Surfshark VPN Review

A powerful VPN with plenty of extra features.

4.5 out of 5 stars
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    Unlimited number of devices
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    Comes with a free adblocker
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    Allows you to choose which sites can bypass your VPN
John Brandon
Editorial Lead, TV, Streaming, & VPN
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Reviewed By Chyelle Dvorak
Published on November 09, 2020
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With its slightly cheeky vibe and powerful security features, Surfshark is one of the best VPN clients we’ve found. On their website, they make use of quirky cartoon characters including sharks and divers to make a clear point: A VPN doesn’t have to be boring. Because of the professional-looking design (for both the website and the VPN app itself), there’s some assurance that this is a powerful and capable VPN.

And, it is. Some of the features are unique in a very crowded field. With just one registered paid account, you can connect with all of the devices you own. The VPN includes an adblocker that also stops malware and phishing scams.

First impressions say a lot after you start using Surfshark—it has a glossy sheen, but the more you use it and discover the power and capability, the more you realize it’s a VPN that you can keep using for all of your devices far into the future.

Surfshark's Black Friday deal gives you 3 months for free

Ready to secure your connection and go ad free with Surfshark? The VPN service has a Black Friday special going on now where you can get Surfshark free for three months, then pay only $2.49 a month for 24 months after that. That's 83% off Surfshark's original price. Not bad.

Get the Surfshark Black Friday Deal & Save Now

In our Surfshark review, you'll notice a consistent theme. The VPN service passed with flying colors on many of our tests for connection speed, checking for a DNS leak, revealing an IP address by visiting various sites, running a simultaneous connection on different devices, and testing apps like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and other streaming services.

We tested VPN traffic to see if the encryption caused unusual slowdowns, ran a speed test, and tested both the Android app and the iPhone app. We made sure the VPN connection to a server was stable and the Surfshark app was easy to use.

  • Download on an unlimited number of devices
  • Comes with a free adblocker
  • Allows you to choose which sites can bypass your VPN
  • Does not offer a six-month plan
  • Offers a free seven-day trial, but you must subscribe through the mobile app
Surfshark covers all your devices
Light Bulb

You can connect using an unlimited number of devices you own.

Surfshark VPN dashboard

Surfshark prices and plans

Surfshark has one of the best deals right now that we’ve found.

The base monthly price of $11.95 for Surfshark is in line with most of the professional, commercial VPN clients we’ve found, including ExpressVPN and NordVPN (which cost roughly the same). It’s definitely not an app created by an indie company in their spare time, but one surprise is that they do offer a compelling low-cost plan.

Surfshark pricing and contracts

One month


12 months


24 months


Data effective 4/29/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

For $1.99 per month when you sign-up for two years, you can lock in pricing for one of the best VPN clients around. That’s almost shockingly low compared to other options—an 83% savings from the normal price. You do have to commit to a two-year plan, but the total cost is under $50.

An annual plan costs $5.99 per month, which is still reasonable. All of the plans include the same features, so you’re really only paying based on length of service.

Compare Surfshark prices to other VPN providers
Standout feature



Unlimited number of devices per plan

Hotspot Shield


Uses military-grade encryption



Up to 8 connections per subscription



5,600 servers available

Data effective 4/29/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Surfshark: Unlimited number of devices

Most VPN clients only allow five devices to connect.

Choosing a VPN is often all about finding the differentiators—the things that make it unique. If you are amenable to the price, then you have to compare the costs with what you are actually receiving. With Surfshark, it’s a lot. The VPN service offers exceptional security with access to over 1,700 servers in 63 countries—so a connection is always a click away. However, one of the most interesting features has to do with how many devices you can use, not the number of servers or the connection locations.

Not many VPN clients let you connect with every device you own. (The company says it’s unlimited, but of course, you can only connect with your personal account.) That means you can use multiple smartphones, desktops, laptops, install the VPN app on your router, and more. This flexibility means you won’t have to register for multiple accounts with another VPN provider to connect with all of your gadgets and devices.

Surfshark: Adblocker included for free

Surfshark can block ads and malware.

It’s rare when a VPN app offers a free adware blocker. Surfshark includes the CleanWeb features. Once enabled, ads disappear—and when ads disappear, it means you can’t ever click on them by accident or load malware. All you see when you browse on the web is a clean website with no banner ads, pop-ups, or text ads.

All of this works in the background as well. The adblocker is part of the VPN itself, so you won’t see ads in the browser you select—such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

CleanWeb also blocks suspicious sites that transmit malware and trick you with phishing scams. (A phishing scam is a nefarious ploy where a site attempts to send you information by email or other means and then have you sign-up for a service you don’t want or hand over personal information like your social security number or a credit card number.) One side benefit to blocking suspicious content and ads is that, if you connect on a smartphone or other mobile device, you will use less bandwidth.

Surfshark: Whitelister allows some sites to bypass the VPN

You can exempt sites you choose from using the VPN.

A VPN is handy for protecting your website visits, downloads, and everything else you do online. It can also help you access content that is blocked in some way, usually because it is in a foreign country. However, you may not want to use a VPN if a site you use frequently already adds encryption or doesn’t allow you to access it using a VPN.

Surfshark includes a unique feature where you can add those sites to a “whitelist,” which means they bypass the VPN. When you add your bank website, for example, you can rely on the encryption from the bank instead.

Our pick: The best Surfshark plan

Best: 24 months

Who it’s best for: Cost-conscious consumers looking for a great deal Why we recommend it: One of the lowest prices we’ve seen for a VPN

Surfshark 24 month pricing
Standout feature

24 months


Download on an unlimited number of devices

Data effective 4/29/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Recap: Is Surfshark good?

Surfshark is one of the best VPN clients we’ve tested. It offers unusual features such as unlimited devices you can use to connect, an adblocker, and a whitelist feature you can use to access websites and bypass the VPN.

Surfshark includes quality features for an incredible price.

Surfshark prices and plans: 

  • One month - $11.95/mo.
  • 12 months - $5.99/mo.
  • 24 months - $1.99/mo.

Surfshark standout features:

  • Download on an unlimited number of devices and use simultaneously
  • Comes with a free adblocker
  • Allows you to choose which sites bypass your VPN


Why use an adblocker?

Other than the obvious benefit of not seeing ads that clog your Internet feed, it is a smart approach to security because you won’t see ads that might trick you into signing up for a service you don’t want or those that dispense malware.

John Brandon
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John Brandon
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