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Easily one of the best and most powerful VPN clients around.

5 out of 5 stars
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    High number of countries and servers
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    Extra installers for games and smart TVs
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    Clean interface that’s easy to use
John Brandon
Editorial Lead, TV, Streaming, & VPN
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Published on May 01, 2020
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Although there isn’t a gold standard for VPN clients these days, ExpressVPN certainly comes close. There are so many VPNs out there that ExpressVPN can get lost in a crowded field and might not be as instantly recognizable as other software powerhouses like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word—which is a bit unfortunate, actually, because it really should be considered in the same category. ExpressVPN stands tall with powerful features, a clean and elegant interface, and excellent reliability. It’s easily one of the most powerful VPN clients around.

In our ExpressVPN review, we tested for all of the most important factors. We browsed the internet, testing the VPN connection and monitoring our IP address for compromise. We ran a speed test with the VPN app enabled and without. We tested a server location in several other countries. We grabbed a large movie file and tested the download speed. We even tried simultaneous connections on multiple devices including the Android app and the iOS app. We tested the BBC iPlayer for performance, tested for a DNS leak, and monitored our internet connection to see if the encryption caused slowdowns.

We used the ExpressVPN app with Netflix (of course), tested every security feature, tracked our online privacy (usually by checking an IP address at a site that can read your location), installed and used the router app, and ran the desktop client on Windows. The goal was to stress test the VPN app to make sure it meets the needs of even the most discerning VPN user. It proved to be a fast VPN, one that won't negatively impact your upload speed or download speed as much as other VPN apps.

ExpressVPN availability
Info Box

ExpressVPN has an unusually high number of countries for connecting (94).

  • High number of countries and servers
  • Extra installers for games and smart televisions
  • Clean interface that’s easy to use
  • Slightly expensive VPN for monthly plan

ExpressVPN prices and plans

While slightly expensive, ExpressVPN also delivers on features

One of the first things you might notice about ExpressVPN is that it tends to cost a bit more than other clients. The monthly plan costs $12.95, which is about a dollar more than even the most mainstream clients like NordVPN (which costs $11.95 per month). It’s also quite a bit more than TunnelBear, which also has a clean, professional interface and costs $9.99 per month (and is even cheaper if you sign-up for the annual plan).

ExpressVPN prices and contract lengths

One month


Three months


One year


Data effective 4/28/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

The main decision here is whether the extra cost for ExpressVPN is worth it, and in our testing and evaluation, it became obvious that this is an exceptional VPN service. It’s extremely flexible—there’s even an app you can install on your Xbox or smart television. It runs reliably—over an entire week, it never had any connection issues. ExpressVPN can connect to 94 countries in 160 locations using over 3,000 servers. Only NordVPN is on par with ExpressVPN in terms of quality and reliability.

The overall value is extremely good with ExpressVPN, so the pricing is only an issue if you balk at the monthly cost and prefer to pay less for fewer features.

Compare ExpressVPN prices to other VPN providers
Standout feature



High number of countries and servers



Up to 10 devices per application

Mullvad VPN


No personal information needed to set up your account



Easy to download on any device

Data effective 4/28/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

ExpressVPN: Unusually high number of countries and servers

With 94 countries available for connecting, ExpressVPN is flexible

For anyone who wants extreme flexibility in how and where you can connect, ExpressVPN offers an unusually high number of locations and countries.

There are over 3,000 servers available for connection in 94 countries and 160 different locations. By comparison, NordVPN offers more servers (around 5,600) but not as many countries (59—which is still quite high).

With ExpressVPN, the vast number of servers and connections provides more flexibility. If you travel frequently, it means you can expect to make a connection and trust that it will be reliable and secure. If you are trying to make a legitimate connection—say, for downloading files securely from a remote office in another country—you won’t have as many hurdles to overcome. This is also a pricing consideration. You do pay a slightly higher cost, but you can trust that you will always be able to connect reliably and securely. So we think it’s worth it.

ExpressVPN: Extra installers

ExpressVPN has installers for smart televisions and game consoles

In addition to the flexibility of being able to connect to any server worldwide in multiple countries—the most number of country connections we’ve found—ExpressVPN also goes the extra mile in terms of the installers available.

There's a download for all of the typical platforms, including Windows and Mac, iOS devices and Android. That’s to be expected because most VPN clients offer downloads for those platforms. However, in keeping with the concept that ExpressVPN is like the Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop of the VPN market, it also pops up on game consoles, smart televisions, the Amazon Fire TV products, and the Apple TV.

What this means is that you can cover all of your gadgets, laptops, desktops, phones, game consoles—even smart televisions. While NordVPN does offer a smart television installer and you can run it on your router, it doesn’t have a VPN app for game consoles.

ExpressVPN: Best interface

A clean and professional interface makes ExpressVPN easier to use

Let’s be honest about some of the lower-end VPN clients out there. The interfaces look like they were created by a programmer in his garage. The color scheme doesn’t quite work and the buttons look like they were made in MS Paint.

ExpressVPN Dashboard

That’s definitely not the case with ExpressVPN. Starting with the well-designed logo (which looks like a checkmark) and bright red color palette, this VPN app looks professional and provides some assurance that the company will stand behind it.

One of the best interface features is that there’s a large “power on” icon you use to enable the VPN. Some clients use a simple connect button, but this power icon turns bright green when you have connected. It’s about as obvious as it gets.

Our pick: The best ExpressVPN plans

Best: Monthly

Who it’s best for: People who need the best and most reliable VPN, especially console gamers.

Why we recommend it: You can decide to cancel at any time.

IPVanish pricing and contracts
Standout Feature

One month


High number of countries and servers

Data effective 4/28/2020. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

Recap: Is ExpressVPN good?

ExpressVPN is the Mercedes-Benz of VPN clients. It is exceptionally powerful, uses a clean and easy-to-use interface, provides an unusually high number of servers in hundreds of countries, and includes extra installers.

Prices and plans:

  • One month - $12.95/mo.
  • Six months - $9.99/mo.
  • One year - $8.32/mo.

Although slightly expensive, ExpressVPN includes quality features:

  • Unusually high number of countries and servers
  • Extra installers for games and smart televisions
  • Clean interface that’s easy to use


Why is the clean interface so important?

Having a consistent and clean interface does more than just provide assurance that there is an actual company behind the VPN provider. When a VPN service is easy to use, you will find obscure features and functions faster, which is important when you decide to install the VPN app on all of your devices, including smart televisions and game consoles.

Is the higher cost really worth it?

The decision about the higher price point is not easy. ExpressVPN costs as much as Netflix and quite a bit more than Hulu per month. Yet, the higher cost is worth it for the exceptional features and reliability.

John Brandon
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John Brandon
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