, twice in a month. Then on a regular basis, late at night, the power will go out or off and on several times. If I am working on my computer it will mess me up while working. In the first year, after I signed with Spectrum, prices were good. Once the year passed, they raise your prices and DO NOT CARE TO NEGOTIATE WITH YOU TO KEEP YOU AS A CLIENT. I am currently looking into finding another company

    • Ron

      What a moron. What does loosing power have to do with Spectrum

  • Jordan Watkins

    O well Bye TV and Phone come July 15 Spectrum is way to high much higher than Time Warner Cable was. They want a extra almost 60 dollars. For the same exact same plan I have currently. Then they wonder why people are leaving cable companies.

    • http://dev-reviewsorg.pantheon.io Scott T.

      Yeah, we don’t like the nonsensical price increases either. We usually have to call and act like we’re cancelling to get the same price as we were paying before.

  • drturl .

    Charter Spectrum is the WORST in terms of cost but especially customer service. We’ve been paying $213.00/month forever. We had a family emergency and mailed out a check late. I actually made 4 phone calls to CS to let them know and they said there was nothing ghey could do, our service would be cut off and indeed, they cut off our service (phone, cable TV and internet) this company could not get any worse foe providing decent customer service to paying people. IF YIU CAN MAKE THE SWITCH THESE PEOPLE REALLY DO SUCK BADLY. We have tolerated horrible customer service because if lack of competition. It’s THE ONLY REASON. We are now cancelling our service.

  • Suzanne

    Do not use Spectrum! My elderly mother has not had phone service for 3 days now and the earliest they can come out is 6/9 from 4-5? Really? Sat on the phone with them yesterday for over an hour the tech would call my son’s cell to confirm.

    This never happened and when I called them the second time 2 days is the best you can do? She has no service and cannot call out or receive calls. This is not acceptable. What if there is an emergency?

    Steer clear of Spectrum! We roll he switching both her and our services!

  • Levorne

    Spectrum is horrible they keep changing, replacing or taking away channels. Replacement with some kind of home made movies for example bounce to something called TBD and also got rid of grit. They will continue to lose customers.

  • Merry Reyes

    Spectrum cable is a disaster. I cut off of my cable and phone after I received a bill with 20 extra added. My triple bundle went from 148 dollars to 165 dollars. I called a representative and they basically told me that my promotional price had ended and that was the new price. They also said that I was still receiving a 40 dollar discount, which would mean that without the discount it be about 200 dollars. 165 dollars is still expensive considering I only had basic channels with no premium channels added to my account. And they charge a variety pass fee if you want other basic channels, which should be included in the basic channels package. My internet service was suppose to be 300mbps and it was never close to be lightening fast. My netflix was always buffering. Even with the modem they provided, which is suppose to make it go faster, didn’t. I was basically being charged lump sums of money for a service that is completely poor. Spectrum has stated that they want to give out quality service to customer, but they are not. From what I heard they are losing customers and they will continue to lose them, based on their new terrible tactics.

  • Tyjuana PhoenixEyes Adams

    On June 26, 2017, I call the 1-855-222-0102 number and set up an appointment for the hours of 8 to 10 to have my box and modem checked. They never showed. When I called the local number 407-291-2500 they stated there was no record of any call or appointment being made. However, when I called the 1-855-222-0102, they stated there was a record of the rep putting in for an appointment, but it looks as though it didn’t go through, like it had been kicked out by the scheduling department. So, now I have to suffer and wait for another appointment tomorrow, when it should be today. As soon as I find a review page I will put on it that Spectrum customer service is not what they claim on TV. Because right now the pixels on my TV are messed up and the volume goes in and out and the internet is having thinking problems. And a service that use to come along with the company messing up was a 20 dollar discount off the bill when the company messed up, but I guess the company thinks it doesn’t make mistakes. Well it made one heck of a mistake today. So, now instead of one day of waiting on an incompetent company, I now have to wait two days. Very bad company and customer service.

  • Joe Gordon

    After ten years with Charter (now Spectrum), I think I’ve had more technical issues with Charter than with every other service of any type over my entire life… combined. But they hold a monopoly in this area, so I have to stick with this horrible company. Their answer to every technical question is to reset your cable modem and hope the problem goes away. Sometimes that works. Most of the time, I just give up and hope the problem goes away on its own. Sometimes that works, too. Some customer reps are polite, some aren’t. Some know a little bit about the service, some don’t. If you persist in trying to get decent service, they will “escalate” your problem report. I have never, in the entire ten years I’ve struggled to get the service they’ve promised, ever had them follow up on an escalation. Some day we will move and I look forward to finally cancelling Charter service. I worry that the alternatives are just as bad.

  • Eveready

    Like the previous posters said: Charter system is in the dark ages. My house has been “rewired” to solve any connections problems. The boxes and system simply are trash, it is hopeless. Please, another cable company enter my market.

  • Flora McFadden

    I am so so so sick of being called by their sales reps wanting me to add cable to my internet and phone service. I have told them I do not and will never want to add cable service. I have asked that they stop calling me to no avail. I switched from ATT because of their crappy internet, but at least they didn’t call me daily!! I am trying to work people. STOP CALLING ME!!

  • Dodger

    This is NOT customer service. I was HUNG UP ON by a “customer service” representative today while trying to understand my account and billing issues. I encourage anyone to find the recorded transcripts of my conversations with 3 of your employees, passing me off to the next department. I was in NO WAY difficult to talk to or argumentative, there is absolutely NO REASON to hang up on a current customer! Is this what Spectrum customer service looks like? I will NOT remain with a company that does not listen to its customers AND raises my monthly bill every year.

  • James Fisher

    We stitched to Time Warner now Spectrum for better service and billing after talking to a representative and their commercials, we never received what they promised, slow internet, Tv was always freezing up and the phone dropped out we’ve had reps out and have made numerous calls. That’s another thing, when you do call a lot of times your having to talk to someone in India or Philippines. One of the biggest reasons we switched is the last company we were with would raise prices without contacting the customer. Spectrum is no different. I now know customer service is the thing of the past. As a regular Joe you’re just stuck dishing out all your hard earned cash to these arrogant companies. This is what happens when our politicians allow monopolies. I rate Spectrum as liars and on a scale of 1 to 10 – 10 being best – Rated a -1

  • James Fisher

    I forgot to mention what really set me off today and that when we received out new bill today it had increased by $20.00 dollars so when I tried to call Spectrum the automated person said there would be a $5.00 dollar charge to speak with someone. Really !!!

  • Kathy-kade Sanford

    Canceled my service and was told my balance would be $47. My husband took back our two boxes, remotes, cables and modem. I was charged for not returning 2 modems! Keep in mind first, I had ONE modem and second, the equip was returned!

    New bill was almost $400.

    Buyers BEWARE!!!!!!

    I do not recommend using Charter!

  • Maldonado Riddick

    I applied for service. They processed our payment and gave us an installation date. Today was that day. 8-9 or 9-10. I was up at 0730 waiting. At 1030 my wife call the tech says no one answered. What house did he go to. I have 3 German Shepard. If I didn’t hear him they would. If you don’t want to work don’t except the job. They said he called us but we didn’t answer. How do you answer a line that we don’t have cause THEY are going to install it. Honor your obligations. New name same horrible service.

  • I’m Done

    I HATE SPECTRUM!! They tell you one price and say you will have all the same channels but you don’t. Then nobody can honor the price you were quoted. Appointment set for Directv on Thursday.

  • Maryann

    I am extremely disappointed with spectrum. Paying for all the channels and then finding that perhaps, if I am lucky, I can get to see them 3 or 4 times a week. What am I paying for. I am tired of seeing the message – this channel is temporarily unavailable. – try again later – almost every night !!! You are generous with your 2.

    • Robin1950

      Same problem here…told them I’m not paying for service I don’t get..everyday channels go off..garbage equipment and service..they like to tell me it’s my tv…both are new…this company needs to be investigated for their shoddy practices and how they ripoff their customers. I’d rather read a book!

    • Ruthie Bishop

      HOW TRUE

  • John Bierkamp

    Well I’m glad I read these reviews before switching my service. I currently have dish, which I like but was looking for something a bit cheaper. I’ve had direct TV and they are a joke, terrible equipment, terrible customer service and terrible reception not to mention the insane price increases. Looks like I’m sticking with dish Network.

  • TMZ2

    Just wanted to add I joined Time Warner Cable and was ok with them. Merging with Charter to create Spectrum was not what I wanted. Spectrum didn’t exactly handle the merger well. Twc customers put on a legacy service. They will hopefully not be removed as we get everything we had before. My only concern is the cost for a dvr doubled so I don’t have a dvr. That’s thirty bucks more.
    I don’t know about anybody elses cable bills or packages or rates, but Spectrum is a bit expensive. Still if I was dumped to a Spectrum package then just keeping internet and moving to Directv Now because I want the same channels I have. There was confusion about Spectrum and services they offer and changes following merger. But I got to keep my packages. But this year it only went up less than thirty bucks from 147 to 170. Had it gone up further I would have switched.
    By next year may test Directv Now or look at UVerse if it is around. It is more about cost than customer service. I thought getting on a bundle would lower rates. So far the cost is so-so. The taxes and fees are what kill me.
    Service has been great though. With Time Warner Cable we had outages a lot. With Spectrum the big issue was confusion about merger.
    My original bundle with phone was to be 89.99 but with taxes and fees started at 118 bucks, but I did order an additional package and they increased internet speeds. However they put me on the Internet plan. It was done to all customers. The merger came two years later.
    I maybe staying with tv depending on what is worked out. The competitor UVerse I had three years but the price jumped. AT&T Buying DTV another mess. There may not even be a UVerse service. I could live with Directv Now if it has channels/packages I want and keep my internet service with Spectrum. I’m afraid I may have to shop for a internet provider if the net rates jump and honestly I need to keep the phone service. I’m not messing with a sat dish. It all comes down to what the cost will be next year or if I can live with a modifications. Would love to be on a service where I can afford a dvr. Directv Now doesn’t have it yet.

  • A.V. pissed

    Spectrum is WAY OVERPRICED. Cable gets away with raises for what they provide.I have a choice of 1 provider in my area. Isn’t that a monopoly?

  • Sam

    What I can’t understand If you are a loyal customer they want to screw you. new customers get all the best deals. I was told a month ago to call back in a month and they are going to give old customers a new and better deal But i was told from Showana badge # 17376 If she wasn’t telling a lie that i can cancel service but she is not doing anything for me but take some channels away and give me a five dollar discount I pay over 200.00 a month from my home and i use them for my business they will lose my business from my home and my business THEY SUCK

  • Jen

    On Demand never works when I’m getting ready for work in the morning. You have to reboot it everyday for it to move past one episode and the reboot takes about 5-10 minutes. We’ve contacted them and they send “refresh signals”, then you have to reboot. Now I don’t even call, I just reboot. We pay too much money to have to deal with On Demand, that isn’t on demand. Weren’t they supposed to have uodated technology when they took over Time Warner? This is a daily problem. I agree, a two is too generous for this company.

  • Jennie

    I have internet service with Spectrum cable. My bill was $45 a month. 9 months ago I added a landline which brought my bill to $68 dollars a month. I no longer need the landline and canceled it today. But spectrum is saying my bill will now be $70 a month without the landline. Tell me how that makes sense? I will be shopping around and changing services. Apparently they do not care either.

  • Jessica D’Anna

    Spectrum has been the worst decision I’ve ever made. There has been nothing but problems and added fees. I’ve tried calling, been left on hold for hours only for them to tell me they have no idea where these fees are coming from and yet I still have to pay them? Makes sense right. I just purchased my first house and this has been a big mistake. I will be sure to recommend any other cable company but spectrum to my friends and family. I’ve already posted on every social media and I will get the word out. I can’t wait to switch to direct tv. Absolute bullshit.

  • Raven Jones

    Time Warner now known as Spectrum has the WORST service I’ve ever had. I pay every month for services I can barely use. Technicians have come to my home many times & the problem is never fixed !

  • DJG

    I am not at all impressed with Spectrum. I just cancelled the cable and phone service after only having it since April 2017. I switched from DirecTV and have just had it switched back to DTV because their service and the satellite has always worked the best. Spectrum’s customer service has always been rude and the technical support has been something poor ever since I signed up with them. The best part of the service was the salesman who came to the door and sold me a bill of goods to switch.

    My recommendation: don’t use Spectrum! Run away from it! Choose another provider! As soon as possible, I will even be getting rid of the internet with Spectrum. I just needed it today so I could leave this review!

  • Donna

    Very disappointed. I honestly was a loyal Time Warner customer as I did not experience any issue and only minimal increases over several years as a subscriber. Since the migration to Spectrum, I am very disappointed. I received a notice that my rates would change as soon as my existing offer ended. I called and after several conversations with folks, cost would increase and I learned ‘Spectrum’ would no longer work with the customers and the price was the price….but there are no contracts so it is a great offer. Well OK…with little options locally I waited for my expiration date to approach. Days later I learned that all of the television’s would require a box moving forward at $5/box plus taxes. This was the last straw so I have since cancelled most services and have retained Internet and basic TV. I choose to go with a streaming packing from a competitor for premium TV viewing. Yesterday I received a notice in the mail that I could extend my viewing channels as well as save $5/month and that I had to call to receive the offer by 9/28. I thought great, sign me up. Well after an hour on the phone and talking with two managers the truth was that my monthly cost would increase by $16/month. I was told the letter was sent in error and there was nothing they could do. Again very disappointed that I received this response and there was no effort put forth to acknowledge and honor the offer sent.

  • MJ

    I HATE SPECTRUM! We have been in Time Warner for a long time and when transferred to Spectrum, they are the worst. The Accounts Team has NO HEART! They do not consider IF you are long time customer or not. They do not care about you!

  • Ean

    Worse company ive ever seen, internet goes down every 4-5 hrs and stays down for 30mins – 1hr, like wth am i paying for here???? My mother is trying to do her tests/school work over the internet and your failing her right now. Thank you very much for being a worthless company that steals money from people and is horrible with the customer service…………… thanks a bunch………NOT!!!!!

  • Brian Kinzig

    i would like to say as a service tech for spectrum i feel your pain of the unreliable service DVR not always working and getting an unnecessary message on your screen while it is evident you pay absurd amounts of money there are ways to overcome this first would be to only subscribe to internet service as that is the best product we offer and utilize the internet spectrum offers its tv app on many smart tv’s and roku players thus not using there equipment there are also other companies that offer live tv through an app available on roku the problem is spectrum doesn’t see them as a threat to there horrible equipment as a consumer i only subscribe to internet myself and rarely see any rate increases which is a benefit of going to streaming only services

  • Stephanie

    Spectrum Cable is horrendous. I recommend everyone to switch providers immediately. We’ve been customers for 10 years & just turned off our phone and cable because they were so expensive. All we kept was Wifi & they turned off our wifi today charged us $225 to turn it back on saying we “owed money”. We are NEVER late on our payments and never missed a payment or owe anything. This company is a scam and they’ll excessively charge you for crappy service and wifi that goes out 10 times per day. I reset the wifi several times on a daily basis, I’ve also had them replace the router several times and It doesn’t get any better. This company is just full of s*** and treat even their long term customers like garbage.

  • Lenny Morgan

    Spectrum raise my bill twice in 6months. This last time I didn’t even know . I’m paying $40 more for the same channels I had with bright house. I’m done with cable

  • Eden.

    Spectrum is the worst internet company to use. They are rude on the phone and their accounting department cant do their jobs. I cancelled my service six months back and they are now giving me a bill for the difference when they told me six months ago that i paid it. And instead of doing their job and trying to contact me in the last six months they instead put me directly into collections ruining my credit on their mistake and incompetence. Be very wary of spectrum business they will “F” up your credit.

  • Toni Zehnder

    Want to let all know about Spectrum. This company convinced me to switch from DirecTv, which I’d been with for 16 years. I was told multiple times and also called back to double check, was told I’d get an email to confirm, that their DVR does the same as DirecTv. I was on the phone for over 2 hours with Spectrum and was finally told the truth. Spectrum as I assume as most companies today ?? blatantly lie to get your business. So as I told the “supervisor” cause she informed me I have no recourse, that the only recourse avenue I have then is social media to let customers know Spectrum lies about what they can proved to get your business. Sorry for the length but I’m only getting started. So disappointed in the way of the world today ??

  • Jake

    Spectrum is freaking awful . Words can’t explain how crappy there service is !

  • betty

    When I got the service I was reassured that the fees would not increase I even bought my own router to save $$. Surprise at the 1 year my fees increased. What a disappointment. I called to ask about it and the rep. did not care. She offered to cancel my service. That was it. At least the other companies are upfront about fee increases.


    Spectrum app on Roku absolutely sucks!
    If you’re thinking about using this as an alternative to standard cable don’t waste your time…i.e you’re planning on cutting the cord by running the spectrum app on Roku for example there are so many problems it’s not even worth it to mention all of them. Suffice it to say it is not a viable alternative. Why the Spectrum people would not hire the proper people to make this work is beyond me. But they do what they’ve always done they advertise it as a workable product and its not. Sling TV has some issues as well but nothing compared to this. The most consistent service or app that I’ve seen is Hulu. I don’t know about DirecTV now because for some idiotic reason they only support devices on the same IP address which is not a viable solution for me and my family

  • Bruce

    Spectrum app on Roku absolutely sucks!
    If you’re thinking about using this as an alternative to standard cable don’t waste your time…i.e you’re planning on cutting the cord by running the spectrum app on Roku for example there are so many problems it’s not even worth it to mention all of them. Suffice it to say it is not a viable alternative. Why the Spectrum people would not hire the proper people to make this work is beyond me. But they do what they’ve always done they advertise it as a workable product and its not. Sling TV has some issues as well but nothing compared to this. The most consistent service or app that I’ve seen is Hulu. I don’t know about DirecTV now because for some idiotic reason they only support devices on the same IP address which is not a viable solution for me and my family

  • Brett

    I hate this company. The only thing I wish upon them is good competition. I will be the first to leave.

  • Brett

    It’s absurd to charge $65 a month for internet service only. I’m going to inquire to competitors and dump these crooks.
    Their bundle package is a joke. Lots of crap you don’t want. After state & federal taxes, you’ll be paying $125 a month for garbage. Been there, done that, not again.
    I’m done with spectrum. Poor, unreliable, and expensive service.

    • kiduknott

      Hey Brett, I’m with you on having to pay $65 bucks a month for internet service!
      I have to have it at my cottage that’s 4 hours from my home and only use the place maybe 5 months out of the year.
      I called and asked Spectrum if they had a plan where I could shut it off for the times I wouldn’t be there and was told no.
      In other words I’d have to pay a “disconnect fee” and then a “reconnect fee” when I wanted it back on!
      They did offer a one month service stop for like $5 but then I could only do that once a year. That didn’t do squat for my situation.
      Thank goodness ATT is now in the area so I plan on checking with them….plus I heard from a neighbor at my cottage that Dish offers internet as well now. Think its time to do some shopping for a new service!

      • Patrick Hennigan

        We’ve had AT&T Gigabit service for almost five years now with little more than a $3 increase in fees in that time. Yes, we are paying $81. But we have never had a drop in service or signal strength, and AT&T has been offering to replace our damaged CAT-5 Ethernet lines installed when our house was built to whatever is the current grade (CAT-7, I think) for a mere $145. Then we would actually be receiving a signal closer to what was advertised.

    • Carol Lewis

      I’m paying $73 a month for just internet.

  • Tami

    My area recently switched from Time Warner to Spectrum. I never in a million years thought I would want Time Warner back but I DO!!! My bill went up $25 per month instantly. When I called they told me they can drop my bill $25 per month if I give up 275 channels!!!! So they will put be back to time warner pricing as long as I give up most of my TV channels. #SPECTRUMSUCKS!!! #IWANTTIMEWANERBACK

    • Pam Mull


  • Greg

    Another night with poor cable performance while watching Monday night football. Time Warner was poor and Spectrum has picked up where they left off – poor.

  • Joey Mielke

    It is the absolute worst. We pay good money for charter, and it works probably less than half the time, we use our internet every single day. You are better off paying more for internet and having it work most or all the time, than having charter and having it work probably less than half the time. It is truly horrible.

  • Saadia Khanam

    STAY AWAY…. worst internet service.. worst customer service. It is all automated with some s!lly computerised voice and you have to wait over an hour to talk to a person , if at all it happens!!!! And then they keep playing passing the pillow with your call. They do not understand when you say you need address change, instead you will have two bills at your doorstep at each month. Any moment they will switch off your internet connection and the explanation everyone gives is “it is not my department”….. Before spectrum happened TWC was good but it is nothing but pathetic now. PLEASE STAY AWAY……

  • Mortimer

    Charter Spectrum is more than horrible. I was told by the salesman that Spectrum would pay for any fees to pay off the contract with DISH if I would go with them for tv, phone, and internet, and if I decided I didn’t want to stay after 30 days the installation techs would come back and set the tv back up. We would get such a good deal with a bundle, that was a load of crap too! When I called the Customer Service to tell them I didn’t want to keep service, the dude wouldn’t take no for an answer, I finally had to get stern with him and tell him to knock off the sales pitch and take care of stopping service. They had no intention of paying out any contract that I had currently. Now I have to take the equipment back to their store and have DISH come back out and pay them $145.00 to get their service back. I was lied to all the way around with this company. Do not go with Charter Spectrum, they are dishonest as the day is long!

  • Tierra

    The customer service reps lie so bad and they take money from your account and lie to you about getting it back.. I have been waiting 3 months on $70 that was taken from my back account , I’ve been calling and the lying customer service reps said it was in route in the mail then I spoke to someone 3 weeks ago who said “well it was credited on your bill, a check was NEVER sent” at that moment I canceled services and switched to DirectTV.. the worst and I mean absolutely worst company I have ever dealt with! Do not be fooled by them, they are no good!

  • LJ

    GARBAGE on all fronts!!!

  • Carie b

    Spectrum is horrible I had so much better service with direct tv…my tv either flickers as if there is a bad storm or half the channels are completely black then they all work for a day next day can’t watch tv again then on demand never works internet shuts off when it wants to bright house was great spectrum is the worst I pay 150 for tv phone and internet after year goes to 175 will not pay that for this crappy service they should be refunding me money for everyday I can’t watch my tv …there are to many cable companies to even waste your time with this one

  • Bryce Groves

    Can you pay for your contract a year in advance?

  • Gabs

    Hi we live in the NYC area and just switched to spectrum from Fios and I have to say so far very pleased w the service. They’re covering our termination fee and with the completion of the buyout form from spectrum and a copy of the last bill from Fios they have agreeed to pay. It was very easy to get done – service has been great – actually better than Fios ! And we are saving $60 plus a month and we get every channel and DVr is free .. worth every penny .. happy we switched

    • Pam Mull

      GOODS LUCK with that.Wait until next year and see what your bill goes to.

      • Carol Lewis

        Yes please update us on how Spectrum is so great them!!

  • JL

    SPECTRUM Too good to be true. I subscribed for the SILVER PACKAGE because of the offer they gave me. I get my FIRST bill yesterday and they are charging me $218.66!!!???
    Here’s a part of the chat transcript on 11/08/2017

    Katherine P.: at 8:56:27

    Just to make sure we are at the same page, lets have a quick recap before ending the chat. You will get:

    Service Details:

    Silver Package: $109.97 (TV Silver, Spectrum Internet, Spectrum Voice)

    Package Details: 175+ channels, 100 mbps, unlimited calling nationwide

    FREE Channels: BabyFirst, Cloo, Cooking Channel, Disney Jr., Disney XD, FXX, Logo, NBA TV, TCM, and many


    Modem: FREE

    Voicemail: FREE

    Private Listing: FREE


    Showtime: FREE

    Cinemax: FREE

    DVR Service: FREE

    Spectrum Receiver: $5.99*2 (2 TV’s)

    Installation Fee: $34.99 (One Time Charge ONLY)

    Broadcast Fee: $7.50

    Initial Payment with Install Fee: $152.96

    Total Monthly Charge before State Taxes: $114.45

    Price After 12 months before State Taxes: $147.96

    Price with taxes for 12 months: $117.97

    Installation Date: 11/08/17 4-5PM

    Payment: Everything will be billed on your first month

    Katherine P.: at 8:56:46
    “Please reply with the phrase “I Accept” if all the information provided is correct

    LEE: at 8:58:40
    I accept

    Katherine P.: at 8:58:44
    Thank you

    Katherine P.: at 8:59:36
    Oh by the way Lee, you have a lower monthly rate than what states above since you will use your own modem or router

    Katherine P.: at 8:59:41
    it will be $5 less.

    Katherine P.: at 9:00:18
    so it will be $112.97 only after taxes, and after 12 months it will be $142.96 before taxes

    Katherine P.: at 9:00:37
    Again, please reply with the phrase “I Accept” if all the information provided is correct

    LEE: at 9:02:09
    I accept

    I called their Billing department today & tell me the $112.97 I signed up for was SELECT and not SILVER. They could not even honor the contract “I accept(ed)”. I asked my service be terminated.

    • Pam Mull

      They screwed us in N.C. too. We may all have to go back to antenas attached soon. SPECTRUM is the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

  • Dick Kaufman

    We gave up all but their internet service for this same reason They hook you in with the TV channels you watch and then start removing channels to get more money out of you every month. The $60/month phone is also a joke. Premium Ooma is about $10/month and is of better quality and they provide excellent service – service, which isn’t often needed. Worse the 50 Mbps Internet speed has never been a reality and it costs $60/month. I have never tested it at more than 15 Mbps – no matter what service I test it with. There are thousands of complaints nationwide about this too and Attorney Generals in a number of states are suing them for falsely advertising internet speeds. Here in NC, they own the state legislature outright, so they are protected from having to satisfy consumer complaints. I give them a 0-. They are the one company I know I can’t call for help, but here they are our only choice. I too despise them and hate paying their bill every month. I learned today from calling a competitor my entire neighborhood is on a 12-15 Mbps switch, but I’m being charged for 50 Mbps service. Talk about false advertising!!!

  • Edith Herron

    Spectrum came out and destroyed one of our TV’s. We had been with Dishnetwork for more than 10years and decided to change to Spectrum based on their advertisement. The advertisement basically states they have inexpensive prices, no contracts should you bundle your services.
    The problem began when the installer came out and it was obvious that he was inexperience/incompetent. He worked on one tv for more than two hours, not knowing what to do. He later called in for help. Overall, it took him more more than eight hours to install the service.The tv in question I promised had no prior problems and was basically new (two years old). It was only used when our daughter would come home from college. This is the room she sleeps in when she is home,so we have no real need to use that tv being we have a tv in our bedroom and in the family room This LG smart tv was the only tv he had a problem installing and that is the one that will not work and they are saying it is not their fault and will repair or replaced the tv.
    When the installer left the following things were left wrong or undone.

    1. The installer could not get the tv to work initially. He later went outside and worked on something and it came on. The tv was turned off it was off until our daughter came home. When she turned it on it was snowy and blotchy. She turned it off and went shopping. When we returned home she turned it on and it just didn’t work properly (snowy, blotchy finally went out).
    2. The cables they laid are not buried underground as they promised someone would return the next week to bury the cable.We called several times requesting they be buried. They are still not buried.
    3. I should’ve recieved my buyout fee and we haven’t as of yet, but I’ve been billed twice and have paid my bills.
    4. He unpluged our security cameras and didn’t reconnect them before leaving a month later we realized they were not working and my husband was able to reconnect them

    I’m extremely disappointed with Spectrum. The incompetent installer broke our LG smart tv.
    I have no other choice, I’ve got to go back to Dishnetwork or Direct tv.
    I feel soooo cheated and taken advantage of.

    • Merservilous

      I agree,DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE,I REPEAT!DO NOT! They are blood suckers,I have been with tWC/Spectrum for fifteen years and they treat their customers like s–t! My bills keeps going up unexpectedly and they “say” they don’t know why ,they blame it on late fees,I mean how much is late fees? $100.00 ?The staff is rude and incorrect ,they will NOT work with you nor provide extensions.Your bill is due on a certain day ,the bastards disconnect early in the morning ,not even giving you until 5 pm.They are horrible and need to be investigated ASAP! I went into the Spectrum store and I see just about every customer returning their equipment! Whoever came up with this shady ass service needs to be prosecuted for stealing, Ridiculous! And so are the people who slave for them.

  • Selina sanders

    Horrendous all the way around. Worst customer service. it’s a Saturday and I have to stay here all day to get someone out here to fix my box that they reset back to default mode and I can’t even watch TV. They just called me to set up an appointment didn’t even care nobody cares with this company and I just made a payment yesterday. Less than 24 hours after making my payment I was not able to do watch anything. Several a week either cable, a box , or internet there’s always something even the DVRs don’t even record because of outages. This would be a horrible horrible company to have for a small business.

  • NYC goer

    I have spectrum because I don’t have a choice – I moved to NYC a few months ago and my only choice for cable is Spectrum unfortunately. My friend warned me about how horrible this network is before getting it, so I already had a bad taste in my mouth about it. I typically watch things ondemand, spectrum NEVER updates their ondemand. There are times where I have to wait 5-7 days for a new episode to actually show up on the listing. Also – there are times where the ondemand doesn’t even work. I will choose something to watch and then it will play the first 15 seconds and pause. When I click out and back again it either does the same thing or it says it is unavailable at this time. If you have a choice on a cable company – count this one out.

  • David Fuller

    I can only say that my experience with Spectrum has been an absolute nightmare. I originally scheduled a change over from Frontier to Spectrum with the tech scheduled to show up on 11-7-2017. I scheduled a disconnect from Frontier to take place on 11-14-2017 giving me a week to work with. I also ported over the home phone number to Spectrum. I took the day off to make sure there wasn’t any problems. The tech shows up an 1/2 hour late, screws around outside for about an hour and then tells me he can’t install the equipment because the cable from the street to the house had been cut underground. I suggested he just patch the cable for now, install the equipment, and then have the cable repaired. Nope, can’t do that. Have to wait a week for the cable to be replaced. A week later and nobody has shown up to replace the cable. Call Spectrum only to be told that NOBODY had put in an order to replace the cable. I also found out that my home phone had been disconnected since the seventh. After spending an hour on my cell phone they scheduled someone to come out on the 16th to install the new cable (between 8 and 8). I come home from work to find the pull box by the street pulled out of the ground, the sod tore to hell, and the cable was run to the house underground like it was suppose to be, but when it got to the bushes by the house it was just laying there, on the surface, and not even terminated at the house. Called Spectrum again and complained about this half ass install. They finally scheduled someone to come out on the 18th to do the cable right and install the equipment. They show up at 6:00 at night (pitch black out) and replace the cable using flash lights and they did do it the right way, but broke a sprinkler line in the process. And tore up the lawn again. They go ahead and install the cable boxes but tell me that one of the cables in the house wasn’t getting a good signal and they had to add an amplifier. (Nothing wrong with that line when we used Frontier, but anyhow…) I have a closet in the garage where all these cables come into so they put the amplifier there, but don’t bother mounting it. Just left it hanging on the cables attached to it, plugged the power supply for it into the outlet next to the closet and ran the cord down the wall, onto the floor, under the door to the closet, and left about 8′ of extra cable just hanging in the closet. Get the boxes installed and up and running and they pack up to leave. Hey guys, what about the phone? They picked up a phone and said you’re good to go, got a dial tone. So I call my home phone from my cell phone and guess what? I get a recording that says this number is no longer in service. They never activated the home phone. They fix that and take off. I go to use the remote and it doesn’t work unless you are standing right in front of the box. They never took the protective plastic off the front of them. They left NO instructions what so ever for any of the equipment, no channel line up, no instructions for the remote, nada. So I go online and download the instruction manual for the remote….but the print is so small you can’t read it. And the digits on the front of the DVR are half out so you can’t read what channel you are on. Call Spectrum again…they tell me I have to take the DVR to one of their stores and exchange it. Swap out the DVR and viola…half the digits are out on the replacement, the guide and info doesn’t work and I lost a majority of my channels. Call Spectrum AGAIN..Only to find that I had to call them to activate the box. Would of been helpful if they told me that when I swapped the box. Anyhow…they schedule yet another tech to come out and swap the box yet again. This tech spent THREE HOURS fixing all the crap the other techs had screwed up, cleaned up the spaghetti mess in the closet, mounted the amplifier, reran the power supply properly, replaced the DVR with a newer DVR from another manufacturer, showed us how to use the remote and the boxes, and apologizes profusely for all the screw ups. I told him I wanted to turn off the voice mail on the phone, he said you can do that online via the Spectrum website. So when I tried to register on the Spectrum website it tells me that my zip code is NOT part of the Spectrum service area, I have to register on the TWC site instead. Go to the TWC site only to be told that my zip code is NOT within their service area either and I need to register on the Spectrum site. Three hours on the phone back and forth with Spectrum I am finally able to register on the Spectrum site. All I wanted to do was log on and turn off the voice mail on the phone. When I tried to do that it would not let me as I needed a four digit security code found on my bill. But I just started the service and NEVER got a bill. So when using their chat feature I was given an 800 number to call to get this code. I call the number and get one sales pitch after another for everything under the sun. The number doesn’t even belong to Spectrum any more. So now I have to wait a month for my bill so I can get the code and turn off my voice mail. Which I cannot access any messages left without this damn code. All in all it took FIFTEEN days to install the system. Something that should have taken no more than a couple of hours at best. Can’t wait to get my bill and see how screwed up that is going to be. But between Frontier and Spectrum, Spectrum is the lesser of the two evils, believe it or not. On the technical side we have a better picture and a stable 100 mbps Internet connection.

  • Pam Mull

    They are a RIP OFF to old customers.

  • Pam Mull

    Amen again. If this shows what the country is allowing telecommunication companys to do God help us.

  • Greg Martz

    I had Spectrum installed on Monday the 27th. Its now the 27th, three calls to tech support and 2 visits by technicians later…. still working “sometimes”. This is by far the worst service I’ve ever experienced. My advice, find another provider.

  • Terry Kropog

    Hello,I used to have dish service but I missed all the programs on Spectrum Cable so Spectrum Cable helped me leave Dish Network and I have never had 1 bit of trouble with Spectrum as a Company always there when I call or when I need them to make a service call to my home. I live in a rural area so maybe that has something to do with it I don’t know but I do enjoy my Spectrum TV Service, Internet, and Phone Service it was the best thing I ever did I have no regrets!!!ll!l

  • Selina sanders

    Worst customer service in America. They will Short Change you in any way possible. Transfer is the only word they understand transfer you to another department. The absolute worst customer service than any company ever. And I don’t care that they had such a horrible reputation.

  • Penny

    Worse cable company ever I get very basic channels and they charge me $88 a month for one tv. Way over priced for what u get. Always raising there prices. No thanx. Direct tv charges $35 a month for one tv & I get a lot more channels.

  • jami

    Every other day, well hell almost every day 90% of my channels are unwatchable because they are frozen or the screen is full of pixels and you can’t see this picture. We pay well over $200 a month for this bullshit service and I am sick of having to keep returning this box for what, this is the worst service I’ve had in 25 years, the more you paying the less quality you get spectrum sucks!

  • jami

    I would also like to add, you can’t even record 2 shows at a time because it doesn’t record the entire show it cuts it off halfway so most of my shows that I DVR are incomplete and worthless!

  • jami

    Spectrum should be paying the customers money to allow them to be our provider, since they have a monopoly going because luckily for them, there aren’t any other cable networks in my area!

  • Neo S

    Spectrum are flat out liars. I had Time Warner, before spectrum bought them. So my plan was still on Time warner tier. They told me I could switch to a spectrum plan, and the cost is exactly the same. I’d benefit because of my internet going from 30Mps, to 100mps. At no cost to me. So i agreed. Well, my bill shot up $30 a month. They said sorry but the person I talked to was wrong. And they can’t put me back on TW’s plan and they can’t give me a discount. So basically, they flat out lied to me and then told me to screw off. Worst company i’ve ever delt with.

  • George

    When you order the service the PRICE GOES UP. The service is terrible,internet is slow on what speeds you have. I have problems and waste half of day for them to find nothing wrong at the house. It’s always down the street at the pole.Also they tell me a Time Warner customer and it would cost me MORE MONEY to be a SPECTRUM CUSTOMER.The shows are all repeats on the channels and the service isn’t worth the price something needs to be done.

  • Terri Murphy

    Worst cable company EVER! Cable is always going out and you never get any help from the customer service reps and price is sky high for what you get. I wouldn’t recommend this company to my worst enemy!


    DVR boxes are a piece of crap. We have had charter over 20+yrs and now am thinking of getting rid of them. Recording a program is a joke. The boxes are constantly rebooting and they are junk. I am purchasing a streaming box and doing away with cable altogether. Goodbye Charter.

  • CJ

    No Sense. After my bill went up $30+ dollars I called and got the Philippines, then transferred to California. It would make sense that TW would want to retain their customers, rather than tell you if you leave for 30 days that you could get the $29.99 BUNDLE price. Guess I will be looking at other options.

  • Carol Sobnosky

    Beware, Beware, especially Senior Citizens!
    On November 22, 2017, we received a call from Bonnie, a Representative of Spectrum. She offered us what she called a “Promotional Deal”. We understood the deal to be one month of free service for Cable, WiFi, and Telephone. My Husband and I asked several questions and felt that we fully understood that we would have one month free in order to decide if we wanted to continue service or not. We agreed to have a Technician come out and set everything up which was done on November 27th.
    Exactly one week later, on December 4th, we received a Bill in the mail for $111.40. I called Customer Service, who informed me that there was no such Promotional Deal and the billed amount would have to be paid by December 16, 2017. This was 21 days after installation. I was sure that there was a misunderstanding so I called Bonnie. She told me that she never said such a thing and that she “chooses her words very carefully.” Indeed, Bonnie did choose her words carefully. So carefully, that she TRICKED two Senior Citizens into an offer that we would have never agreed to otherwise.

    • Sharon Numnut

      carol, i called to complain about my bill and was shocked when i got a polite customer service rep. he told me what my new bill would be with the special he could put me on for a full year. i made him repeat it two times and i said it and he said yes, this would be your bill for the next year under this special with a little difference in the fees that are charged. the next month i got my bill and saw it was 50 more a month than the rep promised me i would get. i was told by the person who answered that there was no such thing, i asked to speak to a sup and he said the same thing, no such thing. i asked them to look in the notes hoping the first rep that made that promise had noted it but can you believe it he didn’t no surprise really. spectrum are nothing but liars and cheats. i got in touch with the fcc in hopes they would investigate their practices. fcc got back to me and said they spoke with spectrum and there is nothing they can do.

  • Monica

    I’ve had Direct Tv, Dish, and now currently Spectrum. I had Dish previously but since I moved to an apartment, I had to switch to cable due to the satellite not reaching a signal. I’ve had Spectrum for 2 months now and *knock on wood* I haven’t had any trouble so far. The only trouble I have had is some shows don’t get recorded due to channel being unavailable. Which can be frustrating at times. I’m currently paying $139, and I get HBO, STARZ. Cinemax, etc. which in my opinion is actually pretty good. I was paying that amount with Direct TV after my 2 year contract ended, and I didn’t have the movie channels on my plan. I had constant trouble with Direct TV. I always had trouble getting signal, if it was raining or cloudy, forget it! I love Dish Network! The signal is great, the prices are great, I get more channels than Direct TV and at a cheaper rate. I had the Hopper 1, and the responsive time to channel surf, search for movies, record, was extremely slow! I don’t know if it’s the same for the rest of the Hoppers, but that was my only trouble with Dish. In my opinion, I think it just depends where you live, which might determine the type of service you get as well as the customer representative.

  • jose Torre

    hows is spectrum in new york city, like in queens

  • Seriously

    Hey whoa.. Spectrum is great… if you like reruns or infomercials because that’s 90% of their line up. Spectrum sucks!

  • Carrie

    Spectrum is CRAP! They claim to have the best technology. Guess they have never head of the cable giant Comcast. When I was living in another state I paid 25% less for twice the services plus excellent coverage and customer service. Now I have constant outages, pixilated picture quality, can’t record more that 2 shows at once and God forbid I ask to watch a show and then finish it in another room. That’s voo doo talk!

  • Larry

    I just dropped Spectrum TV in favor of Dish. The has been an outage for 3 days which was supposedly fixed. However, my cable boxes won’t boot. Charter agreed to send a technician, but in 3 weeks. Dish came in one day and installed. It’s cheaper, too.

  • DonCentTX

    Spectrum is much, much worse than when it was Time Warner Cable. Internet is intermittent,
    some channels have so much pixillating as to be unwatchable and much more

  • Vae Jones

    The DVR is just about worthless. Works when it wants which is odd due to how much they charge. When ever you call they say they don’t see anything wrong or i have to get a new box…I’ve gone thru 3 in a year and a half, getting very old.

  • Rebeca

    My problem with Spectrum is not the service. My problem with Spectrum is the lack of consideration and professionalism of customer service. Every time I call they give me wrong information and all the agents do not give me the same information. I have been cut off twice due to lack of communication. You make payments and payment arragments and you always find yourself with additional charges and new rates that for more than “explain” you do not understand because their explanations do not make sense. I feel like I’ve been giving them my money. The management and professionalism of managers is terrible. They do not care about your situation and it does not matter to them to lose customers. They do NOTHING to keep their customers happy or just to keep their customers. Council: “If you have the opportunity to obtain another cable company that is not Spectrum, it is the best you can do, so avoid unnecessary anger and unpleasant annoyances”

    • DonCentTX

      Everyone at spectrum has a different story!

  • Michael Luchen

    Spectrum Cable TV is a Fraud , A Scam and They Lie, Steal and Cheat. Long Story Decided to sign up with them because my direct tv didn’t offer internet based on my area. Decided to sign up with Spectrum Con Artists since they promise to pay off your termination fee. After I got my final bill from Direct TV I sent them all they asked for and the termination fee was approved. I waited for weeks and finally got fed up so I called they told me yes it was their fault and they were sorry and will send out a check. A few more weeks went by and nada still, so I called again and they said again they were so sorry and they will have someone call me back that could deal with this. Again no call nada. At this point I am really frustrated so had my wife call to help and they told her email spectrum@email.spectrum.com amd swore someone would respond and still nada. Almost 10 months later I can believe the disregard like they dont give a shit. The audacity of this company. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH SPECTRUM if you think they will give you a dime. Now $400 in the whole with Direct TV and have a $200 bill with Spectrum TV every month. Spectrum makes me sick. Spectrum TV are thieves, scam artists, molesters of your wallet, dirt, slime, lower than life. Honestly Verizon Wireless and Direct TV are the two best companies out there. Do not fall for Spectrum Scam and Lies. Otherwise you will be so sorry you signed up with Spectrum Cable Television.

  • Vae Jones

    Have to reset my modem like i have to do at least once a week…it is beginning to become part of the routine which is a horrible thing.

  • John F

    We signed up for the 3 X $29.99 package so got the select line up of TV channels , however there are two channels 113 & 117 that are on the list that flash the call customer service if you wish to buy these channel ??? so I called and spent over three hours getting transferred several times, finally got a supervisor that said you have been hanging on too long… you should be receiving those channels let me find out and I will call you back, I though ” How thoughtful ” that was over a week ago !!!! nice tactic to get a complainer off the phone ??
    not happy with this company, has been problems ever since they took over, we are now looking at dishes and can hardly wait to cancel .

  • John F

    We purchased the 3X $29.99 package did not get two channels that are listed on the Select line up 113 & 117
    spent several hours on the phone and was finally told by a manager that they would call me back that was well over a week ago…. bad cust service and they lie will be looking fo alternative and will soon cancel

  • Richard Cholewinski

    Spectrum cable is a rip off. I found out I WAS paying $ 47 more a mo for there service.
    Check your bill and see what dish or direct costs
    What really hurts is what i’m over what a new person pays.

  • John Smith

    Oh no, my spectrum tv service with roku is out again!!! Maybe I should switch to direct tv. I have lost service several times. Charter is aware of the issue.

  • David S

    Another f….n monopoly. Could care less about customer service. Promise on any device blah blah blah. Then it goes out. That’s not our problem. No credit for service loss even though they advertise the crap out of “use on any device” or it works when it’s raining. NOT. ALL Spectrum WANTS is your $$$$$. PERIOD

  • DonCentTX

    Misleading advertising, unreliable and slow internet, over-priced. Charges much higher than advertised!

  • Rein

    I really wanted to leave a review for this company for a while. I now have an extreme hatred for this company as they refused to install my internet.

    The installer gets to my apartment and opens the area where my cable line is and tells me we have no line. So I called the main office of my complex and told them apparently we have no cable line? I’m told the previous tennets had cable and that it is fine if they have to run a new wire. I tell the guy and he says “Well you’re on the top floor (3rd floor) I can’t run a cable through ALL THE APARTMENTS BELOW YOU.” And he says the only option is to run a line outside—which the complex would not allow since he’d have to drill into the brick. I call the main office again and they said they could figure something out—the installer could just come to the main office and fill out a form allowing him to do whatever he needed, essentially. Well the installer REFUSES to go to the office. He goes out and sits in his truck while I physically walk down to the office to try to figure out what’s going on. And listen, I don’t know anything about cable/internet installation. So I wasn’t even sure what the actual issue was.

    At this point I had been in my apartment for 2 weeks waiting for them to come out. Which was inconvenient being a student with no internet access. But I understood it took time to get someone out there.

    I asked the installer to just go talk to the main office to figure it out and he refused three times—all while telling me how “shitty” the complex was. Finally after just sitting in his truck refusing to talk to anyone he tells me “Just get AT&T to do it” and then he left.
    And so I did get AT&T—and they had no problem installing my internet.

    But even so, I have tried to cancel my substription with Spectrum (which I guess is in limbo because I don’t owe them money since they never installed anything) but they call me at all hours of the day—even at 3am. And I keep telling them I’m not interested any longer.

  • TMZ2

    My big problem is getting roped into a service without a DVR in 2015. So been trying to find either an alternative or a way to switch to a company where I can get a DVR. I joined as company was still Time Warner and it was super expensive the DVR and extra cost so not part of the deal I had in 2015 and it kept rising. Now I don’t know what to do. Spectrum is like a whole different company. So the DVR cost actually decreased back to what TWC charged five years ago. But, I am a TWC legacy customer so not sure how it will affect me.

    Spectrum packages are worse than TWC and about the same or a little more expensive. I like the current deal I have but costs are rising but not moving to a Spectrum package. Looked at changing services or going the DTV Now and Sling TV route. I have also been looking at DVD Recorders but it’s a fancy and not simple alternative to use and less on the market. I did try the recording on PC routine with a capture card connected to cable box but it is a pain. Since everything is HD the files are really big so 300 GB get used up quickly when I record sports and movies and the news. So even a 1 TB storage external is not enough. I only have 300 GB on drive C. Haven’t yet looked into a way to reduce size of video recordings. I had to go component to evade the copy right protection. if I use the PC while recording sometimes playback is not smooth. Well, so files too big to fit on a DVD or CD. So it has become a pain in the ass. Especially having to leave the PC all the time on like overnight or when I am gone from apartment. I fried the CPU and had to change it. So looking to make changes so I have a better way of recording.

    UVerse is one option but not sure about the deal listed in the mail but DVR is included. Another tempting option is DTV Now with playon to record the shows, but it will require using a hard drive, however I can use a laptop and not just a desktop. I am still learning about playon and so they have a cloud version but it is for mobile and a desktop version which records to hard drive. Hopefully files are smaller and I can run them on VLC. Not totally sure on things. So I have questions about how playon works. Also looked at Tivo but too expensive and I would need a cable card. Right now not sure how much the increase in two months will be with this TWC legacy Spectrum service. I got a bundle in 2015. So don’t want to spend more.

    Therefore, I am fact finding different options. But the review was right on about Spectrum. I wouldn’t have joined Time Warner, but joined Uverse if I knew they would be sold. I am hesitant about UVerse though because I might need to get a HD Antenna to see sub channels and how will I set it up and record over The Air TV? At least UVerse will carry the big broadcast channels. DTV Now might not but it is based on region. So that is an extra headache. So I am in a jam because Spectrum blows and the DVR is separate. I would have to add a DVR if I can to an already increasing bill and as a legacy customer I better not lose channels and get sent to a Spectrum package. So it might be time to switch.

  • Victoria Kovtun

    I was going to cancel the service after I had it for few months only because of a very poor connection. I called in and was talked in to put my account on hold which I did. well, I started my service 10 days before my activation date and was charged an additional fees even though i specifically asked if there is gonna be any additional fees OR charges and the answer was no. The representative was very rude and interrupted me all the time. I would cancel it now but I am in school and there is no other internet providers in my area.

  • John

    I received a $29.95 per service (internet, voice, cable). I signed up. My first bill came $240.

    The hidden fees: $7 per receiver, $8.85 broadcast TV surcharge, install service $49.99 – $15, Wifi Activation $9.99, $25 taxes…

    You are paying a 25% tax rate….
    You are paying a $28 receiver
    You are paying $90

    Then, if you sign up – they prorate the rest of your month and add that on the bill which is billed in advance… so somehow my $29.95 per service turned into $240!!! Crazy… especially if you are on a fixed income like me!!!

  • elvin

    if you’re planning on purchasing a plan, let me save you time and money.
    they charge you for bullshit fees, and are not clear about them.
    i recently removed the phone and cable services and they went ahead and charged me 186 dollars for having the DVR for 3 days after cancellation.
    most ridiculous company in America.

  • Gary

    When it was Time Warner Cable at least we were able to watch sports games from the carrier dome. Now you can’t. If you want to watch Syracuse games you have to sign up for ESPN at an additional cost. Now we seem to be losing more channels. Forget it I think I’m going to weigh my options with other providers.

  • Wendy

    Terrible received a letter our package expired and our bill went up. SO i called and unlike time Warner who did what they could to keep you they basically said to bad … We pay 166 a month and dont even get all the channels really, looking into dish, Even better the first online guy said I cant do anything for you, but here is retention number lol i get this other guy who says oh no I am not retention that doesn’t even exist. LMAO so they just pawn you off to the next guy to tell you ok so you are out, call us back to let us know when to stop service. SAD we had time Warner for 13 years.

  • Sharon Numnut

    i have the bundle package and first of all its expensive. customer service is horrible, cable boxes always need rebooting or replacing. they play the same old things over and over on tv so the tv is pretty much worthless. they raise your bill and take away stations. phone service is always going down. once spectrum took over brighthouse we lost all ability to talk to rational people. they don’t care and they make no bones about letting you know there is nothing they are going to do to help you. if verizon fios came in my area i would drop spectrum so fast and i know plenty of other people would also. i give them a rating of zero

  • Katie Olm

    just got off the phone talking to them my bill was 174 concealed my signal box which was a joke for 4.95 a month so my bill should be 5 bucks less i noticed they added a 3.89charge so i called they said there was a increase wtf i have a bundle promotion and they keep adding extra charges ,, sick of it so i asked what my bill is gonna be when my promotion ends ok note i pay 174 now when it ends it will go to 271 i have barely any channels the cheapest slow internet and my landline for faxing wtf a 100 bucks more NO WAY IN HELL AM I GONNA PAY THIS FOR THE SERVICE I GET AND YES MY TV FREEZES UP ALL THE TIME THEY ARE A JOKE HOW THEY RIP US OFF TIME FOR A CHANGE I BEEN WITH THEM FOR 20 PLUS YRS BUT THIS IS REALLY GETTING BAD THE COST ,, ALMOST HAS MUCH A A LOAN PAYMENT LMAO

  • Max

    With all the unsustainable plastics they harass people soliciting their services, there is no way in hell I would sign up. It took me 2 days of screaming matches over the phone to cancel Direct TV. There is no way I’m getting sucked into this again. I spend my hard earned dollars on companies that are sustainable minded and ethical. Which means no plastics in their mailers. Not to mention how deceptive they are in their mailers trying every tactic in the book to fool people into opening the mail. If they had a good service they wouldn’t have to resort to such deception. I refuse to contribute my money into more plastic pollution and companies that waste my time.

  • A basic old fart

    Double dipping
    Here in upstate NY the state government is helping to fund high speed internet throughout the state and spectrum is not happy to take the cash from the taxpayers but is also dipping into the same pockets of the taxpayers it has connected.
    outdated equipment that fails repeatedly, random dropped connections and ever rising costs for constant poor value service.
    There are untold number of pages of poor to bad reviews and mine is no different than any of the others. This is a poor to no value service. Buyer beware!

  • Susan Jones

    In Utica NY market because it’s not a populated area so they target this area with higher cost by the way it’s Time Warner cable Spectrum is a brand name and they use Charter prices . Charter has the highest cable, internet and phone service in the country. NY state plus 22 other states are still contracted through TWC but use charter pricing. RIP off to customer and they can’t deliver top notch services this area is a dead market like NY state is..

  • InYoFace

    Spectrum is just a big rip off. We are cancelling our cable tv altogether and going with sling tv and netflix. Cheaper and no equipment fees. These cable companies are fleecing Americans. Greed Greed Greed…..welcome to the new corporate America.


    This company is the worst set up I’ve ever dealt with in my life! I have wasted so many hours on the phone with them, just to find out everything was done incorrectly and that I had to call back or be transferred to 800 other departments to get it fixed…and then it still wasn’t fixed!! They charge too much, their internet service is a lie…400mbps…yeah right…you’ll probably get a maximum of 50! And don’t count on using more than 2 devices in your home at once and having them all work properly. This company is a pain in my ass, and unfortunately the only one available to me…I hate being cornered into purchasing something because I literally have no other option.

  • http://internet-grocer.net Bruce Hopkins

    I’d like to see everyone at *least* give us their City/Town and State….

  • http://1031FRS.com Fred R. Schneider

    This provider is terrible for some reason and they have yet to figure it out. We keep complaining and stay in touch with the best advanced service man in Dan Powers who is just great. He works on the lines and the stations but manages to get buy or call once in a while to see how things are going and he gave me his cell number so I can text him when there are problems and there have been many- trucks out in our neighborhood all the time and finally some went back to Direct and Century Link. If Century link was not so slow we would have went back to them many years ago. We are kinda used to all the tiling and pauses but it has only gotten worse. We have singed up for the new DMEA service that promises everyone great service at cheaper prices once they get enough people to extend out to us- we can hardly wait!!!! They used to have good sales people who would work with old Veterans like me, but not anymore. I love how Verizon had changed and honored my being a Veteran. Semper Fi.

  • Mike

    Along with what seems like everyone else on this review thread, my entire experience with time warner/spectrum has been the worse i’ve dealt with and I mean compared to any business I have had to deal with entirely. They act like you need them more then they need you, which in a sense is true but it is “us”, the customers, who make their business thrive and honestly this company should be rated the lowest. I have had my price suddenly increase a pretty drastic amount per month with no sign or warning, but the minute they have this “great” promotion they want to spam your phone, email, and even mailbox all throughout the day. Then when I call and ask about this price increase they act as if I should have known it was to happen when I signed up… I also had my wifi constantly cut-in & out constantly at one point, and it took almost a full week before any service person could come out there, but I saw many service trucks in my neighborhood at other people’s houses close-by… Lastly, I went to disconnect my services with them and the router that I had been renting from them I have to PAY to have them COME OUT and pick it up, if I choose to do so or I have to take it to a shipping center myself… So I can start a service with them, pay them to come out install my wifi along with extra charge for the router to be installed, then I pay more per month to rent the router, THEN they want you to PAY THEM to come out and pick it back up when it is all said and done? That little fee should have been built into the “renting cost”. This company has the worst customer relation base, absurd pricing for the same services you can get with AT&T, Verizon, etc. and the price they tell you over phone, or online is hardly ever the actual price you end up paying each month. My vote, take your money and time to any other provider and avoid spectrum.
    (Charlotte, NC)

    • David Blumenstock

      For the people moving and looking for an internet provider, I strongly suggest NOT going with Spectrum. Their billing department and customer service is appalling. They refuse to help their customers and continue to inconvenience them in every way possible.

      As a customer of two years, they have put my account on restriction for 6 months due to two declines payments. One declined payment was because my CC was compromised with BOA and the number changed. This happened at the exact same time that our auto pay goes through for spectrum (bad luck on my part honestly and not their fault) however!!! Upon my immediate realization that that happened I called Spectrum and updated my payment information, was told by the agent that “Everything has been updated and the payment would process just fine on the next billing cycle”. BUT NO! Due to the negligence and lack of training on the agents behalf, my already once declined credit card was billed again, instead of the new updated card information. After spending two hours on the phone yesterday and speaking to multiple agents and supervisors who ALL VERBALLY STATED THAT THIS WAS NOT MY FAULT, I got a phone call today stating that Spectrum has denied my request to remove the restriction and it is in place for the next SIX MONTHS. So the only way I can pay my bill is to go into an office and pay cash or give them my direct bank account information every month!!!!!!!

      Spectrum please explain why you are inconveniencing your loyal customers due to the lack of knowledge and training of your employees?

      I will be making a trip to the local office, it will be to return your equipment and cancel my service. I will also make sure that everyone I speak to about Spectrum Service knows just how little you care about your customers time.

  • Rachel Wise

    I keep having problems with the DVR that is provided. I changed my box about four or five months ago and it keeps going through a static to black phase. Everytime I have to reboot it. I wouldn’t mind except it happens every day. UGH!!!

  • Meet Shah

    The Worst Customer Service I have ever seen. Here is the case,

    I moved from one place to other and I simply called in the Spectrum and told them to transfer my service to the new place. I was told that $10 will be charged for the transfer service.

    When I moved to my new apartment, the technician guy came, he fixed the service but he took our router and placed their router for which I am paying $5 extra every month but I was fine with this.

    I came to know that there were two accounts running on my name. One at the older place and one at the new place.

    After a week, I came to know that I was owing some balance in my older account at older place where I was not living anymore and I already requested that account to be closed (10-15 days before I moved out). So, I called in spectrum once, twice, thrice and almost 10-15 times, I don’t actually remember now. No one was there able to solve my simple situation. Everyone was telling me that I have to pay for the account which I already requested to be closed and for the service which I was not using anymore.

    Along with all these, I was still paying the bills for my new account.

    I would strongly recommend not to go with spectrum.

    • Yahelys Flores

      Same thing here but in reverse.

      Today I cancelled my spectrum due to the fact they did not bill me for 6 months after moving from one place to another after repeatedly calling them from Oct-April. Asking why I haven’t been billed their response is in the mail. On April 1 I received a retro bill for the last 6 months saying “ops we forgot to bill you” I called and asked for payment plan due to their error and I don’t have $600 the representative told me they don’t do that and will change due date to the end of the month and sorry for the misshape so I made two payments in April that totaled $350 in good faith they have been harassing me since I made my last payment I spoke with a representative today and re-told my story once again they apologized and said they forward my account to troubleshooting to see why the system failed to give me a monthly charge instead of a retro but they still need the full amount today or the services will be suspended. I told them I don’t have the money and our mortgage s due on Friday. They said sorry again and we need full payment by Saturday or services will be cancelled. I told them to go ahead and cancelled the services and how F up it was that I was being punished by their error even when I called multiple times advising them of not being billed.

      • Ron Lawrence

        You mean you didn’t get billed but you spent the money on something else, but you blame Spectrum? That dog won’t hunt.

  • Maria Millett

    Hi Sandy! We are so sorry to hear about the wiring issues at your home. We do not represent the companies we review so I highly recommend reaching out to Spectrum because we can’t do anything to help! We are sorry for all the hassle.

  • Tori Thompson

    could you tell me about the security?
    Im doing an assignment for My computer applications class, please and thank you

  • Daniel Howard

    Worse service ever!!! Wanted to charge me 2600 to install service after two weeks….. Still nothing…. Wanted me to fix their downed lines! Definitely not recommend for service!

  • Chris Carlisle

    Hahaha premium channels are apparently not included in the package without extra pay. We have the gold package but still don’t get the premium channels. Ie epic and stars.

  • BBND

    Interesting there are no positive comments here? Can’t be 100% dissatisfaction, ain’t possible. As far as the review goes, there is so much misinformation here it is silly. Lazy bloggers writing lazy filler pieces. For instance, I have a 6 input DVR with 250 hours of storage from Spectrum 10 feet away from me right now. (Lincoln NE) as for cost per channel, you recommend SlingTV. On strictly a cost basis you need to add Internet Access to the cost .You better have 100Mb/s, hardwired not WIFI if you are going to supply multiple devices. As for cost that is $65 for 100Mb/s Internet access plus $25 for 45 channels on sling (3/25/2018) so that works out to a whopping TWO DOLLARS PER CHANNEL!!!. We have used every provider but satellite (which means DSL with Windstream and TWC/Spectrum) over 25 years and it has worked for us. We do now have Allo in our area, but there is no savings when you compare apple to apple with Sectrum, why change? Have we had service issues with TWC/Spectrum? Of course! But we have also had problems with the gas co, electric co, water co, plumber, contracters, funiture delivery, the dentist, the docter, car repair etc, etc, etc., you get the idea. It happens. Relax people.

  • Bjw4253

    Let me add my 2 cents.I joined spectrum 1 year 4 months ago in there package of phone internet and tv.I bought a new house and did not have any options accept u verse which I tried for 2 weeks and it was terrible as far as freezing up just to learn they had the wrong equipment for my area.But back to spectrum.When I joined they stated no problem it would be a 160 charge even though I needed 2 rooms added.The salesperson said no worries it is covered.Well when the technician arrived he informed me They were wrong it would be 450 more but he would not be able to add the extra rooms because a subcontractor would be there in a week or two.Since I was under the gun as to speak I relented and thought well let me give them a chance.We were told the plan would be there 129.95 monthly total and that would be there 300mb service with tv and phone.Well after paying 614 the first month to get it I got the bill and it was 146.00 ..Next I ordered the 20 dollars more to get HBO and showtime etc .Well my next bill was 171.00.I called and they explained it was on my invoice extra fees?I asked what they were but they could not explain.OMG do not let the year expire when it does run as fas as you can.After investing 2602.00 dollars for the first year of there services I got a bill of 239.80 as my package special was up.OMG.SO I have finally figured a way to dumb there but.I now have 959.20 plus the 2602 for 16 months of service.That is 3561.20 on tv internet and a stupid phone I never used.PS: I was going to cut the phone out to lower my bill when I did this the bill went up to 241.41 monthly because I was getting a special package deal OMG that is a package deal 239.80.
    In my old house I used Sudden link for internet as I love landline or cable internet and used direct tv for TV.I hate the rain but I am willing to live with the rain for 59 dollar tv and 79 for the second year.
    I have spoken with Spectrum until my face was blue.They are completely the most terrible company I in my 65 years on this earth I have tried to deal with.

    PLEASE READ this.DO NOT get caught in there no contract and how great they are web.If you can please dump them before your first year is up.

    WORST company IN THE WORLD

    Bunny Worcester

  • Charles

    I had Spectrum “Starter” TV services. They raised my rate from $18 to $23 and bumped the Broadcast TV Surcharge from $7.50 to $8.85 – and I would need two digital converter boxes at $6.99 each so I went from $25.50 to $45.83 in one fell swoop. Couldn’t get on the phone fast enough to cancel – and practically had to beg the person to cancel the service. Bought a $50 amplified indoor antenna and get MORE channels than the Basic Spectrum TV service. I also use Amazon Prime, NetFlix and Sling TV so unfortunately I had to keep the Spectrum internet service. Highly recommend doing some research on “free over the air” TV in your area. You’ll save a bundle and relieve yourself the headache of having to deal with Spectrum.

  • DonCentTX

    Spectrum just gets worse and worse!!! Downhill a long way from TWC!

  • Jeff Hughes

    The worst cable providers out there should be arrested for robbery.200$ a month for poor service don’t know how thay have any customers. Definitely would not recommend or go back to them

  • Jeff

    I love spectrum this is a United States base company and run by United States employees that work hard to try and please people every day and no matter how hard you try everyone is not going to be happy. This company has turn around a failing cable system. I sure things are not perfect but when you are try to advance technology it never is and I know that everyone complaining on this form is not perfect in every aspect of their lives but this company employees over 100,000 US citizens. And that is what it will take to make this country great again. If we don’t stand up for our American companies then we will be consumed by our country and see then how much you have to pay just saying

  • Mido Alisic

    Signed up for Spectrum choice, their streaming service, you get 10 channels of your choice for 21.99. Spectrum Tv app only works on Samsung tvs, I have LG and Vizio, un:ortunatelly was not told that when I was signing up. Before adding streaming svc I had internet for $44 plus tax and was happy with it. When I called to cancel my streaming svc because I had no TV to watch it on, they told me that my promotional price on internet svc was no longer available bcause I changed plans. Told him, he made no sense, he agreed. I ended up getting ROKU, my price for internet and choice is around 67.oo$. And yeah, not all of the chanels stream on your phone either unless you are on Spectrum internet. So, if you arenot at home you cant watch those channela on your phone.

  • Clavo Cruz

    Spectrum has the worst customer service. Between them destroying my freshly installed yard, to their contractors intimidating my wife, they are the worst. They use contractors as most of them do. They left a mess in my yard and it took numerous phone calls to get it fixed somewhat. Then they send a contractor to repair a sprinkler head that they broke and he intimidates my wife because she told him that you guys have an appointment with my husband and you are 2 hours early. She told him to leave 3 times and he would not leave. Spectrum did nothing to calm the situation. Then they have destroyed my freshly installed yard and did nothing to compensate me. They are the worst. I am so done doing business with them.

  • Cunts

    This company has morons working for them and a bunch of stupid douche bags on the phones saying we can make a four dollar adjustment for the day when I’m paying $210 a month. This is the saddest company I have ever dealt with. I hope the owner of the company dies very slowly whoever is running this company should be shot in the fucking head.I can honestly say I hate you motherfucking cunts and I really hope this company burns to the ground.

  • Brianna Buffalo

    I HATE spectrum. I’ve been paying 53$ a month for a consistent 8 months, then WITH NO NOTICE, they tack on some Spectrum TV thing, making my bill 86$. Just today I check my bill and it’s 74$. AGAIN with NO NOTICE the price of my internet went from 50.99 to 69.99. Needless to say, I’m done with this f**king company and I’m cancelling my wifi.

  • Bridget

    I have been with Charter for 10 years (too long). I have recently cut my channel package down to the $29.00 package. We get our local channels and 10 other channels of our choice. After making the changes to our package they went up on our internet $20 a month!! No warning! When I questioned why new customers get better deals than existing customers it’s just that, they are new..I will be looking for a new internet provider and dropping will no longer what they consider “a valued customer “. I definitely would not recommend Charter to anyone!!

  • Bridget

    I was also informed that we no longer get the on demand for the channels that we pay for!!

  • Kayla

    Spectrum TV is by far the worst service I’ve ever received from anything. I can’t say anything positive about the tv service. Channels don’t work half the time, and a lot of the time the channels cut out. Let’s not fail to mention the DVR never works. I’ve tried to cancel my service 4 times and sit on hold for 3+ hours! It’s terrible, and I would not even recommend this service to my worst enemy.

  • Danny Sultani

    THE WORSE OF THE WORSE IS SPECTRUM: I called in to get my account cancelled on march 2nd they didn’t canceled it until the 19th of march when I called again they charged me from the 2nd to the 19th while there were no service. I spoke to a customer service representative she was cutting me off while I was speaking. Today is the 19 of April and They are still charging me. They take out money from my account while I don’t even have their service. I had to call them again and let them know about the billing. I CANCELED MY SERVICE BECAUSE THEY DID NOT INFORM YOU ABOUT BILL INCREASE. If you have an auto pay they will take advantage of it. make sure check your account all the time. MIKE WHATEVER YOU SAID IT HAPPENED TO ME TOO. THEY HIRE OTHER SMALL COMPANIES AND PAY THEM THE WORSE TO DO THEIR JOB. SO WHEN YOU PAY SOMEONE A CHEAP PRICE TO DO YOUR JOBS OF COURSE THEY ARE NOT GOING TO DO A GOOD JOB. THEY SAYS THERE IS NO CONTRACT LIKE OTHER COMPANIES IT MEANS THEY CAN INCREASE THEIR SERVICE CHARGE ANYTIME THEY WANT WITHOUT LETTING YOU KNOW. ( Queens New York )

  • Marie

    I had Brighthouse until spectrum took over. Everything about spectrum has been a bad experience. Customer service is poor. I have had them out multiple times for same issues and they never get fixed. On demand will kick us out halfway or more through the program and then does not let us resume where they kicked us out. And since NONE of the programs let us fast forward we have to re- watch it all over – only to get kicked out again. It has ruined tv for us. After multiple calls we finally got a supervisor on the phone that admitted these problems are common because spectrum needs an update but that won’t happen for months- supervisor couldn’t give me a date. But basically told me there is nothing that they can do- yet they have raised their prices. I am in process of switching to AT&T. Do not get spectrum. – horrible company with a lot of issues.

  • Mischa Wang

    I received a letter in the mail advising that my Cable/Internet/Phone was going up 40%…I called and was told they could not lower the bill but would add on HBO, etc. to appease me. I set up cancellation figuring I would just get at&t and when they went up switch back to Spectrum. I quickly found out that Spectrum is only cable service in my area. I called back within 2 hours to accept the movie channels and I was told they could no give them to me. I had to suck it. I am not happy and I will be switching as soon as someone else comes to town.

  • Carla Krampota

    Cable is great, internet is great, but the streaming spectrum app goes out every night. What’s the point of having a smart TV if you can’t even stream your cable is this their way of getting you to buy another box

  • Kao

    Spectrum is trash. Trash uptime. Trash customer service. Trash bandwidth. I can’t wait until 5G comes out and blow this trash monopoly business out of the competition.

  • DonCentTX

    Best advice: Don’t!!! If you have an alternative, take it! Internet is intermittent, often disappears. TV pixilates and fluctuates. Overpriced! Advertising is misleading. Negative advertising says a lot about the company!

  • Truth

    I read all the reviews and agree that it employs many people. Unfortunately those people probably hate their jobs, because they have to lie and deceive people. Spectrum starts out telling you the bill will be one price then a couple of months go by the bill increases. There increases aren’t a couple of dollars, they are $30 dollars and up increases. When you call to inquire about the increase they will tell you it was a promotional rate. That promotional rate ends after a year, then the bill increases again due to another promotional rate ending. If you call and ask for a new promotion they will tell you they don’t have one. If you threaten to cancel the service they don’t care. They will tell you to take all their equipment back to the nearest store. Wow! I’m sure they weren’t rude like that when they wanted you to sign up for their cable services.
    If you want a variety of channels you will pay additional cost for that. They aren’t truthful about their service, and they don’t care about the consumers. I’m not talking about the front line staff I’m referring to the people over them that sign their checks. Spectrum truly has a monopoly in most areas and they know they have the upper hand. Regardless of them have a monopoly and the upper hand they need to tell the truth about their service, pricing, and improve their customer service. People may have issues with the gas, electric, or others, but that doesn’t excuse lies and poor service. Customers are what keeps americans employed and companies in business.
    Spectrum claims that they are the best cable provider out there. Unfortunately if you call to complain about their service or issues with their equipment you will be on hold for at least 15-30 minutes. If you ask to speak to a supervisor they won’t have one available. If you tell them they can call you back in the two hours they promised, you won’t get a call back. The automated service calls 15 minutes after you call about your service to see how satisfied you were with the service. If you give them a 1 for poor service the automated service will hang up on you after the third response.
    I know people need jobs, but not jobs like this. I feel sorry for people that are employed with them, because they have to take the calls from the dissatisfied customers. I also feel sorry for consumers that don’t have other options. People should be able to choose the company that works best for them. Companies need to be held accountable for false advertisement, and poor service. Everyone knows things cost money to use, but companies should be truthful about the cost so people can budget and choose wisely.

  • Jan Kilpatrick Reece

    My experience with Spectrum/Time Warner has been extremely frustrating. The service is subpar, and you can forget their advertising about easy access, faster connection and all at a very low rate. My service rate has increased at lightening speed (which is the only thing fast about them). Now I find out. It is going to cost an additional $47 + tax in order to continue to have cable tv. Oh, but they are going to include. A bunch of channels and movies I never ask for and do not want or need. I’m trying to switch to an antenna but it’s problematic due to our location. Why can’t we receive basic tv like we use to have for free? Also when did internet change. It worked fine with a designated phone line and a $12 a month service provider. How do families afford all this , not to mention phone service. Simple is so much better.

  • Erik

    Worst cable company of all time. Here is my list of grievances:

    -TWC was awful to begin with, then got exponentially worse after the merger.

    -my bill increased substantially.
    -my old box was going blank and disconnecting constantly.
    -I got a new DVR box, and then it would record random shows that couldn’t be turned off (I.e. every episode of everybody loves Raymond and Super soul Sunday to the tune of 15 episodes a day clogging up my available data)
    -I had 3 new boxes and two technician visits to figure it out. Then finally got a 4th DVR box, which by the way the new ones don’t have a display (channel/time) which is just stupid.
    – once they fixed the main box, the derivative box the other room stopped aligning to its DVR and is picking up still the old weird things I didn’t DVR.
    – the app on the phone no longer aligns to my account and claims I don’t have channels I pay for and can’t DVR from it anymore
    -“the fastest best internet service” is a crock of sh**. I pay for the top tier option with the two WiFi options , one being 5G. Only one ever works at a given time. And even though it says full bars, you would never know, because nothing loads ever on any devices and has to be constantly restarted and signals resent from customer service.
    – customer service isn’t bad but they literally have NO POWER WHATSOEVER. When you call they say “sorry, the system is automated and determined the price/date and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. They don’t give us the power to change it.”
    – they took the immediate live chat off the website so you have to tell and argue with the robot chat to get the link to a live rep. This function also doesn’t work on mobile but they don’t tell you that, just let you sit there and argue with the dumb bot.

    This is the high level list off the top of my head. Atrocious infrastructure. They have a monopoly on the area also which means there is NOTHING I can do if I want cable and WiFi. I have been harassing Verizon for 2 years to get set up in my area to leave this living infectious abscess of a cable company behind.

    I give it 1-Star only, and that is for the news1 team, which is delightful programming. It’s a shame they live on the worst cable platform in existence.

  • Hope Merrick

    Incredibly disappointed. I put my full address in and was told my area was a serviceable area. Placed order for triple play. Called this morning to confirm my install appointment only to find out all of that was a lie.

    So thank you spectrum for being yet another disappointment.

  • Yahelys Flores

    Today I cancelled my spectrum due to the fact they did not bill me for 6 months after repeatedly calling them from Oct-April. Asking why I haven’t been billed their response is in the mail. On April 1 I received a retro bill for the last 6 months saying “ops we forgot to bill you” I called and asked for payment plan due to their error and I don’t have $600 the representative told me they don’t do that and will change due date to the end of the month and sorry for the misshape so I made two payments in April that totaled $350 in good faith they have been harassing me since I made my last payment I spoke with a representative today and re-told my story once again they apologized and said they forward my account to troubleshooting to see why the system failed to give me a monthly charge instead of a retro but they still need the full amount today or the services will be suspended. I told them I don’t have the money and our mortgage s due on Friday. They said sorry again and we need full payment by Saturday or services will be cancelled. I told them to go ahead and cancelled the services and how F up it was that I was being punished by their error even when I called multiple times advising them of not being billed.

  • Robert Aller

    i just received some mail telling me that Spectrum is going all Digital. Keep in mind that I have been having problems for the past 4 months with clarity, freeze ups, and just poor reception. i still can’t understand all of the FEES on my bill, so I will be forced to switch at the end of the Month. My Bill has gone up twice in the past year and the service has degraded. So what is Digital suppose to change when they are already mentioning the additional cost it will require for all of the NEW DIGITAL EQUIPMENT..

  • Robert Comment

    Within the past 12 months I had the joy of directv and the devastation that is spectrum. We lived in a rural area with only dsl and sat available. DSL was so terrible we actually moved to town. figuring we’d save a few bucks bundling, we used spectrum for both high speed internet and our tv provider. Spectrums equipment is unbelievably antiquated. Directv had small, fast working boxes with software that made sense and allowed user to quickly see what was on and more quickly tune in what they wanted to watch. The dvr access from every room was great. Spectrum equipment is slower than the original Directv boxes from the 90s and they are constantly going out/rebooting (I’ve literally never watched more than a hour of tv without my box freezing and/or rebooting – makes sports unfun to watch). Do yourself a favor and go with directv. Spectrum is the devil.

  • Karen Shook Frye

    Spectrum services are crap, phone service really sucks it works when it wants too. Tech. Support is pitiful they set you up a time for them to come out to see what the problem is and don’t show up, then when call back to see why, then they say they have know appointment schedule, but you have voice mails to confirm your appointment. And they don’t know why you got calls co confirming the appointment. Go figure

  • Brenda Parrish

    Spectrum. Is a joke i signed up with Spectrum BuyOut in January2018 it’s almost June and they still haven’t paid DirecTv atr AT&T now both campany have turn my account over to collections and my credit scores have gone down its wrong and sad that a company did that to a customer, i pay spectrum on time . So it goes to show you that they don’t really care about their customers only the money you pay them monthly

  • Elizabeth A Green

    Yes I was extremely unsatisfying with Spectrum today their technician came out to fix my internet and phone which has not been working but the TV was working when he left I had no TV no lights my washer and dryer not working pretty much no electricity and instead of him telling me he just told me that my TV would not work then had to get in contact with Duke Energy to get my lights up and running again…. furthermore spectrum’s head technician basically basically said at his technician did not do it and that I didn’t even have an appointment today I had to kindly say yes everything was working in my house until he came to my house your technician…… when people don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions not sure if the pics came out but they Life In The Box open and all the wires hanging out

  • Sheradowa Washington

    I can’t stand this company they are rude, disrespectful and have no regard to the customer: ( without the customer there is no company and I don’t think this company understands that! I don’t know who’s in charge but if they cannot come up with a better way to deal with the customers.. there slowly going to dissipate!!!

  • Al O

    Spectrum is the devil. They cut their workers’ pay & benefits and hire second-rate untrained contractors to do much of their work, but their rates to customers just go up and up swiftly, with added junk charges hidden on their bills like the “Broadcast TV Surcharge” (isn’t providing broadcast TV what cable IS? why is this an extra charge?). I thought TWC was crappy and had horrible customer service, until I ran into Spectrum. They seem to purposely train their agents to be high-handed and nasty, and to never ever give an inch to a paying customer.

    All this in a business that is increasingly outmoded and dying. You would think they’d be happy to have and retain customers, but instead they are quickly feeding the death of their own business with their outrageous policies, spiraling prices, and poor service. Good riddance I say. Spectrum, you need to hurry up and die and go to hell so we can all dance on your well-deserved corporate grave.

  • jbaviera

    I don’t know if TWC was the bottom of the hill, but since “spectrum” came into existence, it definitely went down hill. Now I can’t even use the digital capabilities of my TV without one of their POS “set top boxes”.

  • jbaviera

    I have 6 TV’s (all have digital turners) throughout my house, and now this POS company has decided that in order to “get the best digital experience”, I must have a “set top box” on every TV! I don’t give a damn about any “digital experience”, I’m looking to be entertained (not that there is much out there) or background noise (95% of my televisions power usage). If any of the streaming devices/apps had any/all the channels I like, I’d drop spectrum like a hot rock on a mid summers day!

  • Abby Abbott

    I am absolutely FURIOUS with Spectrum!!!!!! They have increased my monthly bill but in return took away about 20 channels that had been part of my package – not premium channels but ordinary channels like Discovery, TMC, History, Destination America. I have been checking every possible option in the St. Pete area so I can get rid of this greedy, unethical, customer-hating company that goes out of its way to screw over and alienate their customers. I am considering getting rid of them and going back to an antenna. I effing HATE this effing company. It is no wonder they are losing customers and have the lowest customer rating of all cable/satellite providers in this area.

  • Abby Abbott

    After reading all the other comments, I’ve decided to cancel my Spectrum service. As I no longer have the channels I actually used to watch, thanks to Spectrum’s “upgrade” of my service, there is no reason to give them my hard-earned money for 200+ channels of crap that I never watch.

  • Celeste

    I absolutely HATE this service!!! Due to my apartment complex offering it though our lease, it is the only option we have. The internet service does not cover the entire apartment. I cannot get help with this from my apartment complex or Spectrum. The TV sucks. There are items that show on demand under a channel I have access to but when go to view the show, it’s not available. The customer service is terrible because either they are not trained or they know the service sucks. I am thinking about moving just so I can get away from this service.

  • Chris

    I cancelled my service because I moved house. While using Spectrum I was never told the modem equipment was rented so I left it behind in the apartment when I moved (it doesn’t belong to me-why would I take it with me?
    One month later, when paying my final bill the agent informs me that I owe $100 for unreturned equipment or I will be taken to collections. This was the first I heard about the responsibility of the consumer to return the companies modem. Returning the modem would have been simple if informed of the requirement. I mentioned that there were many occasions I could have been told to return the equipment, but since I had not been advised to return the modem, I could no longer do so because the apartment was rented to another Tennant.
    The agents supervisor repeated that company policy requires the return of rented equipment or the customer will be charged for it.
    I asked to speak to the supervisors supervisor because there is something wrong with a business model that holds the uninformed consumer accountable. I am awaiting the call will little hope of empathy after reading other reviews of this business. However, I will insist that Spectrum employees are trained to better inform the consumer of their responsibilities.
    In this case, Spectrum should take the responsibility for not informing me and remove the $100 charge from my account.

  • Chez Peace

    There service sucks – customer service pretends its the first time you’ve called in with issues (every time), and internet searches, struggling to find a signal, between 11pm and 4pm, and 6pm and 9pm.
    We pay $70 a month for one line of internet because that’s the only thing offered in our area (that’s 80mbps upload that is only registering at 17mbps when speed tested) WTF … three times they have had to come and redo something because our signal is so weak it won’t even pickup the internet. So tired. If I had another option, we’d be giving them our money. I think they don’t have enough servers for the net they are selling. What a cheat.

  • Guest

    After 28 years with Time Warner/Spectrum I am cutting the cord. $245.00 a month for internet, cable and phone without any negotiation for lower prices showed me what customer loyalty gets you. In fact I was told by a customer service supervisor “If you don’t like the prices, there are other services out there”. I took his advice. Saved more then $130 dollars a month.

  • Gene Ewald

    You either filter these comments to pad your original assessment or only the whinny butts are making comments. I originally switched my phone service from AT&T to a TWC bundle when the former wanted to charge me $270 to move a phone wire from the back of my house to the side due to a construction project. That saved me $48/month and the need for two long distance companies. TWC kept my phone number and did not charge for the upgrade.
    Ten years later, TWC becomes Spectrum. Their only shady deal was to indicate that we could all continue with our old contract. They did not advertise that their no-contract deal was better. I am saving $78/month by changing. Yes, they do now require a box for each set; but the price is worth the HD digital picture on sets that were much worse on analog signals. Don’t have any B&W sets anymore either.
    As for service, when there’s a problem (twice in 2 years) I get a tech the next day within a one hour window. Don’t know what else there is to want. They have twice updated my cables, modem, and router with no charge.

  • Marcel

    The tech was nice but wanted to go home and did not check his work
    So we have no internet

  • Bill

    Yes I just got slammed with a $30 rate increase because the 1 year promotional rate expired and I was told I signed up for a 2 years but there is no contract so how could I have signed up for 2 years. And because of that I’m not eligible for any promotions at this time. Then I was told it will go up again in 12 months but if I gave up my DVR it would save me a whopping $10 a month WTF
    The channel line up sucks compared to AT&T, Cox and Comcast also dish who I should have just stayed with. Unfortunately I live in Morongo valley in the CA desert and we don’t have many options,If it weren’t for my 80 year old aunt I would drop this service and stick with Netflix and Sling. So far the has been the worst company I have had to deal with and I have worked for Comcast and Cox for 25 years total.

  • Kel

    I Have been disappointed with Spectrum. I didn’t have a problem with Time Warner – apologies ahead of time but as far as names & changes go, I differentiate that way bc Time Warner had a brick and mortar office not 10 mins from me and I had several friends lose their jobs because TWC “closed.” Several people went to other states. A few went to our capital. I don’t care if my bill says “remit payment to Time Warner,” I still write Spectrum. All those commercials with the werewolf, mummy, vampire, etc that say “‘such and such co’ is evil. Spectrum is good” got it so backwards. Spectrum sucks.
    Right off the bat we lost more than 15 channels. Lost our local news channel a few months ago. (So our “local” news is now from a station an hour and a half away. And our real local station —that spectrum took away— charges $ to view online…they don’t even deserve a capital s right now. ) Our bill also went from TWC’s $125 to s’s $212 ?!?! (reminder: LOST 15 stations plus local news plus there are new additions I don’t even understand on my bill. $112. Evil.) I wish we could just switch to any other company (like HTC) bc supposedly there is “no contract,” but you see, I live in a condo and the CSA and HOAs agreed to one with TWC for 20 yrs and now it is with Spectrum. (They don’t want to have it switched to another company. It would cost a small fortune.) I will be switching to Netflix soon. I just can’t afford the $212 especially when I keep losing channels. HTC was going to lose the local news channel but they fought for their customers and WON! HTC is good. Spectrum is evil. Be like HTC.

  • lima85

    After eighteen months of Spectrum Cable in our house, it’s time to say goodbye. The continued raiding of our channel lineup has become such an issue that it was decided upon by family members months ago
    when the last raid occurred, that we’d move our business to another provider when and if the next one happened. The back of last month’s bill had a curious little message about adjusting our package (yet again) and w out actually saying they were going to skim the current package, I knew that is exactly what
    they were going to do.

    So I called and of course had to wade through automation alley. None of the programmed sayings ever match what I really want to say, you have to wonder like I have the other times I had to try and get answers, are they really just trying to discourage the customer from getting a real answer? You could easily see why some would elect to hang up and just put up w Spectrum’s dodgy way of doing business. However after so many incidents coming out the losing end of the consumer spectrum, we’ve decided to leave.

    I was told last month that there was no worry, that our package was only going to see the PAC12 channel disappear and nothing more. Since no one counted that a loss we went about our business and lo and behold last week, The Movie Channels (171/72/73) are no more. Having endured double speak from a so called operator last summer when Spectrum disappeared an entire swath of channels in the 700’s, I knew there was no point bothering w them, as they haven’t seemed to care about channel raiding since they began service in place of Time Warner.

    Any time I have had to call Spectrum and try and get answers it always leaves me angry and dissatisfied. Compared to our past providers, Spectrum is really low rent. Apart from a few flowery letters in the
    beginning stating how Spectrum was going to love us into the next millennium, and provide us w service the likes of which we’ve never seen, they NEVER bothered to update our cable packages. With so many channels now gone from our package, we reckon we know why they didn’t attempt to send us any updated
    package information.

    Several months ago Spectrum apparently had an issue w Viacom, without any indication things were wrong, three of the four MTV channels suddenly stopped availability on our lineup. I called and when finally connected to someone claiming to be customer service, I was told it was all on Viacom and Spectrum had no liability at all. He didn’t seem to understand that I indeed was aware Viacom could demand a reconstruction of product availability, resulting in channels being unavailable. What he didn’t seem to get was that Spectrum should have at least let us know that there were possible
    issues regarding our channel lineup that were not going to leave us unsatisfied w the service.

    The practice of raiding a customer’s channel lineup over and over isn’t considered good business practice anywhere in the world that I have lived. Spectrum seems to excel at it and it has left us vowing NEVER to do business w them again. After the numerous fruitless conversations with their so called customer service agents seeking some sort of satisfaction, we’ve grown tired of accepting this as a normal way to do business. In eighteen months the bill has risen from 109$ to 120$, small to some but to an elderly lady
    it starts to add up. With no real feeling of satisfaction during the last year and a half, and seemingly no care on Spectrum’s part we’ll happily explore what else is on offer from another provider. I have to laugh now when I see their adverts on TV, what they promise is something they really don’t deliver on. Judging from the many, many complaints found here and elsewhere on line I’m not alone in being dissatisfied w Spectrum. Overall it’s been perhaps the worst performance by any cable provider we’ve had in the last four decades.

  • https://www.facebook.com/packforkids?ref=tn_tnmn Oanh Schlesinger

    You said it, “If I had another choice I would take it.” That’s the advantage of most cable providers. Like turf war. I live in KC- home of Google Fiber. Since it started nearly six years ago- I have yet to get it due to fiber installation stalled. Cable companies is the cause & it is happening in other cities too. I want choices! Laws against manopoly demands it. How do cable companies get away with it? If customers had more choices the substandard practices & high prices that people are dealing with daily will be eliminated. Until then- there is no hope.

  • https://www.facebook.com/packforkids?ref=tn_tnmn Oanh Schlesinger

    Ha! I loved how you began the post- in the past all that was needed is dirt, a shovel, and someone to fill the hole. Genius.

    The best part, was when you stated the hole was caused by TWC. Unfortunately when a company takes over an existing customer base for service- it also takes the existing customer problems. Spectrum fix the hole for goodness sakes!

  • https://www.facebook.com/packforkids?ref=tn_tnmn Oanh Schlesinger

    Spectrum is a For Profit company. Call it Greed- or by any other related term- the outcome is the same. When a company has the money to pay state or local legislators ensuring their presence in the community over other providers that is greed!

  • Dilbert Entropy

    What a piece of crap the Spectrum App for Samsung TV is…I have two TVs with the app and the are both constantly “dropping ” the signal. I have other apps that stream also, Including Netflix and Hulu that perform without issue. Maybe Spectrum should get on the phone and ask them how to accomplish this task, they seem to have no problem and seem to cost less…..is that the issue, charging to much?

  • Sasha Alexander

    Fast service at their store, great customer support, fast installation and ridiculously fast internet connection! Really good deal for the money! One of the highlights is 30 day money-back guarantee, absolutely no charges!
    Had to call customer service 3 times and every time it was a very quick and easy experience. Didn’t have to be on hold for hours like some other companies! Everytime got connected right away and the representatives very extremely polite and knowledgable. Haven’t had this level.of experience with some other companies.

  • Carolina DeFilippis Coronado

    Ive been with Time Warner for over 20 years then Spectrum bought them out, What a night mare. Our cable, Internet & Phone go out at least once a week and no one can tell me why. I wanted to know what are they doing differently than Time Warner and they stated nothing. Using same equipment, ex.
    NO, something has changed. Very frustrated and disgusted. I find myself calling at least once a week because service is out. My Experience with customer service however has been very positive in terms of politeness and very respectful. Any recommendations on an affordable company with a variety of bundles and reliable service?

  • Tisha W

    I just switched to spectrum from Dish. And not being mean but I feel i have went back in time. Very few free movies on demand. You can’t get apps like Netflix thru spectrum on the tv nor Pandora. And when watching on demand you can’t fast forward so many little things i miss. And some some really good channels are not offered through spectrum. Im definitely not impressed. And im paying the same amount as dish. Please spectrum pick up the pace let’s update

  • Cathy Rule

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANT…IVE BEEN A LOYAL CUSTOMER FOR 15 or more years and watched hikesihad home phone, internet and TV…but last month they hiked my bill 30.00…ridulous! I cant afford them anymore. No respect for client loyalty

  • ktwoo2u

    Spectrum just changed out our DVRs because they weren’t working right. Now, we are having huge difficulty figuring out how to record shows. The layout format of the new DVRs is HORRIBLE!!! What idiot did the design of these things? Blue on blue! Could you make it any more difficult to read???? My husband is a whiz with electronics, and neither of us can figure out a good way to record programs except for pulling up the Guide, finding the channel and program in the Guide, and then telling it to record. Go to the “Search” function, you say? Yep, we’ve tried that at least a dozen or more times. Cannot set recordings from there.

    We’ve had nothing but problems from this service since they took over for Time
    Warner Cable. One thing after another. Problems with Internet, data delivery, television freezing up. You name it. And I’d really like to get sit down with the idiot that designed the format for these DVRs and make them justify their design decisions!

  • Gwarlord

    They. Suck. So. Bad.
    I literally had to refresh my browser 3-4 times to get this to even come up. .045 download / upload timed out. Seriously. Suck. So. Bad.

    They come out here and blame the previous contractor and fix nothing.


    Solution: Up your speed cap for free!

    Great! Even more bandwidth I am not getting!!

  • Christie Banks

    Spectrum sucks. Direct TV & DISH are much better but property mgmt. groups now often don’t deign to allow lowly tenants to choose satellite tv. The appearance of the building is much more important than the rights and wishes of mere tenants. Obviously. But I digress. Spectrum cable tv is very limited and very glitchy. Can’t keep recordings permanently, they’re deleted after a few weeks or less, the temporary recordings are limited to 100 and even then, the only visible list of DVR recordings only shows the most recent 10-20 recordings. Often can’t see Primetime shows for a week or 2 or ever. The Watchlist is a joke, very unreliable, hit and miss (as in”missing episodes”). They also have a big pop-up in mid-program that frequently covers the center of the screen and asks “Are you still there?” and then shuts the tv off if you don’t click it off fast enough. Oops, missed that touchdown or crucial scene. They removed Cinemax from the Silver package shortly after we signed up but, or course, the price stayed the same and they even charge extra fees for tons of movies, especially popular old movies (Midnight in Paris) and favorite kid movies. (the Black Stallion and Harry Potter movies, for example). Pure greed. Etc. etc. Getting stuck with Spectrum is a great argument for cutting the cord and going Roku. Way better choices for less money. (Too bad my husband is techno-phobic.)

  • Mark Rarey

    Spectrum TV has not impressed me. Left DirecTV after 15 years to find a more reasonably priced service. You get what you pay for is the old adage. Signed up for the cloud only product working through ROKU’s on my TV’s. The Cloud DVR is an absolutely horrible product. This is no overstatement. I’m a technical person and I have called support 8 times in the 12 days that I have been with them. DVR recordings are so unreliable that they aren’t worth attempting to record. Support tells me constantly that “our technical team is working on it” that excuse only goes so well for a while. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SPECTRUM TV.

  • Christie Schauf

    If you’re changing to another TV/cable service and you want to be proper and let them know your not going to be needing your spectrum tv after the day your new installation is done (in my case-Dish)….do yourself a favor and call them the minute your new cable installer rolls out of the driveway lol! I called them yesterday (Tuesday) and the dish installer will be here Sunday. Yesterday evening the shut it off, a couple of hours after I called. They agreed it would not be shut off until Sunday. I guess they forgot? Oh well. I figured I’d confuse them even more if I called them again. Not to mention, I was placed on hold for 45 minutes when I called to cancel and had to dodge some aggressive “please stay” “we’ll give you a discount “ type stuff. At that point I just wanted off the phone so instead we just fetched a digital tv antenna from the garage and we’re making due until the dish guy gets here in a few days.
    One of the things I didn’t like about the dvr was that not all shows give you the option of recording the whole season. Some of them will only let you record one show at a time so you have to remember to get online every week and set it to record. I forgot this and had to watch my show on demand (Lone Star Law on animal planet) and I had to sit through 62 minutes of commercials when I could’ve gotten it over with in 45 minutes. What a waste of my time.

  • john gahan

    I know you wrote this 10 months ago but I just want to add that the same thing happened to us. We cancelled 3 days into our next cycle and they billed us for the whole month. When we called the answer was we charge for the whole billing period whether you are still connected or not. So they get you with the hook of saying there are no contracts and you can cancel anytime without a penalty but they charge you for the whole period. If that’s not a penalty I don’t know what is. I’d never go back to Spectrum. Sadly I know someone from Spectrum won’t contact us to see if they can make things right but I will be sure to tell anyone who asks about this issue and all the other things that made us switch.

  • Chuck Peters

    Spectrum is a JOKE!!. I have a condo in Myrtle Beach and every week or two the boxes have to be reset. I pay more in repairs for my cable than I do Electric. Every time the boxes have to be reset the rental management company goes over to reset them and then charges me for the service call. Totally ridiculous.

  • Wanda Stout Johnson

    They lure you in with great prices and after the special ends your prices are raised to huge rates. We are paying $210.00 a month and getting ready to change. That is ridiculous for cable, phone, and internet.

  • Bud Racer44

    My mother passed away 4 days prior to the new billing cycle. After a loved one passes your thought process is not about lowering bills, you’re grieving. That did not matter to Spectrum or its customer service representatives. In store they took back cable boxes and said they would remove channel packages, but we are still paying for them. The problem is we did this ONE DAY…ONE DAY after the new billing cycle began and Spectrum refuses to prorate under any circumstances. Spectrum told us they need a Death Certificate before changes can be made to the account. In Ohio it can take up to 16 weeks to get a Death Certificate. So we cannot make any changes to the account even though we can verify any information they need, we cannot lower the bill. Our back is against a wall essentially and Spectrum is only interested in being paid.

    Do not get Spectrum, use Cincinnati Bell, use Dish. I had an easier time dealing with things that have far more impact (Pension, Retirement, Insurance, etc) than cable. Save yourself the headache. My hope is one person reads this and decides against Spectrum.


    Spectrum says it’s streaming app works with Samsung Smart TVs. Well, sort of.

    Samsung has 3 different Operating Systems, and if yours has the Tizen OS, you can get streaming, but it doesn’t run smoothly like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or even YouTube. The picture freezes, goes out of focus, or starts buffering several times an hour,

    Depending on the customer service rep you talk to, they’ll run you through re-installing the Spectrum app, resetting the smart hub, changing your internet connection from wifi to ethernet, making sure your TV OS is up to date…, send someone out to check the physical cable connection, yada-yada-yada.

    And then when it still acts up several times an hour and you call in hopes they’ll actually try to debug their Spectrum streaming app, they tell you well, so what it doesn’t work right like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. If it works right at the moment you’re on the phone with them, what are you complaining about?

    Spectrum’s streaming software providers have known for at least 6 months, per 1 rep I talked to who seemed to know what he is doing, that that the app has this bug with Samsung TVs with the Tizen OS, but they haven’t updated the app since May 2020. When I went over the problematic behavior of the Spectrum app with an escalated (higher tier of expertise) rep thinking they would be interested in FIXING their streaming software, he showed zero interest in providing feedback to the software team that developed it, and when I pointed out that Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube apps don’t lose sync several times an hour like the Spectrum app does; that I don’t have to close and restart the app to regain sync and stop the out-of-focus video with other apps the way I have to with the Spectrum app, etc., his response was that the Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube apps have been doing streaming longer than Spectrum has – and what… just get used to it??…

    So apparently Spectrum is only interested in getting you to sign up and send them money, but not interested in providing customers with quality service and de-bugging their lame software. Perhaps being a monopoly in my area, Spectrum has a lump-it-or-leave-it attitude, or perhaps they got a less competent software team than that hired by other streaming services because they went for cheap over competent.

    In whatever case, caveat emptor.